Midnight Special Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Joel Edgerton, Kirsten Dunst Movie HD

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A father and son go on the run after the dad learns his child possesses special powers.


  1. Joel Edgerton looks like a scumbag but he really isn’t.

  2. Woah, next episode of Fargo looks weird

  3. Totally didn’t steal the idea from x-men…

  4. Cyclops is that you?

  5. X-Men the beginning of Cyclops

  6. it’s the Looper kid

  7. So Drew Barrymores character from fire starter had a baby and everyone
    thinks it’s Jesus or this is the alternate looper time line

  8. Obscene Vegetable Matter

    Mud was great. Take Shelter was really good until the last minute or so.
    Let’s hope this isn’t Powder.

  9. HELP , there is a movie i can not remember it’s name , it’s very old ,
    about ancient necklace everyone who wore it becomes possessed and the the
    eye glows just like the Thumbnail of this video , please help :)

  10. At :43 say hello to Kylo ren unmasked.

  11. Another flop.

  12. This title sounds like something a prostitute would give.

  13. M83’s Midnight City

  14. Getting a Looper kind of feeling from this

  15. awesome actors

  16. Here’s how to make this better. Get Drew Barrymore to play his mother and
    rename the movie, Firestarter 2: This Time It’s for Real.

  17. It must be pretty tough (after writing a script, getting financing, hiring
    actors, directing the film and getting distribution deal) to realize that
    you made something that looks like everything else.

  18. Have to admit, they have some really good actors in that. Is that a sign of
    a good movie … or is somebody running close to a mortgage?

  19. Carries younger brother

  20. It’s like an evil version of “Powder”

  21. Scott Summers: The Movie.

  22. What if this movie is based on M83’s Midnight City and Reunion’s music
    video. If it is, that would awesome.

  23. Anybody know the song in this trailer? Could be part of the OST, I guess.

  24. lel 1:22 snapchat effect

  25. X-men origins Cyclops

  26. sssong?

  27. I only came her to see Kirsten dunst

  28. Cyclops

  29. this movie like the video clip midnight city

  30. Civil War:Nitro Begins.

  31. Genuinely blown away by this trailer. Reminds me of all the kid w/
    superpower movies from awhile ago (D.A.R.Y.L., Firestarter, Carrie, etc).

  32. Finally a trailer that intrigues you without spoiling a bunch of key plot

  33. superman raised by zod

  34. Ok….

  35. Cyclops meets Children of the Corn meets Generic Alien films

  36. General Zod, Cyclops, Mary Jane…

  37. when general zod have a son

  38. Cyclops Origins. lol

  39. wow a definite must watch.. wow wow hope it’s better than the trailer. mud
    was a good movie

  40. What a nice seaqual to avatar the laat air bender

  41. is the story about the beginning of Cyclops? interesting tough.!!

  42. Starring Kylo Ren evidently.

  43. Zods a good guy now and hes alive with a son

  44. Thought it was cyclops, other than that michael shannon’s in it, im

  45. I’m interested..

  46. Screams “Akira” to me.


  48. Why is Adam Driver in every goddamn movie I’ve seen or want to see these

  49. Vader fathers Dumbledore

    The force is strong with this one. Right Kylo Ren?

  50. Girija Shankar Nayak

    Childhood of superman?

  51. Hi, what’s up? Glad to see it wipe taste

  52. i swear adam driver remind me of something or some monster 

  53. That gave the whole movie away

  54. Was it just me or did the kid sound like the boy that came out in ‘The

  55. cyclops?

  56. \(O)// Zion! 😛 <3

  57. This trailer is oozing with with inspiration fromJohn Carpenter’s STARMAN.
    ugh i love it! Anybody who is channeling John Carpenter gets my ticket
    purchase instantly.

  58. looks like General ZOD got a troubled child XD

  59. An alternate universe where General Zod is Jonothan Kent.

  60. It’s Zod’s Son!!!!!!!!!

  61. So General Zod had a kid….

  62. what kind of movie name is midnight special?

  63. didn’t david quetta and sia already make this film?

  64. wow, what a cast.

  65. Akira…

  66. David Guetta’s Titanium ft. Sia.

  67. This looks like a really interesting movie!

  68. Excited. Jeff Nichols is an awesome director.

  69. despite what people might say, i actually loved Take Shelter and that main
    actor (General Zod lol) is amazing..

  70. This actually looks interesting.

  71. just why no m83 in this movie ? was just perfect match

  72. Hey there. Sensational! letters parsimonious What do you think, guys?

  73. It’s no wonder he’s got powers…his dad is Zod! This looks good, I’m
    getting a Chronicle vibe!

  74. So pretty much Firestarter? Good cast though

  75. soooo excited to see this. Mud is one of my all time favorite movies and
    Take Shelter was amazing as well.


  77. The trailer looks really weird but very good. And this film is from Jeff
    Nichols who is one of the best writer/directors working today. Every one of
    his films has been a masterpiece so far, and tell me again why his film
    Take Shelter wasn’t nominated? That film was awesome and people barely
    noticed it. This film will be great too

  78. 1 out of 21 people on the planet are American. hard to believe these random
    powers would be given to a white american boy, not some asian or indian kid

  79. warrior100girl (andi9x17)


  80. Kinda reminds me of Boyond Two Souls

  81. Very clear reference to the Anti-Christ…. people are so numb. This is
    clearly a movie about the Anti-Christ….

  82. All i see is Mr. Green (from The Night Before) when i see Michael Shannon
    now !

  83. Plot twist!!! Zod is his dad (⊙_⊙)

  84. No one knows the song?

  85. General Zod raising a young Clark Kent?

  86. This film looks like an indie Man of Steel meets John Carpenter’s
    Starman.(+Cyclops goggles)

  87. not another on of these

  88. Adam Driver.

  89. This looks really good. I love sci-fi movies. I wish I had powers, lol.

  90. This looks like a good superheroe chronicles film

  91. General Zod got power from his son

  92. good trailer, but the movie is prolly gonna be some slow boring movie

  93. Waiting in a cold…

  94. Let the Midnight Special shine the ever lovin’ light on me

  95. General Zod with Mary Jane VS Kylo Ren

  96. A watered down version of Akira?

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