MIDWAY Trailer (2019) Roland Emmerich, Pearl Harbor NEW Movie

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  1. Is the movie based on a true story?

  2. I wonder if they will SJW it by making it full of female pilots and Muslim sailors. Oh and trans living with gays on the ships. I am sure the G mafia had a say.

  3. Леста заказала пиар у голливуда

  4. Emmerich has made a few good movies and a few bad movies… I don’t think this will be better than pearl harbour…

  5. Awesome I wanna see this. Reminds me so much of pearl harbor just wish they would leave the love stories out.. Dig in all the action woo! 👍

  6. Midway awesome can’t wait

  7. pearl harbor 2

  8. азарная свинья

    soo another ph movie, what a FRESH story )

  9. Hopefully its good, War movies are always the best (hacksaw ridge etc)

  10. This is the story what I was waiting from a long time

  11. A battle that had a huge impact on the war! Needs to be talked about more and better known.

  12. DPhenomenal Drago

    This film needs Tom chandler.. If u know what i mean 😂

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