Miles Ahead Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Don Cheadle, Ewan McGregor Movie HD

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An exploration of the life and music of Miles Davis.


  1. second

  2. Noa Sebastian Gjerseth


  3. never been so early :D!

  4. 7th

  5. Is this about Miles Davis?

  6. this looks meh

  7. I hope there isn’t too much black vs white in this movie.

  8. not sure about that voice

  9. I’ll be first in line

  10. i just watch the whole movie, thank u…

  11. This guy talks like everyone in the house is sleeping lol

  12. so amazing

  13. Seems alright

  14. That raspy deep voice I’m waiting for don Cheadle to say, ” I’m batman!”

  15. ObvDull Jaliyl Beig

    apparently music biopics are catching up to popularity. Straight Outta
    Compton, I saw the light, this

  16. Black lead? Based on a true story? EXACTLY HOW MANY OSCARS IS THIS FILM

  17. Finally Don is On
    da roll

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  19. Substance. Who will be first to message with substance.

  20. This makes me nervous about the film. It’d be nice if Hollywood finally
    made a good biopic about a music legend. I had high expectations but this
    trailer looks horrible. Cheadle’s Miles looks like a joke.

  21. I was waiting for this it’s about time

  22. and that is why you shouldnt smoke.

  23. He has the high ground.

  24. Obi wan is miles last hope

  25. “Don’t call it Jazz Man……It’s Social Music”!……Trailer looks amazing

  26. Count me in.

  27. Miles needs a pack of strepsils

  28. Now this is for the next Oscar. Happy now black people? I’ll vote for this
    shit by just seeing the trailer alone.

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