Miracles From Heaven Official International Trailer #1 (2016) – Jennifer Garner Movie HD

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A young girl suffering from a rare digestive disorder finds herself miraculously cured after surviving a terrible accident. Based on the book ‘Three Miracles From Heaven’ by Christy Beam.


  1. good trailer that, just spoiled it all.

  2. what’s the name of the song from 1:00?

  3. Elecktra?

  4. so with this trailer, I’ve basically already seen the movie.

  5. what is the point of watching the movie aftr seeing this trailer ?

  6. if they kept the first half the trailer it would have been fine. But its
    all spoiled now.

  7. Looks like an awesome movie honestly

  8. Wow a movie that’s 2:04 long :O

  9. if God is real, when is he/she going to destroy humans so the rest of the
    animals on this planet would have a chance?

  10. Well, now I don’t have to watch the movie, the trailer already told me what

  11. I really expected better from Queen Latifah. Wow.

  12. decent film, oh wait, this is a trailer?

  13. this movie looks terrible

  14. horror movie

  15. Is this a true story?


  17. good movie 10/10 simplified in 2 minutes

  18. You all missed the point. Its gonna hae a sequel, and it will be with
    exorcism. lel

  19. More Christian propaganda .

  20. pure propaganda for religious bullshit

  21. Reasons I won’t be seeing this film:
    – Awful dialogue
    – Christian propaganda
    – Already seen the entire film in the trailer


  23. I’ll go see this movie alone. I’ll put on ear phones and listen to a book I
    haven’t read so that I sound surprised with the plot twists that this
    trailer just revealed. I still don’t know why I said I’ll go alone though.

  24. ichopcake dosegaming


  25. Dont get The point , a miracle cause she dies? Cause yes she dies after
    beeing cured that is The real end of it , sorry had to real spoil

  26. Can any say “Heaven is for real” or maybe bullshit….

  27. Wow I just saw the whole movie.

  28. Let the religious people have this one.. We’ve got every science channel as
    our “Propaganda” XD

  29. More religious propaganda garbage.

  30. The Merc With the Mouth

    We just watched the whole movie.

  31. Oh man I hoped the girl would die

  32. Paul Smith-Palliser

    1:12 Just look at the flowers Lizzie….

  33. David “The Hippie Atheist” Dautintuser

    Great, another christian propaganda film…

  34. Oh no she gon full “Kevin Sorbo”

  35. What…. Spoiler alert, literally spoiled it as part of the dialogue

  36. i have watched the hole movie with this trailer , i know what is the
    problem , and how it will be solved , and even the ending scene was in
    these too , i think . good job trailer , no need to wathch the movie now

  37. Well I don’t need to see that movie as the trailer showed EVERYTHING!

  38. so falling from a tree now is considered a miracle? gee, that mean I must
    be Jesus with all the times I fell from trees when growing up. besides:
    what uncurable disease can be cured with a 30 feet fall on your head?

  39. this trailer made me tear . a must watch .

  40. i suprised the comment section isn’t completely filled with religious stuff

  41. Can we stop with the whole “God, miracles, heaven, Jesus” shit and actually
    focus on making good movies?

  42. All these comments about Christian stuff…. if it was a lesbian movie and
    someone commented something like “gay crap” they would be attacked. But
    since its Christian its just okay to attack it.

  43. This song played when I stood up to the neighborhood gang, I immediately
    regretted my actions when I felt the first fist ran across my face.

  44. all praise jesus…AMEN

  45. Is THIS why Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner got a divorce?
    If so, yeah, I can understand why…..

  46. Over 20,000 Children die everyday. Yet, god saves this little white girl?

  47. Wish there wasn’t so many spoilers in the trailer, but still definitely am
    gonna watch

  48. well gee golly I wonder how it ends…OH WAIT!!! IT FRIGGAN TOLD US!

  49. Quick call Brad Jones!

  50. watched the movie in 2 minutes, NICEEEE!

  51. Yo this the dumbest movie ever
    1. Don’t even need to watch it, the trailer explained all of it
    2. This wasnt a fuckin miracle, it just happened

  52. Yes, another Christian propoganda film where we have a perfect white family
    who goes through something bad and when they lose all hope JESUS makes some
    bullshit miracle that makes everything better. Sprinkle in some foreign
    people for some “diversity” and you have a very predictable plot that can
    not only be mapped out by simply hearing about the film, but was pretty
    much shown in the trailer itself. It’s like Hollywood thinks only white
    people believe in God!

  53. 4.710 people have watched the whole movie.

  54. Yeah can’t wait to watch this

  55. Why do movies like this exist -_-

  56. It still doesn’t look like a religious movie to be no matter how many times
    I see it. It just looks like the faith crisis of a family after a miracle
    happens of whether it was just coincidence or just pure luck. The religious
    nuts and blind atheists are just jumping to conclusions like retards…

  57. Did some research. Apparently the girl had a digestive motility disorder.
    Which usually doesn’t kill you–I’d know, I have one. I mean, it
    significantly lowers your quality of life, but it can be dealt with and
    while it sucks, especially to get it discovered and properly treated and
    diagnosed, you’re around 10 times more likely to die from that high of a
    fall from a tree than from a digestive motility disorder, whether it be
    gastroparesis or something else.

    God was taking a pretty big gamble there.

  58. that was a good 2 mins movie

  59. Here comes all the comments from the Atheists hating on this movie just
    because it’s Christian…

  60. this is like the burpo family ?????

  61. I would love to see some genuinely good Christian films. Movies that
    showcase the way that faith in God can bring a community together, and how
    faith can empower people to do great things. But for some reason is seems
    like nearly all Christian films are more interested in featuring people
    just waiting around for God to solve all of their problems for them, and
    then having their problems solved for them, and then praising the Lord for
    his mercy in solving their problems for them. That kind of complacency does
    not make for a strong narrative.

  62. OMG honestly this movie looks shit, and i dont believe in god im agnostic,
    but Jennifer Garners acting still gives me chills damn

  63. All aboard the Christian propaganda train!

  64. God is there for you if you’ll believe in Him but if you don’t believe in
    Him, He still loves you because He’s our Creator and you will regret it
    when you realize that you weren’t able to open your heart to Him.

    Don’t judge the trailer. Why don’t u just appreciate it.

  65. it looks like good movie

  66. Lol atheist be like mad because of the movie….. God bless you guys( i
    know it hurts ur feelings to read this but God bless you)

  67. God is racist, why no miracle for the million starving people?

  68. Now I feel like I’ve seen the whole movie. ? Too many spoilers in the

  69. Oh, have we not had enough religious shit this year already!

  70. Why would they tell the whole story in the trailer?

  71. This looks awful. Another pro christianity movie with a crappy story and a

  72. Little Girl: He told me I’d be fine.
    Mother: Who told you that you’d be fine?
    Little Girl (in demonic voice): Satan *rips mothers head of and bites into

  73. shit guys I almost cried and this is just the trailer

  74. No need to watch this movie, because the trailer showed everything up from

  75. Eugenio Derbez!!!!!!!

  76. the trailer just spoiled the entire movie

  77. Birds rights activist

    Why is it when ever a family prays for the health of a child and the child
    gets better it gets a book/movie/show about how god cured the kid with
    Christians everywhere going “the miracle of god!!” instead of “the miracle
    of modern medicine!” or “the miracle of the human body!”? Were talking a
    rare disease here, meaning we know very very little on it. For all we know
    the body mended on its own and the kids still young? I doubt this thing
    just “Went away” its very likely it could come back in a few years or when
    the girls in her 40’s.
    Thousands of children die even though the familys pray daily. Where was God
    for all of them? Why was your kid so special for god to have saved them?
    These movies are a huge waste of money, why not give the money to an actual
    charity or make the movie about how the girl survived and went on to pursue
    her dreams and inspire the lives of sick children and struggling little
    girls who have little hope instead of giving Christians more movies to jack
    off to.

  78. ❤Shrek_Is_Love_❤

    This trailer made me cry. and the song also. I’m agnostic but still…..

  79. How to watch a movie in 2 minutes…

  80. Did they just told us the whole movie??

  81. Give it a break. I’ve known this family for years. They have already heard
    all the nasty comments people can make, so what some are posting is nothing
    new. Annabel was ill, very ill. I know that for a fact. I know of the
    frustration they experienced with the local doctors and hospitals unable to
    diagnose her illness, and saying it was nothing, it was in her head. Well,
    it was in her head. It was a neuromuscular disorder, but it took Boston
    Children’s to diagnose it. I know for a fact Annabel fell into the tree,
    just like the trailer shows. I remember the day it happened. It was almost
    like Baby Jessica that fell into the well back in the 1980’s, only it
    didn’t take as long to get her out. I know for a fact Annabel has recovered
    from an illness from which there has been no cure. That all is very TRUE.
    I’m not one that falls for hyped up miracle stories, and religious
    propaganda. I’m more of a believer in the conspiracy of chaos. Sometimes
    things happen that just don’t make sense… immediately. She hit her head.
    I’ve been knocked out, and have also had very lucid dreams… that seem real.
    Our minds are very powerful. Dreams and reality are not any different to
    the mind. Something happened, and Annabel believes it, so guess what? That
    makes it true to her whether it does to me, or anyone else. The truth of
    the matter is, Annabel is well…. and the results are real. It may not make
    sense, but it might someday in the medical world. Her doctor in Boston said
    it was because she hit her head that she was healed, and they are not
    hiding that. Annabel’s dad tells me that Christy wrote the book to write
    down her experience and put closure to what all they had been through. The
    trailer is not the movie’s whole story.


  83. Anyone else thought that guy was Russell Crowe from the thumbnail??

  84. Oh my god!! Got goosebumps when the song started…

  85. Cheeeeeeeeessssyyyyy!

  86. I didn’t hear a single”god, Jesus, almighty ” from the trailer .i don’t
    know why ppl are whining for and about??? . It’s just a film on faith just
    plain faith.

  87. BatmanFANizationReborn

    rachel platten’s song makes this trailer so heavy to watch, dramatic,
    emotionally powerful

  88. This is Pathetic Emotional Christian Porn and nothing more. So I guess if
    kids have incurable illnesses, we should just start dropping them on their
    heads from tall trees. The stupid, it hurts….

  89. I cried …… <3

  90. I’m waiting I’m waiting I’m waiting

  91. How sweet, it must be nice for them to experience miracle.

  92. …why are you doing this ?

  93. Lol. It’s funny, when Hollywood makes a movie about witches, magic, or
    deities from other religions, nobody says anything. But when Hollywood
    makes a movie involving God, everyone gets mad.

  94. i’m gonna jupm of a tree … i’m gonna hit my head and then i’ll be more
    clever … problem solved -.-

  95. Can’t wait to see this movie. I read the story of the little girl who this
    happened to and it’s awesome to see it coming to film. It’s also nice to
    see big Hollywood is finally realizing that if you make quality Christian
    films THEY WILL BE SEEN!!

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