Miracles From Heaven Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Jennifer Garner, John Carroll Lynch Drama HD

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A young girl suffering from a rare digestive disorder finds herself miraculously cured after surviving a terrible accident. Based on the book ‘Three Miracles From Heaven’ by Christy Beam.


  1. well that was a good movie

  2. Looks good, but the trailer looks like it showed the whole movie

  3. saw the first 3 seconds, everyones too happy. Shit’s gonna get real

  4. One word for this movie: TRASH!

  5. Just like most movies, A white happy family… Typical.

  6. i just saw the whole movie in this trailer lol

  7. So this movie is about a girl that gets sick then falls from a tree? and
    some how this means heaven/god is real? If god was real he wouldn’t of made
    the girl sick in the first place.

  8. Incoming Atheist Dislikes in 5″ 4″ 3″ 2″ 1″

  9. Why can’t Christians show a film where Jesus comes down like Thor in the
    Marvel films, beats the shit outta ISIS, Al Queda, all the world’s corrupt
    governments and corporations, disarms all the world’s Nukes and stops world

    That’d be cooler than this tripe.

    This is coming from an Atheist Movie Buff.

  10. This is an awful trailer, and I’m a Christian.

  11. i really dont know what to feel about dis

  12. They literally showed the whole movie in the trailer :/

  13. Wait is that Lizzie from The Walking Dead??? ohhh shit!! QUICK FIND CAROL

  14. So.. they spoiled the whole movie in this trailer..

    Daughter gets sick, has another accident that heals her.

    Well, guess J Garner would make more people happy by doing porn.

  15. 0:06 pizza now thats a real miracle

  16. ok remember! when your daughter is sick and there is no cure just throw her
    off a cliff on her head so she will be healthy again

  17. The whole movie is in the trailer. What’s the point in paying a lot of
    money to see it now? Plus it doesn’t look like it’s a smart movie at all.
    That giant hammer of faith they plan to hit us over the head with is tired.
    Why are christians always the victims? Even in feel good Chistian movies,
    Christians are always picked on? First by God, with a test. Then by people
    that question our faith and then the Media jumps in to mock. All this just
    before God washes it all way for our unbreakable faith. Where we know that
    God doesn’t work like this. Even the best of us Suffer with no answers.
    Most of us we never know until we know.
    This movie gives me the feeling Hollywood is saying God hates us. That God
    doesn’t trust our faith, that he has to test us endlessly over and over, by
    killing more then he saves. I don’t know but I feel movies like this are
    speaking down to me. Poor like crazy Christian. I don’t need a used car
    salesman to sell me on God’s love. I’ll pass Hollyweird. No thank you.

  18. 01:47 Walking Dead…

  19. Just as bad as “God’s not dead”.
    It’s a shame to see Jennifer Garner starring in a movie like this.

  20. Weeeeeee. Christian propaganda film.

  21. Great, more religious bullshit.

  22. So why did God give that little girl the disease in the first place? And
    why does God keep giving cancer to children?

  23. Fight Song? Really?

  24. Why is Burleson on the side of the firetruck…Briaroaks Volunteer Fire
    Dept responded to this call…see Briaroaks tree rescue?

  25. Nicolas Forza Atleti!

    Whole movie told in the trailer

  26. I don’t understand why movies think they have to show the entire thing in
    the damn trailer. you can make a perfectly good trailer and leave out every
    major plot point like damn.

  27. Hey, it’s Lizzie! Someone better have some pretty flowers on hand.

  28. This was a nice 2:22 minute movie, I enjoyed it 🙂 !
    …………………….. -_-

  29. At least I don’t have to spend £8 to see it now.

  30. Lizzie, shouldn’t you be looking at the flowers?

  31. what is the name the song?

  32. I didn’t even watch the trailer since everyone says the trailer is like the
    whole movie

  33. A trailer that spoiled the whole movie .-.

  34. a trailer has never made me cry before

  35. “There is no cure for Anana’s Condition” … (Falls 30 Feet) “Nope all
    better now 😉 “

  36. This movie aint trash.. But i gotta admit.. This trailer gave me a little
    bit of everything.. the one who made this trailer should be fired..

  37. Just look at the flowers, Lizzie!!!

  38. that last scene in the trailer is creepy. It would be awesome, if that is
    where the movie actually begins and we get some paranormal stuff happening

  39. title of the song pls?

  40. You don’t need to go watch it now. You just saw the story! lol #fail

    Another fantasy film for that confirmation bias.

  41. It was all happy in the beginning so I knew something was going to go wrong

  42. what is this version of the song?


  44. harry37 estenografista

    Stop saying the whole movie is in the trailer. It’ s based on a book about
    real life events. So there’s no “spoilers” here.!

  45. Seems. 5 Star Work. rifle wide

  46. I think they’re going for the going to Heaven and back part to be the plot
    twist to get people to see the movie hence the end of the trailer where she
    mentions meeting God and they don’t elaborate on it like it did everything

  47. No point buying movie tickets now! Just watch the whole film in under 3

  48. Wow!!! That’s another amazing testimony as its based in a true story and i
    really believe in the REAL living God!!! I have seen Him moving like
    that!!! amen!!!


  50. The fall literally scared the shit out of her. Too soon? (Huffington post
    has an article about her and the mystery gastrointestinal afflictions).
    Well, I’m glad it all worked out ?

  51. Whole movie one trailer kinda bummed me out there but still looks good

  52. I loved the movie heaven is for real, and this looks just perfect!!

  53. a new kind of garbage.

  54. Little girl falls on her head and is cured “IT’S A MIRACLE!”. Little girl
    falls on her head and dies from internal hemorrhages “Just bad luck! God
    works in mysterious ways! God needed her more!”

  55. Has anybody read the book? Is it good?

  56. What song is it?

  57. Name of the song is rachel platten fight ??

  58. So happy Jennifer is playing in a good wholesome Christian film:) West
    Virginia native!:)

  59. These kind of movies are getting soooo overrated. I mean seriously, most of
    us believe in God but for me, this just proves that you only pray to God
    when you have the most difficult problem to solve and you have no idea how

  60. Maybe just maybe there’s more in the movie than what they actually showed!
    Because it would be really stupid to show the whole movie in the trailer!!

  61. if only my milk and peanut allergy can go away by falling off a 30 ft tree
    or building.

  62. How can anyone go to see this in the movie, it’s going to be horrible to

  63. Peluche

  64. Very good xxx

  65. Well then I guess that saves me $10 on a movie ticket. I think I just
    watched the whole movie.

  66. who now this song? #$#$#$

  67. I want to watch this movie

  68. Good Trailer! It’s like Heaven Is For Real!

  69. Chloë Grace Moretz

    First 5 seconds i thought it was going to be a sweet movie but then shit
    got real just like the movie “if i stay”

  70. what’s the title of their song? please..

  71. I know the WHOLE story and some of the movie isn’t spoiled

  72. Hahahaha

  73. That looks amazing can’t wait to see it!

  74. I see those kids very happy but thats only in USA…i wish all the kids
    around the world find their happiness and grow up well

  75. this looks like bullshit

  76. Jennifer Garner is adorbs!

  77. her career really gone down

  78. looks wicked …

  79. So God supposedly cures this child by throwing her out of a tree? Right,
    because just healing her would be too easy now.

  80. you all want everyone to be healed by the snap of GODs fingers. Why do you
    wnat to see this you don’t believe in him , all you all do is put GOD down.
    GOD heals certain people to show his works through different ways, you have
    to ask GOD and be willing to go through changes to see his miracles and
    wonderful works. if you had cancer and wanted to be healed and told GOD he
    has full control do as you please and GOD said okay but you won’t have kids
    for 5 years and you truly do and you stay faithful, GOD will show you do
    many things then he will allow you to have kids. You guys want the miracle
    but don’t want the pain. I’m glad we have more Christian films out that
    means the Christians aren’t afraid to show theirselves .

  81. Awesome :)

  82. this is good as journey of the spark and hey are both drama’s and joreney
    of the spark is a drama movie on you tube

  83. What the hell? They gave it away. ‘You’re telling me when this little girl
    fell 30 feet she landed just right and it didn’t kill her, and it didn’t
    paralyze her. it cured her’ Like come on that should have been saved for
    the movie itself, now there’s no reason to see it.

  84. it’s funny how if there is slight proof of God in a movie. Shit hits the
    fan and people start criticizing Christianity. Why? what’s the point ?

  85. why people saying the whole movie could u please just watch and think what
    kind of movie is this till end.. do u really know whats really kind of
    movie is.

  86. Feels like I just so the whole movie… but it looks good!

  87. My GOD this woman is still one of the hottest women on the planet. You f’d
    up Ben…

  88. تعجبني تدخلي على الموضوع على طول بدون لف ولا دوران الاصة من الاخر كدة و فق
    ده تاخدي حاءك ناشف هشتاج منزوع الدسم ، خفيف ولزيز

  89. Aw, what a heart warming shortfilm.

  90. Time to go drown in my own tears

  91. Real story with some gr8 acting,worth a watch

  92. Reminds me of “My Sister’s Keeper”

  93. From *The Invention Of Lying* to perpetuating the lie. Good one,

  94. NordicNicklas Denmark


  95. FromInsideTheCamera

    Cant wait to see this!

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