Misconduct Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Anthony Hopkins, Al Pacino Movie HD

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When an ambitious young lawyer takes on a big case against a powerful and ruthless executive of a large pharmaceutical company, he soon finds himself involved in a case of blackmail and corruption.


  1. SCARFACE!!!

  2. Mess with Anthony H. and he will eat your liver =))

  3. straight to red box?

  4. How old is Anthony Hopkins now?

  5. Joe Biden's Shotgun

    This looks great, just what I need… two OG’s in a movie.

  6. Nadheeran's Deep Space

    More Pacino and Hopkins.
    Less stupid love affair story.

  7. this better not end like Fracture

  8. Sounds good
    Is awful

  9. Sounds good
    Is awful

  10. want another trailer, it’s promising!

  11. I halted the trailer half way because I do want to watch this movie without
    knowing all plot twists. This spoiling trailers must stop!

  12. Wow didn’t know Anthony Hopkins looked that old

  13. I feel like I’ve just watched the whole movie…

  14. can’t wait for tonight.. loads of love.. thanks.. x

  15. if julia stiles is in this movie definitely a will watch it

  16. Funstar Habbo (YoutubeCritic)

    Spoiler: Thoss secrets still get leaked and hopkins loses.

  17. Alice Eve and Malin Akerman? Hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnghggggg

  18. lol thats the kind of billionares that control obama

  19. that looks unfucking real

  20. Actually looks very interesting , but …….. Josh Duhamel, eh …. they
    could have gotten someone with a bit more credibility.

  21. this feels like a 1990s Tom Cruise movie. it even has running in it

  22. Was that Chad Radwell?

  23. two legends on one screen for the first time .. really can’t wait to see it

  24. Thank you trailer for letting me know the whole story. I now don’t need to
    go and watch it.

  25. “I think I figured out who did this. I just need the proof”
    Hopkins bought off Pacino to set up Josh. 0:24 and 1:57 Pacino’s ring.

  26. So he’s married to that Star Wars girl and cheats on her? WHO CHEATS ON

  27. Anthony Hopkins do a lot of moovie atm, is it because he’s gonna die soon
    or later ?

  28. Yes please

  29. looks like a big ol yawn fest. This is what you get when two ol guys can’t
    do action movies anymore lol

  30. this movie reminds me of Fracture 2007 also starring Anthony Hopkins

  31. Now that’s a good trailer

  32. What a creepy smile has Tony ?

  33. “It’s better to go too far than not far enough”.

    Isn’t that a rapist mantra?

  34. Whats the song name? the second one around the end of the trailer

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