MODAK Trailer (2017) Indian Animated Movie HD

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Every child has a galaxy of hopes, dreams and expectations growing up in this world. But not every child is born equal under the sun, and tragically so. The world we humans inhabit has a multitude of class and caste based structures that actively exist to prohibit social mobility and shackle scores of human beings in their often deplorable social, financial and emotional circumstances. Sadly, not even children are exempt from this (manmade) hierarchical structure. Their innocence is tarnished by the rigidity and the unavoidability of its invisible grip.
Most of them never get close to fulfilling their true potential and purpose in life due to this gargantuan system of financial and social constraints imposed upon them since birth, limitations they did nothing to deserve.

Modak is a film that through it’s own exploration of these underlying Darwinian themes seeks to unravel and even, to the best of its abilities highlight these societial structures for what they really are. Evil.

Through it’s protagonist Chotu, a young boy who works, or is rather forced to work as a household boy-friday in a rich household, the film seeks to draw the many parallels and corollaries between poverty, child labor, classism and casteism in India.

The film is a light hearted watch and is full of many comically silly moments, but it is in these moments the audience will be forced to realise what a truly corrupt and unfair system we reside in today.

MODAK Trailer
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  1. Looks so fucking dumb

  2. Dheeraj Jain Ghorawath


  3. Reading the description this looks too serious to be a kids movie IMHO! ?

  4. Finally something Indian ……

  5. I can already sense the butthurt this movie will trigger haha stay mad racists!

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