MORRIS FROM AMERICA Trailer (Comedy, Romance – 2016)

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A heartwarming and crowd-pleasing coming-of-age comedy with a unique spin, Morris from America centers on Morris Gentry (Markees Christmas, in an incredible breakout performance) a 13-year-old who has just relocated with his single father, Curtis (Craig Robinson) to Heidelberg, Germany. Morris, who fancies himself the next Notorious B.I.G., is a complete fish-out-of-water—a budding hip-hop star in an EDM world. To complicate matters further, Morris quickly falls hard for his cool, rebellious, 15-year-old classmate Katrin. Morris sets out against all odds to take the hip-hop world by storm and win the girl of his dreams.

Written and directed by acclaimed filmmaker Chad Hartigan (This is Martin Bonner), Morris from America won two prizes at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, the Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award and a Special Jury Award for Robinson, who has been receiving tremendous praise for his touching and nuanced performance in his first dramatic role. Poignant and funny in equal measure, Morris from America is a delightfully original take on growing up, following your dreams, and finding your voice.

A Movie directed by Chad Hartigan
Cast : Craig Robinson, Carla Juri, Lina Keller
Release Date : 19 August 2016
Genre : Comedy, Drama, Romance

MORRIS FROM AMERICA Trailer (Comedy, Romance – 2016)
© 2016 – A24


  1. I love these Indie movies

  2. Looks like a cool comedy, l am sure i will watch that;)

  3. More social engineering propaganda. People must be getting sick of this
    enforced ‘diversity’ PC bull shit.

  4. HAHA! he is a gangster rapper
    …_…|..*________* *________*, ,
    ……/ `—___________—- _____|]
    …../*==o;;;;;;;;_* *___*.:/
    …..), —.(_(__) /
    ….// (..) ), —-”

  5. Dictator6214 Studios

    We all know dat Craig is da real gangsta here.

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