Mother’s Day Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson Comedy HD

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Intersecting stories with different moms collide on Mother’s Day.


  1. Trailer looks like it was made in 2001. This concept is a bunch of moms
    meet love actually. It didn’t work out well with New Year’s Eve and
    Valentine’s Day was okay.

  2. Manik حسن طه المحضار‎

    اول عربي

  3. This is just like Blended, with a slight plot difference…

  4. Say What Again i Dare you i Double Dare you!


  5. Awesome To See Jennifer Aniston !! ?

  6. I want my money back

  7. Happy Mothers Day! Comedy Movie ? Like it.

  8. That’s Rachel, not Sandy!!

  9. Ooooof, this does not look good IMO.

  10. This movie looks hilarious

  11. just… WHY

  12. we are the millers ?

  13. owl city…verge….

  14. ok did else jus see jack whitehall

  15. Wait at 1:54 is that Jack Whitehall

  16. Can mothers be black?

  17. why ?
    so many decent actors…

  18. Can we stop with the background voice gosh

  19. Well hello Emily from PLL

  20. For a moment in there I thought this might be a tv series.

  21. Jason looks like the only fun character

  22. So we got Rachel and Elliot. This is going to be a never ending love story
    with infinite break up ups and getting back together.

  23. Is this fake? I was waiting to see scenes from the fake feel-good Shining

  24. I thought this was another SNL spoof. Unfortunately I was wrong.

  25. Jack Whitehall is fuckin it

  26. Jennifer Aniston, say no more. ??

  27. Worse trailer ever, thatvoiceover XD!! Bloody cheesey america

  28. definitely doesn’t look like that one Adam Sandler movie with Drew Barry

  29. Jennifer and jason doing like there 4th movie together

  30. trailer highlights..
    ‘free bowling’
    0:48-054 reminded me of the same kinda scene from blended

  31. its been a while since i heard a trailer being narrated that is not an
    ‘honest trailer’

  32. This looks like garbage.

  33. what`s next father`s dad?

  34. Whats up with the 90’s movie voice guy making an appearance in 2016?

  35. A pretty used up concept. Amazing cast, but that’s all that is there to
    look forward to in this trailer.

  36. Needs more Kitchen.

  37. “blended” Remake?

  38. I’d watch this if it was only Jason Sedekis’s story.

  39. Did a human write this? Or a machine created by Hollywood execs to churn
    out predictable, unimaginative scripts that follow the most basic structure
    possible that somehow makes shitloads of profit?

  40. Looks like shit

  41. faszság

  42. This could’ve been okay if it ended at 0.52…but it wasn’t bad enough i

  43. Aleksandar Kospenda

    This is the whitest shit ever.

  44. Weird seeing shay mitchell kiss a guy lol

  45. Owl city ?

  46. Anastasia Sadovskaya

    I am pretty sure Kate is lesbian in this one. Also, yeah, same old same
    old, something something DAY, all Star cast, Julia Roberts, bc she’s a
    superstar, conection bla bla bla. When will Holloween be out though? Or
    like, some other, weird holiday? Anyone??

  47. Safe, generic, formulaic pablum…yay!

  48. The transitions look like it is a low budget student film

  49. Woman aren’t funny.

  50. Jack Whitehall pulling Brit Robertson

  51. cheesy ass movie,the narrator for the trailer just makes it more cheesy tbh

  52. I know every single person in the movie and was just like: NOW
    SHE/HE??????? OMG I love it

  53. This trailer literally made me angry

  54. oh god noooo!!! tampons!!!!!! the humanity!!!!!!!!!

  55. did i somehow time travel to 2001

  56. Kate hudson,Jennifer aniston, Shay mitchel, … AWESOME !

  57. This will either be good or bad, no in-between.

    “The ONE day that connects us all”!?!?!?! HAHAHA WHAT a load of crap!! That
    trailer was embarrassing… sorry but really really bad.

  59. I think I just got diabetes…

  60. Damn it looks bad

  61. Ishmeet Singh Bindra

    is there a father’s day movie coming soon?

  62. The film looks ok, great actors, but the trailer HOLY HELL it’s awful!

  63. I bet anyone a million bucks they don’t release this in time for UK
    Mother’s day, March 6th.

  64. Ella Anderson is in this movie

  65. Lol awful movie with a trailer of a dumb American voiceover

  66. Urgh, why do they keep making these crappy films? Valentines Day and New
    years eve, especially, were enough cringe inducing awfulness for an
    entire lifetime

  67. Oh! Look it’s that same movie we see every year!

  68. Father’s Day – 2018. Starring Jason Sudeikis, Jason Bateman, Charlie Day,
    Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Spacey, Zach Efron, Will Ferrell and Seth Rogen.

  69. Another one of those “special day” movie…*sigh*.

  70. I smell a Happy Ending!!!

  71. Who else thought it looked very similar to Blended?

  72. totally in love with Jennifer Anniston

  73. The best thing about this trailer was Owl City. I’m leaving now…

  74. Wow I’m surprised that no one commented about how beautiful Jennifer still

  75. Came for Shay

  76. Is it just me or you were also confused who’s who by the end of this

  77. still hot

  78. song ???

  79. You know the movie is shit when a voice guy has to introduce the characters
    in the trailer. Seriously, who does that anymore?

  80. Valerie Antoine (ohitsjustvalerie)

    I don’t think a voiceover was needed or this movie tbh but I love Jennifer

  81. In a world………

  82. Milf day.

  83. Haha the trailer voice seems like one of those fake comedy ones for a
    made-up movie.

  84. Dat acting doe.

  85. but you know screw father’s day lol

  86. Gary Marshall needs to go away

  87. nice to see her in a comedy again instead of drama

  88. Where’s John Cena?

  89. I…. I dont care, someone probably cares and great power to you, but me I
    just dont care

  90. i thought trailers like this only existed in cartoons

  91. When he *dropped the mic* I just lost all chill

  92. Rachel Greene hasn’t aged at all

  93. why did that trailer feel 10 minutes long?

  94. feminism creates such boring ass shit.

  95. Gary Marshal just picks projects by season or holidays

  96. ᴶᴼᴺ Youtube Comments

    Which holiday will Garry Marshall direct next?

  97. This movie looks amazing.
    Just Look at the cast.

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