Mr. Right Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Anna Kendrick, Sam Rockwell Comedy HD

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A girl falls for the “perfect” guy, who happens to have a very fatal flaw: he’s a hitman on the run from the crime cartels who employ him.


  1. second

  2. Why does the gun make so much noise if it’s got a silencer on? 0:16

  3. first

  4. I don’t how to feel about this movie?

  5. wtf…..Tim roth is in every movie now?

  6. Jamie or James or Jim Price

    This looks better than it should

  7. Actually doesnt look as bad as most “funny” Spy guy with random girl he
    just met movies

  8. how many films is anna kendrick in at the moment??

  9. Hi to everyone,Today is my 18th Birthday!!!

  10. max landis is back baby

  11. You want me to believe that someone would cheat on Anna Kendrick?

  12. I seriously feel like the screenplays Max Landis writes could make good
    movies if they werent given to mediocre directors (like chronicle),
    unfortunately they´re not

  13. Sam rockwell !

  14. Sam Rockwell is perfect in everything

  15. this is like the 6th Anna Kendrick movie coming out in 2016

  16. If Sam Rockwell is in it, it’s worth a watch.

  17. Looks like Trash

  18. I looooooove Sam Rockwell so hell yeah I am gonna love this movie no matter
    if it is good or bad, smart or stupid. 😀 It´s just going to be one of
    those guilty pleasure movies no matter what the quality will be like.

  19. The trailer looks Okay though…..looks clichéd but Okay!!!

  20. ObvDull Jaliyl Beig

    Even though a romantic action comedy, I kinda hope it surprises to the
    extent that Kingsman did

  21. Oh movie please be good!! It looks great!!

  22. Anna Kendrick is Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaae.

  23. I like Sam Rockwell and this seems entertaining enough but why the need for
    a non necessary romance? Anna Kendrick is better than that by the way.

  24. Sam Rockwell, ’nuff said

  25. Isaac Thefallenapple

    Anna Kendrick is not my girlfriend in this trailer. DING.

  26. tim roth yeaaaaay

  27. this could actually be good

  28. I ain’t going to lie but this looks pretty good

  29. If Anna Kendrick’s in, I’m in.

  30. She is so lucky to kiss my husband ????

  31. RZA? What kind of name is dat?

  32. Autumn Henderson-Brazie

    “is that guy dead, or…” haha

  33. is anna kendrick in everything now

  34. Again I say, Anna Kendrick is one of those actresses who’ll probably do

  35. Anna Kendrick makes my sticker peck out.

  36. my girl ana kendrick

  37. Has a Shane Black feel to it. I love it!!!!

  38. Look is the evil nerdy jerky guy from iron man 2 trying to be cool :). KEWL

  39. This looks really funny.

  40. Good movie but it shows just how mentally ill America is killing people is
    so hot for them

  41. torque the prisoner


  42. RZA, the new 50 cent ?

  43. Sure I’ll check this out

  44. this looks like a good movie

  45. Looks like a typical Bollywood movie, which is very very weird.


  47. Gonna watch it for Rockwell. He’s such an underrated actor.


  49. Ishmeet Singh Bindra

    too many anna kendrick movies this year;
    i like it!

  50. i love sam rockwell?

  51. remember when they made this movie with Ashton kutcher? or was it Tom

  52. Anna Kendrick is in a new movie every other week.

  53. Sam Rockwell is awesome lol. Matchstick Men, Moon, Seven Psychopaths, and
    this; this guy is great!

  54. Justin Spraragen (Masterdebator88)

    Looks better than Batman vs Superman… but that’s not hard.

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