MULAN Trailer (2020)

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  1. “Let’s get down to business!!”

  2. First also omfg mulan!

  3. YES !! QUEEN !! 👏👏👏

  4. This looks so good! Disney!

  5. Excited for the mulan movie .. But this trailer was not good

  6. ah s* we go again

  7. What the hell happen to the Dragon

  8. Did u guys realized that Disney princess in this generation a very different such as the princess is the hero right
    – Cinderella defend her self from her stepmother
    – Belle same as Belle before hehehehe
    – Jasmine became a sultan (Queen)
    – Aurora make friends with her father enemy (Maleficent)
    – SnowWhite became so angry after she find out her stepmother is a witch..

  9. Potential new waifu

  10. Now are we going to see her die…cause the real Mulan story she dies

  11. The action looks good!

  12. I hope she starts off with no skills and actually learns at the camp. This training by herself at home foreshadowing is stupid. Also where’s mushu?

  13. anime version best !!

  14. I’ve never seen the cartoon, looks interesting but more like a straight biography rather than a Disney movie 🤔

  15. 木蘭無長胸~!東市買馬鞍 西市買長鞭
    很容易讓人出戲~楊過 快來救小龍女阿!

  16. Theexclusiveelite85

    I don’t need to wait to know that this movie will be great is legendary as time itself great movie

  17. Roger Schooneveld

    oh wow, white redheaded Ariel they made black yet Asian Mulan they kept Asian. What a surprise!

  18. Even though I don’t plan on buying tickets for this film I just hope this remake keeps what made the original special and not butcher it

  19. Where’s Mushu?
    Wasn’t she supposed to be a grunt in the army?
    Why is she training at home?
    Why isn’t her home the estate it was in the cartoon, but a middle-class (at best) abode?

  20. Mushu?

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