My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Nia Vardalos, John Corbett Comedy HD

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After spending most of their time focusing on their troubling teenage daughter, Toula and Ian are facing marital problems while also having to deal with yet another Greek wedding – this time, even bigger and fatter.


  1. first

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  3. No.

  4. Look at all this stereotyping I have to shift through again 

  5. This trailer plays like a parody, am I the only one who sees it?

  6. It’s official. There’s not a single original idea on Hollywood anymore.

  7. This truly is the era of sequels.

  8. Who actually asked for this ?

  9. omg Alex Wolff ???

  10. lol this gonna get killed by Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

  11. You people complaining about this movie shut up and don’t see the movie
    it’s that simple.Nobody is making you see this movie so why complain.

  12. “Universal Pictures will distribute the comedy domestically and in select
    international territories beginning March 25, 2016.” Wait a minute same day
    with Batman v Superman this is not a smart move from Universal Pictures.

  13. false greek stereotypes.greek dont act this way at all lmao (im greek)

  14. set in modern greece! whit failed economy and violent racism

  15. How can anyone have a Big Fat Greek Wedding when Greece is in financial
    debt and so is America Lmfao

  16. Why did they wait so long to do this second movie? The first movie came out
    before I even graduated in the class of 2011.

  17. I am from Greece and this does not have to do anything with greek

  18. man thate daughter is white, is she suppose to be greek or irish?

  19. This is one film that really didn’t need a sequel, the first one was
    entertaining there going to murder it with what looks like a
    pile of garbage, I guess the cast all needed a paycheque, haven’t seen them
    in anything really since the last Greek wedding..

  20. They should make this into a series!

  21. I don’t know if I came on a bad day, because all I see are hate comments
    when there are only 8 dislikes. Personally, I don’t know what to expect
    because this is one trailer, but so far I’m excited! Watching the original
    movie made me wish I grew up in a Greek family. Hopefully this one brings
    back the same good feelings.

  22. This family still isn’t weirder than the Kardashians

  23. I didn’t like the way the all acted greek and stuff bc they were speaking
    english like they were russian not greek

  24. Cant wait for this i loved the first one hahaha

  25. and the abbas Music???

  26. I loved first novie. Can’t wait. And I know this is not how Greeks are, but
    that wont stop me from enjoying it.

  27. The name of the song from 1:39?

  28. i never seen the first movie, this looks terrible, is this a comedy? i
    didnt laugh once.

  29. and that’s the whole movie! good job

  30. Sorry I’m not sorry when I say I am totally excited for this movie. I
    really connected with the first because I have a huge family just as
    awesome as this one and it makes me so sentemintal when I get to relate to
    a movie. I’m excited! woo!


    I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS!!!!!!!!! Yippppeeeeeeee!!!!!

  32. about time

  33. how have none of them aged in like ten years!? The make up in Hollywood
    must be a miracle, they all look the same as in the first one!

  34. omg omg cant waittt!!!!! eeeeek!

  35. Voula is gonna be a riot. I love the (cough) Payback part. XD

  36. Everything about this is horrible.

  37. I am greek and I find this very offensive…. kappa

  38. I just got hit by the Nostalgia Express

  39. Hanging out to see this but I feel like they’re making it a little more
    inappropriate than neccessary? dont know if its just me. either way it will
    be funny

  40. YAY!!! But who’s getting married, the grandmother or Paris?!

  41. im excited for the movie.even though im not greek.but her story is
    very relatable..

  42. I love this, I can relate because I’m Italian and my family are exactly
    like this

  43. can’t wait

  44. I feel like I should have been personally consulted prior to this!

  45. Like Gus said ” you look old” now they all look old.

  46. ‘What you doing?’
    AHH Gus… still poking his nose in!

  47. RoCk'In RoLl AlIeN from Japan

    I love it!! I’m in.. I love the first movie…I’m gonna like this movie
    too. Nia Vardalos is a great actress and writer.

  48. Oi! That was Alex Wolff.

  49. Nia’s writing is so true to life in such a resonant way. it’s crazy how
    many times I’ve watched this movie, and of my own volition I just hope that
    Toula’s awkward ness gets transposed onto her daughter, who I’m going to
    assume by the trailer is going to be the central protagonist, which was
    funny Because it’s a situation Comedy with her Entire family as the central
    antagonist of sorts.

  50. “Everyday of my life is Greek club.”Lmao!

  51. princessa stephanie

    oh my there is and second one?!! can’t waiiiiit !!!!!

  52. My inner Greek wants to see this movie :O

  53. I dunno, I think it looks cute.

  54. I had my reservations when I heard they were making a 2nd one, because for
    me the first one is a romcom-classic and I have fond memories watching it
    with my mom. But I’m excited to see that this actually Looks very funny and

  55. who sing the last song?

  56. It’s about Time…… looks cool… first one was super….

  57. But wait, why would the daughter be going to college? She couldn’t have
    been born before 2002 when the first movie was set… She wouldn’t have
    even started high school yet.

  58. Μαλακία φαίνεται ?

  59. Алтын Ахметова

    классные фильмы жан

  60. Capt. Steve Rogers™

    *WINDEX!!!!!!!!!!* Alls i’m sayin xD

  61. go back to greece

  62. I love this movie

  63. This is not accurate. They should all be broke begging for german aid.


  65. Who was asking for this?!?!

  66. Way to go these guys take a good movie concept and just ruin it. It was
    interesting the first time now this is just in poor taste. That’s hollywood
    for ya.

  67. Νίκολη Πρίφτη

    Omg if you are Greek you will laugh so hard ????

  68. Really cool and funny I say YES

  69. The first movie was amazing–I can watch it over and over again (and told
    Nia Vardalos that when I interviewed her!). I hope this second one lives up
    to expectations. She has certainly set a high bar for herself and the rest
    of the cast. I look forward to doing a movie review on it, too, for Movies
    from A to Zoe.

  70. what do you get when a bunch of actors have not acted in 14 + years a
    sequel to an OK movie

  71. i loved the first one

  72. Oh hell YES!!!! I cannot wait for this

  73. OMG! Alex Wolff!

  74. Are these trailers you put on your account from real actual movies

  75. This actually looks great, at first I thought it would be the daughter’s
    wedding but this is better.

  76. ok that’s mean….

  77. AHH yessss

  78. lol, “payback”

  79. I’m not even ashamed I can’t wait for this movie I’m taking my mom to see

  80. Χαχχα θα την δω μιας και εχει σχεση με την ελλαδα <3 ΧΔ Greece <3<3

  81. what year did the first movie take place? if it’s 2002 her daughter wouldnt
    be all grown up. she’d be 13 XD

  82. I can’t wait to see this!

  83. I cannot wait! I loved the first one so much! I’m so excited. I Love feel
    good movies without a bunch of profanity and violence. What’s wrong with
    just wanting to laugh and take a break? I don’t why people who aren’t
    wanting to see it are even commenting on it??? It’s an art form and as you
    know art is subjective….if it isn’t for you don’t buy it. Just keep
    moving on! I cannot wait!

  84. “If you’re knees are open, Shut your EYES!” BWUAHAHAHAAAA

  85. This looks great! Nia Vardalos looks like Tina Fey right?

  86. “All right, pull my neck…1,2, pull!” lmao

  87. ALEX WOLFF!!!

  88. Come to visit Greece and leave your money here!

  89. Can’t wait for it!!!!!!!!!!!



  92. The hollywood say ” i desperate need box bluster movie hit now or i am
    toast “

  93. What’s wrong with the actress ??? It looks like her face is paralyzed or
    something !

  94. This may very well be the most pointless sequel in Hollywood history…

  95. Yay!!! I’m sooooo excited for this movie!!

  96. when when when when????? ???

  97. I loved the first one but this one doesn’t look like it’s for me to be
    honest but I’m sure others will enjoy it.

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