Nasty Baby Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Kristen Wiig Drama Movie HD

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A close-knit trio navigates the idea of creating life, while at the same time being confronted with a brutal scenario that causes them to take a life.


  1. first

  2. looks like shit

  3. What has been seen cannot be un-seen

  4. Was that the guy from breaking bad?

  5. ok who thought it’s a horror movie when the trailer started

  6. Thanks for warning the people who had epilepsy

  7. This year is the gay year

  8. i don’t get it

  9. is this a horror film?

  10. This is one shitty ass trailer

  11. Salamanca survived the explosion

  12. Oh shit! dude can walk now! He is the one who knocks!

  13. Gayyyyyyeeeeeeee

  14. There needs to be a seizure warning on this clip!

  15. One day Gay people will rule the world. We have to exterminate all of them
    with fire right now, or we’re all fucked!

  16. wtf is this about

  17. LOL ! . . . no

  18. looks like people can sing happy birthday now.

  19. what did I just watch?

  20. wait what… wait..

  21. ?????????

  22. 387 dislikers think that this homosexualism is pushing the envelope too
    far. LMAO! Not bad trailer. Will see it whenever it comes out on Netflix
    after the theatre release.


  24. Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding 01:17

  25. I came here for a good time and I honestly feel so attacked right now.

  26. Congratulations. That’s the worst trailer I’ve ever seen. Game over.

  27. Sometimes I don’t get art

  28. elipsy…ITS OVER 9000!!!!

  29. That’s an editing issue!? … the red and black text and sound is so

  30. Ugh…

  31. Finally, the Mpreg Indie Darling the Oscars really needed.

  32. i am not exactly sure about anything from this trailer. just wtf

  33. Looks good

  34. Around 1:06 this turns very strange 

  35. Best first date movie ever!

  36. Agustin silva?

  37. Black men round here emasculating themselves in these movies for a lil
    piece of paper. Hollywood is really pushing the gay agenda hard.

  38. Damn this looks good

  39. Someone with too much money and starving actors

  40. Just give it the Golden Razzie now!!

  41. Worst trailer I’ve ever seen…

  42. Song?

  43. and the award for most confusing trailer of the year goes to…

  44. i love kristen wiig :D

  45. So I am highly confused, but Kristen Wiig is in it so..

  46. awful trailer

  47. I don’t know what I just saw, and now I want to pull my eyes out.

  48. how sick of a nation have we become where Sodomy and Homosexuality is
    enforced and all those who oppose it are made out to be the bad guys… God
    bless America, we will reap what we have sewn..& it won’t be pretty.

  49. RIP Epilepsy Warnings

  50. Manly gay men are disgusting. A baby doesn’t need to see your beards
    scratching together when you kiss or making each other’s fingers smell
    terrible. Fuh-fuh-fuh-fuh-FAGGOTS!!!!

  51. What a generation of perverted faggots .

  52. I feel like the guy is baby nuts and captures a chick to have the baby by
    force since Kristen cant have it??
    I like this trailer because it didn’t feel like it showed all the movie
    points which now a days just watching a trailer is watching the whole

  53. Can anybody tell me what I just whatched?

  54. WTF did I just watch?

  55. wtf. i wish i didn’t see that.

  56. I think this is the most disliked trailer I’ve ever seen on youtube .

  57. What the fug did I just watch?

  58. hooooooooooooooooorrible. < posted that half ways through when I saw what looked like a gay couple. and then they wanted the black dude to knock up the white chic it seemed. I was like gtfo here with that shit. then it got weird as fk and basically no one knew what was going on. either way, looked like shit with either interpretation.

  59. Oonagh Mason Butcher

    i got very confused about where this was going

  60. not sure the movie could top the trailer on the stupidity scale.


  62. Vader fathers Dumbledore

    Went form 0 to a 100…

  63. wtf did i just watch:)

  64. A Gay Birdman.

  65. lame ass indie flick

  66. does anyone know what this is *actually* about ????

  67. OMG Cant wait to miss this!

  68. …so many gay movies….*sigh*

  69. Wtf did I just watch?!

  70. She must be trying to end her movie career like David Caruso. What the fing

  71. I Am Jacks Username

    A movie for hipsters by hipsters. Count me out.

  72. wtf?

  73. of course it won awards….stupid hipster shit.

  74. What’s d name of d music?

  75. WTF did I just watch?

  76. DarkxKittenxofxDeath

    I am so confused! What the hell was that!?!

  77. Where the hell am i…? fck my life…

  78. Wtf… 01:56

  79. Lol there are more comments about the 2 seconds with Hector Salamnca than
    the movie itself!

  80. NO. COMMENT.

  81. Disgusting

  82. enter the void trailer?!? o_O

  83. Experimental NYC hipster garbage. Won’t be seeing it.

  84. 2 hip 4 me

  85. You know you’re knocking it out of the park when you’re trailer is so bad
    I’d rather watch Transformers 9.

  86. looks more like an horror movie lmao

  87. i got more from the description than from the trailer lol…

  88. Why does no one in this comment section like edgy cinema? Live a little.
    Imagine if all movies were feel-good movies… how BORING would that be?

  89. anyone know who sings the song that starts at 0:38 seconds???

  90. DodsworthMcGilicutty

    Early 90’s type arthouse film with “Enter the Void” titles, and a
    Bridesmaid? Pass.

  91. song in the second half??

  92. Some of you people are morons….what’s scarier is the thought of you lot

  93. Hey, It is so funny correct question What’s your opinion about that 1!

  94. gay cuckoldry

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