Nina Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Zoe Saldana, David Oyelowo Movie HD

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The story of the late jazz musician and classical pianist Nina Simone including her rise to fame and relationship with her manager Clifton Henderson.


  1. first

  2. primer conentario?

  3. Second

  4. first af

  5. 4th

  6. Hi

  7. Hungry gamer Ramos


  8. TheSuperWolfGuy GAMING


  9. Amazing Singer!

  10. she has been in the sun tooo long.

  11. Stellar comments guys. Keep it up.

    Anyways, when it comes to Zoe Saldana, this looks like one of those roles
    where the actor or actress becomes so enthralled in their character, you as
    the audience can’t recognize them.

  12. Zoe Saldana looks absolutely ridiculous. Smdh… WHY was she chosen for
    this role?? Better yet, why did she accept this role?!?!

  13. Who else saw Nina Simone’s verified team bash the actress on twitter?

  14. Just some filler until GOTG2. possibly good filler….

  15. Nina chop

  16. Lovelovelove

  17. Bruh, is Zoe Saldana wearing dark makeup and a fake nose? Lol. Welp, that’s
    gonna piss some people off….

  18. They should’ve just gotten an African American actress, that actually looks
    like Nina Simone, instead of getting an Afro Latina actress and then
    getting her to wear blackface, a kinky wig and a prosthetic nose.

  19. No Zoe.

  20. wow, Oprah is a great singer!

  21. SuperstarOnTheHorizons

    She did a good job acting but why couldn’t they get the woman from SNL to
    play that looks just like Nina?

  22. people gonna be mad af about that blackface makeup????

  23. Zoe Saldana could put on the best performance ever, but she won’t be
    nominated for an Oscar. lol

  24. what happened to the days when films weren’t based on a true story?

  25. 2016…with blackface!!! mannnnnnn

  26. saw it already just came to dislike…..utter fuckery


  28. Cornelius Broadnax

    that make up looks bad….like off putting. They did an amazing job at
    making her unrecognizable. whole time watching, I’m saying “whoever that
    is, that’s not natural” then zoe saldana’s name popped up and said “wtf”

  29. Ritchie Martinez

    great actress but wrong choice for this role..

  30. Stunning Saldana !

  31. California Phantom

    what i can’t and won’t accept is the very obvious hypocritical stance the
    black community has against her. They claim she isn’t black enough to
    belong, yet cry a fowl to Hollywood for not making more movies featuring
    blacks. Get your shit together…

  32. This is gonna flop so hard…

  33. was looking at the thumbnail praying that wasn’t zoe. welp.

  34. XTruthAboutTattsX

    Oh Zoe, what have they done to you.

  35. Ummmm, is that blackface?

  36. Looks like a couple very strong performances. Should make for a good film.

  37. i dont mind Zoe Zaldana using prosthetic makeup and everything…
    but seriously… isnt Hollywood a film industry? Zoe zaldana is freaking
    they use ONE SINGLE actor to play EVEEEERRYY BLACK CHARACTER everywhere in
    one era. and Zoe Zaldana is not even BLACK.
    it used to be Halle Berry last decade. dont you see… they only promote
    ONE black actor to be on the A-list per decade

  38. zoe hates black people in real life

  39. giorgi noniashvili

    Whats song name plz?

  40. whats the name of the song from 0:40?

  41. “Wrong kinda black” who’s rascist now. Hypocrits.

  42. God is this Avatar Black?

  43. Youtube Universe

    2017 Oscars ” And the Oscar goes to Zoe Saldana

  44. Terrible ..Nina rolling in her grave!

  45. Black people

  46. Should have got a legit dark skin girl

  47. Be historically accurate for Christ sake. If you’re gonna play JFK,cast a
    white guy. If you’re gonna play Nelson Mandela,cast a black guy. Cmon

  48. they hired the wrong actress.

  49. Nominee of Oscar 2017.

  50. stephen williams

    Damn her face looks fake asf my god

  51. They should’ve named this movie, Michael Blackson lol

  52. This movie is so an Oscar bait that the title cards are made with the
    Oscar’s font and typo

  53. Arusha Braithwaite

    So……who came here just to dislike?? ??

  54. I would actually like to see actress Teyonah Parris to play this role.

  55. Matthew Bracchitta

    Osur Bait!!!!!!

  56. this won’t go down well :/

  57. The trailer looks like a rip off of “Get On Up”: The James Brown Story.
    Saldana’s performance looks solid, but her face is indeed distracting. Even
    if I didn’t know what she looked like, the makeup looks odd. We just saw
    Will Smith darker in “Concussion” and it didn’t look odd.
    Judging by recent biopics – the main actors will be great, but the
    execution might be a little sloppy. We shall see.

  58. deserves more downvotes than the Ghostbusters trailer has

  59. blck oscar nomineeeeee :D

  60. so when Steve Carell wore a fake nose to look like John DuPont, or Robert
    DeNiro wore makeup to resemble Jake LaMotta, was that not okay?

  61. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  62. That moment where she laughed sounded like Nina Simone and that’s why they
    put it in the trailer but the dining didn’t have that quality

  63. So people are mad because she’s not black enough ?
    Please focus on her acting skills

  64. first shes green, now shes…you know what nvm.

  65. deadbatass gaming

    zoe saldana has been
    and now black

  66. sacrilege


    zoe is dominican blood but remember dominicans come from africans too dont
    be racist please

  68. Viola Davis would’ve killed it. What a mess.

  69. Imma love seeing Zoe Saldana play this role!

  70. can black people do blackface?

  71. Sooo… This is a joke right? …

  72. Oscar nomination next year

  73. a black person in blackface? thats a first

  74. “blackface” never heard that word before

  75. She looks like she sprayed tanned to long. This is b.s

  76. I love Zoe Saldana…BUT! That makeup looks ridiculous! I always pictured
    the actress from The Walking Dead to play her but there are plenty of other
    believable actresses who could have played her without obvious make up.
    Hell…id rather they have hired Angela Basset for the millionth time.
    (Side eye)

  77. this better get nominated for a OSCAR!!

  78. What’s wrong with Zoe Saldana? She’s mixed with Dominican and Puerto Rican

  79. It is a super extreme talent to play a role of another race!!! Like the
    aliens from Avatar, and the Guardians of the Galaxy! And now a African

  80. this is a joke

  81. eleanorgloria sam

    this looks awful even if they didn’t do the blackface.

  82. Yes Zoe YES!!!

  83. such a shame, i kinda liked Zoe and I loved Nina’s music growing up. this
    shit killed my buzz, Guardians might be the only Marvel movie franchise
    that I actively avoid now.

  84. This feels like a bad Lifetime biopic, except Lifetime would have at least
    picked someone who at the very least had a similar complexion to Nina


  86. I can think of at least three actresses that look like her and are ACTUALLY
    african american

  87. That’s weird. This is weird. Isn’t this weird?

  88. Alexandra Menardy

    I rebuke this and all of its works!! The devil is working! No m’am!

  89. think this is the first non sci-fi movie ever of her but dang the make up
    looks fake ah

  90. WTF!!!! WOW, REAL ZOEY. smdh black face on a Latina. that is just as bad,
    if a white actress did it…. i don’t know whats worse, the fact that zoey
    was A OK with this or that casting and the ppl over nina estates and
    likeness was.

  91. theanimatedgirl@@#$%#

    viola davis or uzo aduba would of been perfect for this part!

  92. This is bullshit! There have to be a hundred other people who could’ve
    played this role. Blackface in 2016?! Really?! Who do these producers
    expect to support this movie? The same people they’re insulting? Nah. Pass!

  93. Shimura Shinpachi

    Cmon really guys…its so obvious…

  94. damn Zoe Saldana goes all out.

  95. Smh, is there anything black people don’t whine about?

  96. Honestly, Saldana’s performance seems fantastic, but that makeup…who
    thought that was a good idea?

  97. Why not just cast a real dark skinned black woman for this role? What is
    wrong with Hollywood


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