Nine Lives Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Garner Movie HD

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A stuffy businessman finds himself trapped inside the body of his family’s cat.


  1. Ok, it seems funny. But it will either be a hot or a miss…

  2. So its like that movie where the guy gets put in a dogs body…?

  3. O god this movie has to be put down like a old cat

  4. omg the story is so 90s

  5. I thought the talking animal movie craze was over!

  6. Instead of Kevin Spacey, they should have used Rob Schneider.

  7. Kevin Spacey please. Dont. Waste. Your. Talent. On. This.

  8. Who’d they hire to do the CG on this, the SyFy Channel?

  9. The new season of House of Cards looks intense!

  10. Who asked for this?

  11. A man with a knife

    0:33 cat

  12. This movie is going to win the Worst Movie of the Century award.

  13. Lmfao. I’m sorry. But why, Kevin Spacey. Why.

  14. Austin Mahone “Dirty work” 😀 awesome

  15. Say What Again i Dare you i Double Dare you!

    WoW, first Trolls then this…… just wow


  17. Where is Rob Schneider

  18. uhhh… yeah…

    *backs away slowly*

    *closes door*

  19. Rob Shneider is the Stapler!

  20. Garfield…what happened

  21. um wait wat

  22. Seems like a bad movie. But I like Kevin Spacey and I’m glad Jennifer
    Gardener is moving on with her life.

  23. Please stop. I’m begging you

  24. Jeanine Heurtematte

    I only clicked because there was a cat on the thumbnail…

  25. wow….

  26. This is like Quigley .

  27. The new season of house of cards looks really intense!

  28. I’ll probably go see this

  29. why have you forsaken us Kevin, WHYYYYYYYYYY?!!!!???

  30. 90s fashion is still in, so I guess 90s movies are in too xD

  31. what?

  32. 1:01 exactly what I had in mind

  33. What in the cat shit is this??

  34. I wonder how many millions they had to offer spacey to act in this atrocity

  35. just because the title has kevin spacy attached with it, that is why the
    did not bother to put better animation

  36. Flying Spaghetti Monster

    everything was going just swell until he met a gypsy now Rob Schneider
    is… A Kitty Kat (summer 2016)

  37. Not sure whether to like or dislike– It has Kevin Spacey BUT it’s still
    about a millionaire turning into a cat.

  38. Looks like something that came out 15 years ago.

  39. Splazer Productions

    Did Kevin Spacey just jump the shark????

  40. Facundo Altamirano

    i can smell that razzie

  41. Is this click 2

  42. wow.. that weird lady from a script writing documentary I watched over a
    decade ago finally got her movie made

  43. cgi cats? nope.

  44. I didn’t know Hollywood is THAT desperate.

  45. Александр Михайлов

    no. just no.


  47. Aaaaah! kill it!

  48. so The Shaggy Dog meets Click..

  49. what?was?that?

  50. WTF

  51. why Kevin?! WHY?!!

  52. Why Kevin, why??? YOU’RE TEARING ME APART, KEVIN!!!!

  53. This isn’t straight to VHS?

  54. They dragged poor Kevin Spacey into this didn’t they?? -____-

  55. I would be Jennifer Garner’s cat… just sayin’

  56. just awful

  57. I’m sorry but this is a kid version of The key and peele movie, this looks
    so bad

  58. Another group of great actors getting shit movies and reputations.


  60. Keanu, now this? 2016 is year of the cat movies.

  61. what?

  62. What the hell? Garfield meets Look Who’s Talking

  63. This looks like one of those fake trailers at the start of tropic thunder,
    except worse.

  64. bbcoachSuperman - (Brian Rokosz)

    what contract obligation are these people fulfilling

  65. wtf?

  66. Wow. This may be the worst movie with the best talent I’ve ever seen.

  67. Why? Just why?

  68. So it’s Garfield… But a cat

  69. I said “Kevin Spacey? Must be good”

    I’m disappointed.

  70. I thought Kevin Spacey was above this

  71. Rivers of Shit

  72. 🙁 Why? I’m ignoring this and running to House of Cards.

  73. Is this real?

  74. Fluffy kitty and Walken! Sign me up. I’m in.

  75. the cg is strong wuth this one

  76. Frederic Jokerr Gourdin

    “Just drown me”, that”s exactly what I thought right after watching this

  77. Who thinks of these movie ideas lmao

  78. So…like the Shaggy Dog movie….but with a cat instead? How original

  79. Rob Schneider is…wait what?? It’s Kevin spacey?

  80. I can ‘t believe Kevin Spacey would ever be involved in such cliché poop!

  81. paycheck movie

  82. Kevin Spacey pulling a Bill Murray in Garfield. But WHY?

  83. how can you make a movie like this after revnant comes out?

  84. well. Where’s Garfild? xD

  85. Why kevin spacey?!?! WHY?!?!?

  86. Really Kevin? From brilliance such as House of Cards, Usual suspects etc…
    To a talking cat! ?

  87. And now they call in JOHN CENA

  88. So cool ! I love it

  89. The Man Who Only Comments

    how the mighty have fallen

  90. What is this abomination…?

  91. … srsly???… oh god…

  92. it Kanda reminds me of shaggy dog

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