Norm of the North Official Trailer #2 (2016) – Heather Graham, Bill Nighy Animation HD

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Displaced from their Arctic home, a polar bear named Norm and his three lemming friends wind up in New York City, where Norm becomes the mascot of a corporation he soon learns is tied to the fate of his homeland.


  1. Kill me.

  2. Can’t wait to not see this.

  3. Flamur Ihpᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    This is like a 90’s first 3D animation movie -_- WTF

  4. Isaac Thefallenapple

    This is animation and children’s comedy of the early 2000s guys. We’re over

  5. This trailer gave me ebola

  6. Directed by Adam Sandler.

  7. ”And the Oscar goes to…”

  8. 2000 called and wants its animation back

  9. G force animated mix with a white bear and you got this my prediction of
    imbd is 4.9

  10. If the movie doesn’t look good there’s no reason to give this video
    dislikes, the channel that uploaded this didn’t make the movie, so go hate
    in the studio.

  11. This reminds me of Food Fight

  12. don’t worry, King Fu Panda is coming out that month so we’re good.

  13. im honestly surprised this movie had enough budget to make a second trailer

  14. January.A month of crappy animated movies.

  15. So it’s basically Madagascar

  16. Looks like the next “Nut Job”. Yuck.

  17. Meh. Cool Cat Saves the Kids was better…

  18. This looks horrible but what confirms that it’ll be horrible is the January
    release date. January is where studios dump movies to die


  20. Rob Schneider is… A Bear. Rated PG-13

  21. Let me guess, that bear’s name is Norm

  22. the comments to this video are funnier than the movie


  24. Weak animation. Weak voice acting. Weak story probably centered around
    global alarmism meant to indoctrinate children.

  25. This is like old school Jimmy Neutron animation.

  26. You all suck! Everyone in this comments section is a friggin’ jerk! This
    even has more dislikes than likes! It’s not that bad.

  27. Most generic trailer I’ve ever seen like wtf such cringe

  28. is the worst animation i ever seen

  29. I bursted out laughing not only from how bad this looks, but that this
    comes out on my birthday.

  30. I read this as North by Northwest

  31. I think the crazy part was when I saw it was coming out THIS year. DOA.

  32. How is this going into theaters??

  33. That looks pretty bad

  34. generic much?

  35. You know a movie is gonna suck if it’s coming in January.

  36. I don’t care if this is meant to be a “kids film”, that doesn’t give you a
    free pass to make god-awful jokes…

  37. XTremeParaNormanFan

    Okay…this looks absolutely horrible. The animation is choppy and looks
    unfinished, the jokes are cliched, and the voice acting is laughable. I
    find it difficult to even believe Rob Schneider accepted his role in this.

  38. One word…

    .food fight

  39. Apparently American animation is suffering their cold age right now!

  40. This is one of the biggest pile of shit I’ve ever seen.

  41. why shitty animation

  42. No surprise that Rob Schneider is the main voice actor

  43. Another shitty January movie.

  44. Reverse Madagascar

  45. Normie of the North

  46. this animation… IS TOO ADVANCE… FOR OUR TIME!

  47. The first season of The Simpsons had better animation than this.

  48. Azure The Archer Neko

    Featuring tons of cringes

  49. worst trailer last

  50. wow its its looks so….Crappy like what the hell is this? a low budget
    animation movie

  51. This looks like crap.

  52. Such…shit…help

  53. you know it’s bad when it’s coming out in January

  54. thedimentedtoonlink999

    Worst part about this movie is it comes out 5 days after my birthday…..I
    feel shamed

  55. this movie makes me think…

    i’m going to hire a REAL native actor and make the Atuk movie


  57. and i thought the first trailer was bad

  58. 0:42 this is what I feel about the movie…

  59. Thank god for comment sections.

  60. the cringe is strong in my family; my father had it; my sister had it; i
    have it and now this trailer has it

  61. MichealPercy Jackson

    I dare anyone to name one good animated movie from Lionsgate.

  62. Why are people hating on the early 2000’s animation? Some of the best
    animated movies came out between 1999-2005… Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc.,
    The Incredibles, A Bug’s Life, Ice Age, Open Season, Madagascar, Shark
    Tale. List goes on.. I honestly love the old school animation instead of
    this over-the-top CGI crap, and trying to make animated humans look real,

  63. animation is horrible goddl

  64. This looks terrible.

  65. Sucks balls like shit

  66. Those chipmunk things are want to be minions

  67. This looks like as if was to be a TV show on nickelodeon

  68. I’m pretty sure that movie would be packed with 8 year olds.

  69. Food Fight 2: The Revenge of the Bad Animation.

  70. the animation… it.. hurts me.

  71. I can make a 3D animation on those Crayola apps that looks better than

  72. January….the dumping ground for crappy cinema.

  73. Coming to a red box near you

  74. I think this one will get 4.5 on IMDb and 0% on Rotten Tomatoes.

  75. hahahahah that’s such shity animation. taylor’s song just fits soo

  76. Produced by Will Arnett.

  77. Is Taylor Swift watch this?

  78. The kids will like it.All of you need to relax.

  79. do kids even understand this kind of humor? do they subconciously pick up
    things theyre not suppose to because they find the goofy characters
    entertaining? find out on the next episode of dragon Ball z!

  80. God dammit Internet explorer. You’re a decade late!

  81. its so sad how the wasted their precious time making this horrible movie

  82. Rob Schneider is…. a polar bear

  83. Samuel Jacobsen R. Oliveira

    People behaviour watching this video: watch, dislike, read the comments,

  84. Aliciadistrictclove

    Can’t wait until this movie comes out and gets a bad rating.

  85. make movie of Norm from phineas and ferb and i will watch it.

  86. I can make better animation

  87. The best part of the video was the end.

  88. FlyingShadowTechnique

    If you like to talk to tomatoes, if a squash can make you smile, if you
    like to waltz with potatoes up and down the produce aisle… Have we got a
    movie for you ;)

  89. Coming out in less than 2 months. So that explains the ancient animation
    style and plot mix!

  90. omg this narrator makes this shit sound so f boring !!

  91. Reverse Madagascar?

  92. Honestly what were they thinking?!

  93. I clicked on this thinking it was a Dreamwork movie or something.

  94. THEATERS!?

  95. I want to see it!

  96. I wonder what the story is here. Some people seemingly worked very hard on
    a film with a low budget. Is this like an indie CGI film?

  97. ‫فدعم شعلان‬‎


  98. still better than anything m. knight shamaylamahamalamahanashamalon could

  99. This Movie= Hot Garbage

  100. This actually looks pretty good. Thr first trailer was better, but it
    doesn’t look bad at all.

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