Now You See Me 2 Official Set Visit (2015) – Jesse Eisenberg, Dave Franco Movie HD

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Fandango Correspondent Tiffany Smith visits the set of ‘Now You See Me 2’ in London and learns a little card trick magic from Dave Franco.


  1. God damn it, I didn’t read the title and assumed it was the trailer.
    Disappointed now…

  2. no Fisher :(

  3. no Fisher :(

  4. Is dave the younger brother of james franco? They sounded & looked alike

  5. that hoe looks like demi lovato it pisses me off

  6. it should of been named “now you don’t”

  7. Holy Shit… It’s Tiffany Smith from DC Entertainment

  8. is that tiffany smith?

  9. For a second there when I saw the thumbnail I thought this was the official
    trailer and that Tiffany Smith was IN the movie loool, I had a mini
    freakout. But yeah then I read the title.

  10. The first movie was ok

    Really didn’t need a sequel

  11. this was the worst movie i had seen in my life the 1st was this shit i
    expect the 2nd the same

  12. I don’t understand how a second movie came out. The first one was complete
    shit, it made no sense.

  13. Did I just see Jay Chou?? It’s funny cause he’s a WAY bigger star than Dave

  14. the interviewer looks like demi lovato

  15. You can’t see me. My time is now.

  16. Jay Chou!!!!

  17. Wait, was that hand double Andrei Jikh?!

  18. Tiffany Lol

  19. Why isnt isla fisher returning?

  20. Where is Daniel Radcliffe tho

  21. Who asked for this exactly

  22. jesse eisenberg? fuckin really? is this breaking bad

  23. wasn’t mgk supposed to get Dave Francos role only reason Dave got it
    because his bro

  24. what’s wrong with her eyebrows

  25. Did I just see Jay Chou a.k.a. Kato from The Green Hornet. Seeing it.

  26. how was this film not called “now you dont”

  27. Ohhhhh man, Andrei Jikh cameo, hahaha.

  28. Who is Tiffany Smith?

  29. the fist one was good hopefully this doesn’t suck

  30. I though this was the trailer ?

  31. hated the first one not watching this

  32. já acabou Jéssica?

  33. André Gonçalves''

    I don’t know why…suddenly i got this rush to see this movie, did anyone
    else feel it too?

  34. I’d never thought they’d have a sequel – I was wrong.

  35. Who else absolutely loved the movie and had a mini heart attack when you
    saw the trailer? No one just me? Oops! :)

  36. i thought i saw demi lovato on the thumbnail lol

  37. Should’ve called it “now you don’t”

  38. Can’t wait to see Jay Chou!

  39. 0:25 Jay Chou ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  40. jay chou ftw!

  41. Tiffany is so hot

  42. 0:24-0:29 SO COOL ~~

  43. Lizzy Caplan is so hot


  45. By the director of Jem and the Holograms…

  46. sometimes people aren’t retarded they just look it!

  47. The first movie was so horrible

  48. Jay Chou !!!I saw you, I am waiting for you next year in cinema!

  49. Where’s Isla Fisher?

  50. Jay Chou!!!

  51. now you see me wasone of my favorite movies of all time!!

  52. Harry Potter, Janis Ian, Hulk & Haymitch Abernathy all in one film!

  53. Jay chou!!!!!!

  54. is tiffany from dc all acses?

  55. Jon M. Chu, not Louis Letterier? This movie will suck.

  56. I want to see the movie now! Idk why I guess it is magic?

  57. RoCk'In RoLl AlIeN from Japan

    0:25, JAY CHOU, my Brother. KATO!!!!

  58. Lizzy Caplan is sooo pretty…

  59. she looks kind of Demi Lovato

  60. Pitchaya Vipaveenukul

    Jay Chou more more more *-*

  61. The first movie also advertised “practical magic effects” as well, but was
    ultimately a CGI fest. I was disappointed.

  62. 1st Film: Now You See Me
    2nd Film: Now You See Me 2
    3rd Film: Now You See Me Again
    4th Film: You Keep Looking At Me
    5th Film: Stop Looking

  63. He hypnotized me at all. I have to see the movie!

  64. Harry Potter!!!…but why?

  65. Uuurgh…Straight to tv movie for me.

  66. so many celebs :D

  67. I’ve tried that card flicking thing for like an hour now and I still can’t
    do it :(

  68. I cant freaking wait!! I LOVED the first movie!

  69. Omg, yes. Dave Franco.

  70. 0:25 thats jay chou

  71. And this wasn’t called Now You Don’t because…?

  72. Everyone is talking about Jay Chou… Who the hell is he?

  73. jay here for ?

  74. lexxxxxxxxx luthor

  75. Desperado Documentary

    3rd movie :
    Now You See Me, Now You Don’t
    starring : Isla Fisher

  76. Andrei Jikh !!!! new cardistry scenes coming i suppose.

  77. They made a second one? Likely to be worst than the first.

  78. Andrei Jikh

  79. For All You Dumb Asses The Trailer Was Posted First This Was Second Learn
    Too Use Youtube Please

  80. dave franco itu apanya james franco yaa??

  81. Whaaaaat ? Jay Chou is in it ?!!!!!!!!
    F*ck , I’m a Taiwanese and I’m proud of that .


  83. Jay Chou?

  84. lizzy caplan

  85. I like how the previous video has disabled comments ^^

  86. yesssss

  87. 01:56 Dave is so cool :dd

  88. James Franco, please be my baby daddy!

  89. Sam Carden (AHatterInTraining)

    Where did the older girl go

  90. you see me you see my bra you see my pants you see me naked i have to rape you.

  91. best movies evers

  92. MidnightOnTheThirdDay

    The interviewer looks like Jill from Saw

  93. What?? now you see me was a terrible film, how did it get a sequel??

  94. Really liked the first one. Usually when they make a total new movie and
    it’s good then the sequel sucks. Hope it won’t be the same with this one.

  95. oh my gosh!! Janice from mean girls!

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