PELÉ Official Movie TRAILER (Football – 2016)

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PELÉ tells the miraculous story of the legendary soccer player’s rise to glory from a young boy, to the 17 year old who scored the winning goal in Brazil’s first ever World Cup victory in 1958. From a life full of disadvantages and an impoverished youth in Brazil, Pelé used his unorthodox yet authentic style of play and his unbeatable spirit to overcome all odds, find greatness and inspire a country that he changed forever.

PELÉ Official Movie TRAILER (Football – 2016)
A Movie directed by Jeff Zimbalist, Michael Zimbalist
Cast : Kevin de Paula, Vincent D’Onofrio, Rodrigo Santoro, Diego Boneta, Colm Meaney
Release Date : in theaters and on VOD May 13th.
Genre : Biography, Drama, Sport

PELÉ Official Movie TRAILER (Football – 2016)
© 2016 – IFC Films


  1. first for all

  2. pele is #1

  3. Bruno Ariel Peralta

    Debutó con un Pibe

  4. still not as good as Santiago Munez.

  5. Ibrahim Hussain

    when you’re better than Ronaldo

  6. It surprises me Pele didn’t get killed back then for being too good lol

  7. i loved this tráiler and also pele

  8. hopefully FIFA didn’t produce this movie

  9. When is this coming

  10. WTF are these stupid sound-effects for? Transformers 5 – Pelé!

  11. Fernando Andriotti

    Messi is better

  12. teria sido melhor ver o trailer do pelé, ops

  13. why cant theyt just talk Portuguese-brazilian, sounds like garbage the
    english accent

  14. Nothing like soccer…..ladies and gentlemen

  15. The Kingpin is Pele’s coach! XD

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