PET SEMATARY Trailer # 2 (NEW 2019) Horror

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  1. PyschoSenpai Gaming


  2. Isaiah Christopher

    So the daughter dies ,and her Gage lives

    Different form the original where to Gage dies and the daughter lives

  3. So they’re just swapping the brother for the sister, pretty much the same thing they do with remakes, just gender swap, or race swap, and BAM it’s a whole nother movie.

  4. Bravo. Change the gender, and bam – you have a whole “new” movie. Another boring remake that we didn’t need. *yay.*

  5. I hate remakes…but will reserve judgement till I check this out. I really hate remakes…

  6. Meh. It’s missing the campy creepiness of the 89 movie. This looks more like a James Wan production.
    Hard pass.

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