Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping Official Red Band Trailer #1 (2016) – Andy Samburg Comedy HD

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When his new album fails to sell records, pop/rap superstar conner4real goes into a major tailspin and watches his celebrity high life begin to collapse. He’ll try anything to bounce back, anything except reuniting with his old rap group The Style Boyz.


  1. Lol first

  2. Civil war?

  3. Hilarious? Can’t wait

  4. Civil War ?

  5. Where is civil war?

  6. wheres SpoderMan ?

  7. That Bill Hader joke about flat lining is stolen from The Kroll Show

  8. We want CIvil War!!!!!!!!!

  9. Still waitin……for spoderman

  10. Countdown Syndrome

    1:15 Wow those are almost as good as my Mom’s

  11. So many stars in the movie!

  12. Andy Samburg ? LOL

  13. Really a movie about JB

  14. i cant wait NOT to see this…looks like all the funny parts..i just

  15. Sophia Pas De Nom

    Still not a civil war ?

  16. Right now 99% of these comments are complaining about how this isn’t the
    Civil War trailer.

  17. Alexander Jeffrey

    This looks like a spinal tap reboot in the best way possible!!!!

  18. This is not Civil War!

  19. I’m so watching this.


  21. Patiently waiting for the civil war trailer…

  22. YoloDwayne fernandes

    civil war!!!!

  23. Looks decent

  24. People seem to like Hot Rod but I thought it was the the definition of
    Cringe. Hope this one fairs better.

  25. the entire hollywood industry actors are Dropped in here

  26. OK, OK, OK, OK, OK

  27. team cap…oh wait

  28. I’m in

  29. Give me Civil War!!!!

  30. my name is connor so it sounds like theyre all talking about me :)

  31. what that song called?

  32. the lonely island with a hollywood movie. Well some youtubers got realy

  33. So many fuckin cameos, Jesus!

  34. Big noses everywhere

  35. 1:53 was that SEAL howling ??? xD

  36. hot sexy

  37. The only thing that is missing is Kanye

  38. Jordan Wedderburn

    good trailer, but I want to see civil war

  39. I Predict It Will Drop At 12…Or 3 Eastern

  40. 2016 has brought us tits on YouTube sickkkkkkkk

  41. I’ve had my tab open by this channel for the past couple of hours hahha
    keep refreshing to find everything but the Civil War trailer 0-0

  42. This looks like something Sacha Baran Cohen would do better

  43. I love how we are all dying and waiting for that civil war trailer !

  44. this movie is worth seeing just for the cameos

  45. Yo this shot looks funny as hell. Imma check I out, but as I go through the
    comments, people are saying that there’s supposed to be a civil war trailer
    today. Where’s THAT at?

  46. hahaha its nice

  47. The Random Indian

    the Dogg cracks me up

  48. Andy Samburg ???

  49. Blizsteronmyballsack

    It says comedy, but i don’t see it.. it’s almost as if comedy movies are
    fighting for the raspy awards.

  50. whats the name of d song,,,

  51. Deadpool Wade Wilson

    When did YouTube allow tits?

  52. Why do i feel like watching this

  53. Anastasia Sadovskaya

    I am so done????

  54. Thor’s hammer. whosoever be thy worthy , Conner.

  55. Lol almost everyone in the comments gives 0 fucks about this movie

  56. is this entourage the movie pt 2 with more jokes?

  57. I hope it’s not like entourage with the cameos

  58. “Did I Shit My Pants?” “Not This Time.” ( :

  59. Dj Khaled is best

  60. The Lonely Island… The world needs us.

  61. Damn everyone’s in this movie

  62. The SNL connection!!!!……and to all the fanboys wanting to see the civil
    war trailer why would you go on a trailer video that has nothing to do with
    Marvel asking for it????

  63. Needs less sarah silverman

  64. Seems a good movie

  65. 2:02-2:03
    Was that Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir?

  66. 1:17 :D

  67. Hate the costume.

  68. thats what dj khaled has been doing

  69. 1:48 TMZ holy shit hahahahahaha

  70. Cameo: The Movie

  71. Michael Psihogios

    Oh shit,,, it’s going down!

  72. This things gonna bomb ugly.

  73. I see DJ Khaled, I Like

  74. this looks awesome

  75. sooo did adam sandler pass on making terrible comedies to andy samburg?

  76. looks really creative

  77. Its Andy Samberg

  78. Washington, please pass legislation outlawing the production of any more
    whiteboy douchebag slacker movies. It’s been over ten years since that
    demon Judd Aptow first started promoting these lazy, stupid mfs as
    acceptable mates for the modern woman. Newsflash: IT’S NOT WORKING!! No
    hottie, educated or not, is interested in hooking up with some unemployed,
    weed smoking, wannabe pro-gamer, with a beer gut. No amount of movies,
    including this one, is gonna turn them into sex symbols. So please stop the

  79. Humboldt Greenthumb

    what the hell hahaha

  80. Can’t wait! looks hilarious!

  81. the guy of hydrocarbons

    this movie potrays life of the shitass JB

  82. Im not going to lie. I find this trailer pretty good lol Ill be seeing

  83. i made a trailer on mosquito man on my channel (spoof)
    could yall gimme a feedback :,)
    have a nice day :,)

  84. brilliant !

  85. This looks awesome

  86. KHALED

  87. 1:17 “Sign my boobs omg!” Lol

  88. A movie about justin bieber again??!! why???

  89. Did I just see P!NK as the unicorn wrangler??

  90. Conner Cox!

  91. Another one ?

  92. dj khaled was in another movie

    another one

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