Precious Cargo Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Bruce Willis, Mark-Paul Gosselaar Action Movie HD

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A crime boss tries to make off with loot that belongs to another thief.


  1. F “15wintergreen” W

    Damn Daniel is a shit vine. Can someone explain why it’s funny??

  2. damn trash can. lookin spicy

  3. This looks like a random Netflix movie

  4. ‫مستر كتاب‬‎

    بروس وليام ، هذه واحده من أفلامه التجاريه لعام 2016 ?

  5. Why do I have this instant urge for a Dole fruit cup?

  6. Movie? looks more like some T.V special…. ?

  7. If it was free 2 see I still wouldn’t see this crap

  8. We now know what happened to Zack when he graduated from Bayside High

  9. Bruce willis is so done .. Cashgrab

  10. another heist movie…

  11. For what it is, it looks like a fun little romp.

  12. good movie :)

  13. They should have kept his name Zach & tied it into the Saved by the Bell

  14. DeadPool4 President

    “Why do bad guys always have automatic weapons?”
    I got another one for you: “why do bad guys always miss?”

  15. Looks decent

  16. Why doesn’t Zach just freeze time to kill the bad guys?

  17. Cheap cargo.

  18. bruce willis become bad man? i thought it the prequel to die hard

  19. This is the kind of movie I’ll watch in 5 years after spending 10 minutes
    surfing channels on the television on a friday night.

  20. Zzzzzzz….huh?

  21. Straight to DVD

  22. Saved by the Bell – Fast and the Furious Years

  23. Abel Villa (The Cynic)

    Poor Bruce Willis he has become Christian Slater and Val Kilmer.

  24. No need to see the movie now everything is shown in the trailer

  25. that sniping bullshit doe

  26. Bruce Willis is behind some of the best action movies of all time… and
    now he’s co-starring in modern cheesy 90’s action movies that probably will
    be forgotten by the end of its premiere-week.

  27. Looks like an early contender for *Worst Film of the Year*…

  28. You can tell this movie is gonna be those meh movies

  29. Wait, Bruce Willis isn’t the good guy saving everyone? kk

  30. I will give a shit when Bruce Willis does.

  31. When you cant get chris pratt…

  32. Bruce Willis forever young :)

  33. Bruce Willis has gone downhill….he only makes straight to dvd movies. Oh
    how the mighty have fallen…

  34. I am supposed to believe this hipster and his squad can take down Bruce
    Willis. I don’t think so.

  35. anybody else as excited as i am to see this?

  36. It’s alright guys. It wasn’t a Cummins. ;)

  37. Vegas “Vaggos” McSwagger

    Trailers these days need to be more like Deadpool’s, breaking the fourth

  38. Claire Forlani, still gorgeous as ever.

  39. i can tell the exact moment i lost interest… 1:07

  40. Lmao Bruce Willis is finished, this looks like straight to DVD trash.

  41. fast and the furious speed boats

  42. Claire Forlani ❤

  43. looks like a GTA online mission. kill guys, steal stuff, repeat.

  44. Andrzej Kułakowski

    Oh bearded protagonist again… duh

  45. Did the fades to black annoy anybody else more than they usually do?

  46. its alright cuz im saved by the bell

  47. Walrus is in the Matrix

    Well, this looks like the most action moviest action movie ever.

  48. cliche garbage

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