Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Official Trailer #1 (2016) – Lily James Horror HD

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Jane Austen’s classic tale of the tangled relationships between lovers from different social classes in 19th century England is faced with a new challenge — an army of undead zombies.


  1. Ok…

  2. Gaming and Engine Tutorials

    no thanks a trash movie

  3. thumbs up this and subb to me or your ganna die in 23 hours from a deadly
    spider bite.

  4. Sean “WeaponX18” Drake

    It would funny if matt smith started to fight zombies and one of the girls
    ask why he’s doing this, and he says, “I’m the doctor and I save people.”

  5. What’s next?
    Gone with the Wind with Zombies?
    A Christmas Carol with Zombies?
    Just to name a few

  6. So bummed out its pg 13

  7. Pride, Prejudice and Zombies* Learn your shit film makers.

  8. You know what, even though the concept sounds silly, the execution looks
    fun. I’m going to see it.

  9. Mr. Darcy: Miss Elizabeth. I have struggled in vain and I can bear it no
    longer. These past months have been a torment. I came to Rosings with the
    single object of seeing you… I had to see you. I have fought against my
    better judgment, my family’s expectations, the inferiority of your birth by
    rank and circumstance. All these things I am willing to put aside and ask
    you to end my agony.

    Elizabeth Bennet: I don’t understand.

    Mr. Darcy: I want to eat your brains.

  10. what’s next? wuthering heights and zombies?

  11. Lol I prefer the walking dead over this shit !

  12. Wow Hollywood is REALLY running out of ideas…… -.-

  13. so many zombies movies cuming these days

  14. Where did they learn martial arts from? Why are the women wearing dresses
    if they’re going to go fight zombies?

  15. wasn’t the black plague 400 years before this?

  16. The perfect movie to watch with your girldfriend, it has the romance that
    women like, and the gore and violence that we like.

  17. so it’s a zombie movie where they talk about how amazing it is for women to

  18. Next Movie: “Les Miserables and Vampires”

  19. the title really annoys me, you never say pleb and pleb and pleb. you say
    pleb, pleb and pleb

  20. What’s next? Mary Poppins and zombies? sign….

  21. This must be one of the dumbest thing I have ever seen for a long time.

  22. what is the name of the song? does anybody know? :)

  23. Is that Charles Dance AND Lena Headey??

  24. I guess I’m the only one who wants to see this…OH WELL

  25. This gotta be the worst Mr. Darcy

  26. Lionel Gamba Osaka

    Well it’s sucker punch with zombies… No thank you

  27. it’s taking itself too serious

  28. what’s next? zombies dinosaurs? no wait aliens becoming into zombies, no no
    zombies turning into more zombies

  29. You know, it’s probably just the advertising, but why do movies with
    obviously stupid funny ideas always take themselves seriously like this?
    Like, shit, The Last Witch Hunter, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, and now
    this. Did they ever think by bringing a tad more humor to this it’d be more
    appealing? Because right now it looks like crap.

  30. Seriously people… can we give the zombie apocalypse a break already

  31. And all I’m thinking is, Wow, it’s the Doctor, Cinderella and Tywin
    Lannister together in a movie!!

  32. This looks really stupid…

  33. Sherlock homes vs zombies
    Star Wars vs zombies
    Frankenstein vs zombies
    What’s next?

  34. I guess a lot of people don’t know that this is an adaptation.

  35. Alright… the Zombie fad in Hollywood has officially gone too damn far.
    Time to stop.

  36. Damn Doctor who’s new season trailer is intense.

  37. Have this something to do with the original pride and prejudice ?!?

  38. hey look! ian curtis from joy division

  39. The book is definetely a comedy and a parody of Pride and Prejudice but
    somehow the movie wants to be a serious movie???

  40. What’s the song that’s playing?

  41. The title is so ridiculous, I might just go see it. If I saw the trailer
    before knowing the name I don’t think I would’ve been as judgemental on the
    content lol

  42. I’m so waiting for the sequel Sense and Sensibility and Vampires.


  44. Trailer music anyone?

  45. This actually doesn’t look that bad

  46. What do you think Jane Austen would say to this if she were still around?

  47. I want a Gone With the Wind and Zombies

  48. was that Matt Smith from doctor who?

  49. My sisters are going to flip the freak out when they realize this is a
    thing. They’re loyal fans of Jane Austen

  50. 0:25

    Who else jumped?

  51. the song name please .. the only good thing in this trailer

  52. name of the song? someone tell me please!

  53. Hollyweird sooo starved for content, they’ve resorted to destroying
    classics. Bravo, bravo

  54. how the hell such a trashy movie get a big budget?

  55. Because everyone who watched pride and prejudice thought you know what is
    missing zombies.

  56. TheMadHatterWithoutHat


  57. I wish the novel had zombies, it would have made reading it high school
    much more interesting.

  58. what is the name of the song being played in the background?

  59. Alejandra Arancibia Vargas

    I really hate this… it’s my favourite book since I’m 10 and I must admit
    that joe wright’s adaptation was really good…but this…this makes me
    sick and I have no words… :((

  60. I’m disappointed in the world… Jane Austin does not mix with zombies. I
    mean why did you have to use Pride and Prejudice? you could’ve used Sense
    and Sensibility, they’re nearly the same thing. Plus Pride and Prejudice is
    better. but seriously zombies? Pride and Prejudice didn’t even take place
    near or during the black plague. I’m so confused

  61. Hollywood has lost its mins

  62. Did i just see Tywin and Cersei lanister?

  63. 1:02 music? please

  64. jane austen is rolling over in her grave

  65. Please do Emma and the Werewolves for sequel X) lol

  66. ew why would they mess up a good classic movie with this?? ?

  67. Oh dear – what would Jane Austen think of this!? ??

  68. i thought lily and james potter

  69. ….this is so far from the book

  70. BAE???

  71. I am so excited for this movie!

  72. who’s ready for citizen kane goes to hogwarts

  73. we’re watching the original Pride & Prejudice, I’d much rather see this one
    omfg ?

  74. ruined my favorite book.

  75. Even though this is not what I normally go for I am very curious to see how
    this plays.

  76. Yes, finally. Loved the book, can’t wait to see this.

  77. of course House Lannister will survive a zombie apocalypse :D

  78. Harjono Honoris (Jono Ji)

    I like the 1st trailer more, too serious

  79. This looks so unbelievably shit

  80. Hollywood…

    …wut r u doin?….

    … Hollywood?…


  81. I’m literally so freakin excited about this movie!!! I CAN’T WAIT!!!

  82. I honestly thought it was going to be a satirical comedy combo of P&P and
    zombies. *That* could have been hilarious. Just think of the possibilities:
    Mr. Collins: “I am persuaded, Miss Elizabeth, that you cannot but be aware
    of the singular honor of being introduced to my most illustrious
    benefactrix, Lady Catherine de Burgh. And even though the likelihood of her
    ripping open your skull and eating your brains is almost inevitable, you
    are surely cognizant, still, that the honor of the circumstances is in the
    nature of a blessing bestowed upon none but those in the best of families.”

  83. Sting Eucliffe Official

    i saw Matt Smith and Lily Smith but im not sure is that zombie Matt
    also?????? I saw Matt a short time then another i thought was him too

  84. ?????????

  85. as if Abe Lincoln vampire hunter wasn’t bad enough, this comes out???
    seriously guys lol

  86. Oh, this is meant to be serious?

  87. why……….

  88. Oh I love it! #girlpower

  89. Oh No…PG13…..Gonna be crap…

  90. enough with the zombies already.

  91. PinkCinnamonBunnies

    I’m watching this now 11th doctors in this OMG watching it now.

  92. There should be a committee which a film producer or company has to go
    through in order to get their film approved to actually film and showcase
    the movie in theaters, or which should deny the production and let you know
    that the film is an abomination to good fiction (be that already written
    literature masterpieces or not) and the entire concept of portraying
    something that actually encompasses values or entertainment where you don’t
    come out of the cinema wishing you had a time machine to go back and avoid
    missing 2 hours of your life.

    If there is, they’re doing it wrong.

  93. Downton Abbey Judgement Day Die Hard Elizabeth Wait For It… Wait
    For It…Wait For It…. It’s official we are Completely Shameless
    America Danish Girl Unchained

  94. Are these fast or slow zombies?

  95. Does anybody know who the girl is in the picture of the video, the one who
    has blue eyes and blonde hair, in a blue dress, and is kneeling over the
    dead body with the bloody neck? Thanks.

  96. I can finally tell my female co-workers, “Hey I finally watched that movie
    that every girls is suppose to watch, Pride and Prejudice!!!”
    My female Co-workers: “Yaaaa! So what did you think of Mr. Darcy?!?!”
    Me: “He really knows how to kill Zombies!”
    My Friends: !?!?!

  97. I’m so confused

  98. You’ve gotta be kidding me. Like “Sense and Sensibility and Vampires,” the
    original novel nominally worked (sort of) as an uneasy, one-off parody of
    Jane Austen. “Twilight” for grandma’s book club. It’s a one-note joke, the
    sort of thing that might’ve turned up as a bad SNL sketch during the Adam
    Sandler days. But a movie? Seriously? Victorian girls running around in
    whalebone corsets and 40 pounds of floor-length petticoats, whipping ass,
    ninja-style? Really? I guess Hollywood didn’t learn anything from the
    miserable failure of “Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter.” Remember that one?
    Didn’t think so.

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