Race Official Sneak Peek #1 (2016) – Jesse Owens Biopic HD

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Track and field star Jesse Owens overcomes adversity to win four gold medals at the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games.


  1. Im here to stop people that want to be first

  2. Clarence Boddicker

    Wow, black people can run really fast.

  3. I hope they tell this story well.

  4. Good Trailer

  5. Well damn… that title basically describes the film. It’s about a guy of a
    certain race that has a race and people who don’t like his race don’t like
    the fact that he does the race in 10.3 seconds. Am I right? :)

  6. Carice van Houten is playing Jessie Owen?! That’s ballsy casting, lets see
    if it pays off.

  7. lol I read “Rape”

  8. wow i totally dont know the whole story and point of the movie….

  9. leaf a like guys

  10. Yes oh my god finally I don’t care how long it takes I will force my mom to
    take me to see this movie

  11. Good to see the rewriting of history, “Hitler didn’t snub me, it was FDR
    who did” – Jesse Owens. FDR didn’t send a telegram of congratulations

  12. I heard about this in history class years ago. Cannot wait to see it

  13. Hail Hydra oops I mean Hitler

  14. Where the hell was Hitler’s Zeppelin that he raced against ???

  15. Disqualified for jumping the 100 m sprint.

  16. do you lot think they’ll address the fact that FDR snubbed him after the
    race…or will that be on the down low

  17. Yes!

  18. That trailer was,well,fast?

  19. When is white guilt coming out?

  20. Melisandre <3

  21. the fastest sneak peek ever

  22. Leaf a like, hissssssssssssssssssssss

  23. is this about bolt?

  24. I see my comment was deleted lol. ? They finally changed the title. Whew
    for a second there I thought Carice was playing Owens! ?

  25. I thought I saw Will Smith on the thumbnail :(

  26. I thought that was Anthony Mackie for a second.

  27. very good title.

  28. I’m glad to see this one is made. Can’t wait to see it.

  29. so it’s called race because of….. right?

  30. Black People are fast due to practicing with cops

  31. Samruddha sujit save

    just a bolt

  32. thumbnail looks more like a meme to me.

  33. Well, I think this teaser is enough… I don’t want to know if he wins the
    race or not… :))))

  34. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the triple entendre trailer title.

  35. Yes i have herd about this race in ‘ the book thief ‘ where hitler was
    proved wrong about racial supremacy of whites particularly Germans during

  36. well this movie could go one of two ways, how it happened or what America
    was told happened

  37. well that escalated quickly

  38. Looks like a good film but movie names are so boring now. Race is too
    simple or concussion the new will smith film.

  39. Should have made the trailer 10.3 seconds..

  40. can wait,I know the story

  41. Which one?

  42. Is the title supposed to be a pun?

  43. Jeanine Heurtematte

    Heard about Jesse in The Book Thief, amazing book ☺️

  44. I see 10.2 seconds in Wikipedia

  45. I hope it shows what happened to him after he came home, because that’s way
    more important.

  46. ok i get it
    black people > white people

  47. It is now well known that Hitler shook his hand, nor did he leave the
    stadium ‘furious’ at the result.Back in the good old USA he and every other
    black citizen were treated as sub human.

  48. hiiiiiisssssss

  49. Jean-Silviu Dupouy

    Finally a trailer that doesn’t spoil everything, and shows just enough to
    give you an idea :)

  50. the trailer was too long, i think i’ll watch the rest tommorow

  51. fastest trailer I’ve ever seen

  52. OK, I’ve seen the whole movie.

  53. ha hitler had to watch a African American beat the German

  54. Let me guess… This movie is not only gonna teach us how stupid racism is
    and that we should all kiss in the butthole, but will also teach us about
    reaching our goals and dreams no matter what people say… Ok, that’s all
    basically it

  55. Another biopic about an African American striving to beat racism by using
    sports or music? Sure I’ll see it again


  57. FFS I keep blinking!

    One more time!

  58. somebody always saying something racist , like stfu and move on

  59. Hitler did shake his hand. He did not get furious at all. In Hitlers eyes
    it proved the differences between the races. Besides the Germans dominated
    in every other sport ! But back in the good old USA Roosevelt didnt even
    acknowledge Owens, didnt even invite him to the White house.
    Truth will out.

    This movie is just your daily dose of holocaust, evil nazis, Hitler is a
    madman pill that you must take every couple months.

    Watch The Greatest story NEVER told!
    you are in the matrix.

  60. Now I’m sad.
    I though the movie title was “rage” and I would get to see someone loosing
    their sh*t.

  61. C’mon, guys. Outstanding Performance. alcoholic statuesque

  62. Great, another propaganda pro Israel jew sionist horseshit movie


  63. New Will Smith movie! I love it!

  64. is that GreyWorm?

  65. A collection of pictures is now a trailer.

  66. Where’s The guy that always says “they showed me the movie in this trailer”
    ha lol

  67. 7 oscar nominations because racism.

  68. i think this is a movie bio about husain bolt… not too sure…he did
    break the record of 10.3 second

  69. 14 second trailer??? I want more.

  70. So its about a black kid running away from a white man shooting a gun. And
    its about Racism
    10/10 trailer

  71. Jesse Owens, you will never be forgotten <3

  72. Oh get fucked American propaganda again. Jesse Owens was adored in Germany
    and respected, however when he got back to America the president wouldn’t
    shake his hand because he was black. Same with Muhammad Ali loved and
    respected in countries America would call evil, treated like shit on the
    bottom of their shoe in the states. America is a 1st world country with a
    third world mentality.

  73. Do we really need this?

  74. I’m surprised there’s no comments complaining the trailer gave too much
    away? Come on, where are you idiots.

    P. S. And yes, idiots have complained at how too much was given away in a
    trailer based on a true story before.

  75. shit how old is denzel washington agai ? he still got it, i cant even run
    like this and im only 22.

  76. wasn’t he in unbroken?

  77. Now that was fast cx

  78. Spoiler: He finishes the race.

  79. well that was… fast.


  81. What’s up. Great Enthusiasm snotty mourn What do you think, guys?

  82. 0:13 well isnt he just fabulous

  83. he has changed nothing .

  84. Can’t wait to see this movie!! #TRACKNATION

  85. Hey this was the movie John Boyega dropped out of to do Star Wars

  86. Hey this was the movie John Boyega dropped out of to do Star Wars

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