Race Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Stephan James, Jason Sudeikis Drama HD

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Track and field star Jesse Owens overcomes adversity to win four gold medals at the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games.


  1. Take THAT Hitler, you @#$%^&!!

  2. Of course they got to play some hip hop if a blackman is the main character

  3. This looks awesome :/

  4. Remember the Titans but with track instead of football. I just hope they
    cut that rap song out, not because I don’t like rap. I just don’t feel like
    it fits the mood.

  5. good trailer

  6. What is the song?

  7. another shit movie about a black guy ?

  8. Anyone else laugh at the part where the jewish athletes flash the star of
    david in front of the nazi soldiers?

  9. Uhhg. Another Black beats everyone movie. Honestly, I was kind of
    interested until the runner brought up race….and how he’s going to ‘beat
    those nazis’…..srsly? Not to mention the ‘racist’ white jocks in the
    locker room. This shit is getting real old. It’s not about history or the
    amazing take of an under dog, it’s turned into more race war fuel bullshit.
    So sad, because it’s a great story.

  10. really !!!!! are they not gonna show howJesse Owens who had won four gold
    medals, humiliating Adolph Hitler in the process, did not receive the
    invitation from Roosevelt !!!! REALLY USA !!!!!!!

  11. A black guy rode past me on a bicycle today.
    I shouted, “Which white person did that belong to then?”
    He stopped and looked at me in disgust and said, “I bet you couldn’t say
    anything more racist if you tried.”
    I said, “Okay… Which white person do you belong to then?

  12. another sports movie about a minority/foreigner brought to an american
    sport company just because of his talent/ability and has to coupe with
    white people

  13. I’m more interested about the aftermath of winning the race: the president
    didn’t bother to invite him to the white house, nor acknowledged the feat.
    Owens allegedly said that he was treated way better in Nazi Germany than in
    the US. Hopefully, the movie doesn’t cop out and gives us the bland biopic
    that supposed to make white people feel guilty and our people proud. Give
    us a true depiction or keep those revisionist tear jerkers for yourselves.

  14. song anyone??

  15. This movie looks dope, and anyone who has a conflict with it close your
    eyelids and watch your white washed media. Simple as that.

  16. copied from bhaag milkha bhaag

  17. I like these kind of movies. It gets me pumped up.

  18. that’s just race baiting

  19. the guy from star wars! 1:15

  20. Jason Sudeikis in a serious movie what?????

  21. damn these niggers are fast

  22. jesus, another film beating me over the head with racism

  23. I’m not going to lie, the part when he said you’re white, with all that
    emotion got to me

  24. Did they not do the black power salute at the games?

  25. Hey guys! Did you know racism is a thing? Did you forget? Oh no, we can’t
    have you forgetting. White guilt!

  26. Hitler did nothing wrong.

  27. I genuinely despise Jason Sudeikis. Generic white guy, no acting skills,
    unfunny, punchable face.

  28. Hollywood Jew Movies does not equal reality/history dumbasses.

  29. This looks good. Definitely gonna watch it. Surprised a movie about Jesse
    Owens was only now just made.

  30. Classic propaganda, Jessie Owens HIMSELF said that Adolf was very friendly
    with him before and after the Berlin games. The West like to feed the sheep
    with hatred so as to lead people to hate the wrong people. The western
    powers are the ONES that do not want peace! Everyone is being fed lies
    after lies and it is not in favour of the people to learn legitimate FACTS
    so as to turn this world around for the better not for the worst. Its also
    funny how Owens said the only people who treated him like trash were the
    Americans not the Germans.

  31. Holy shit it’s a movie about races, and a movie about race!

  32. Jessie Owens HIMSELF said that Adolf was very friendly with him before and
    after the Berlin games. Another white guilt, anti Hitler movie. Hitler had
    the most racially diverse military in the world. Arabs, Asians, Other white
    nationalities such as Americans and British, Blacks, even Jews and Slavs
    fought for Hitler.

  33. Though Louie Zamperini was the one who won those Olympics or something

  34. how many more of these white people are evil movies are they going to make?

  35. If Jesse Owens would be in his 20s or 30 at least in this day of age. He
    would easily be the fastest guy in History. Now with todays modern training
    I can’t imagine how fast this guy could go. 100m in 10.3 sec in 1936,
    during those days there were no special running gear. He would destroy
    Usain Bolt

  36. lmao black people didnt even exist back when hitler rose to power

  37. The description spoiled every thing

  38. that’s stupid when you mixing modern music with historical movies. please
    don’t do it dammit!

  39. [NSG*] xBROADST BU11Yx

    Why would you dislike this movie? Looks powerful.

  40. who’s the director? the plot seems Oscar worthy

  41. This would be so much better if the last race starred usain bolt

  42. Why do they always make films about racism where the victim is always black
    and the culprit is us white devil’s!? Why not make a film in some parts of
    africa where white people would get butchered for just being there, or a
    lot of parts of my country and other countries where black muslim gangs
    go around beating people and raping little girls to near death just because
    they’re white, or go back thousands of years ago where black muslims was
    butchering, raping, molesting, murdering and enslaving white christians for
    thousands of years. It would be good to see a film about white people being
    victimised for a change instead of making us all out to be evil cunts!

  43. hmmm… movie ideas guys, come on… **snap** got it! nazis. negros.
    comedian. sports. early 20th century and somehow hip hop. and jews teaming
    up with the negros. maybe work in light sabers, megatron and chris tucker.

  44. Already know this part of history and what happens. But I want to see how
    they do it on the big screen. :)

  45. One criticism I have is with the title, I can’t tell if it’s about races as
    in the athletic event or different phenotypes.

  46. Whats the song in the last part of the trailer?

  47. If black people can run so fast then how did so many get caught by slave

  48. I love seeing these comments complaining about the white villains. Little
    do they know the White men fucked up the whole world. I’m not saying
    they’re bad people but if you know history well enough anybody whose white
    skinned fucked the world in some way. Other skin colors messed up the world
    but not as bad as the White men.

  49. Another cliched movie that tries to inspire but its the same ole crap every
    other “inspirational” movie tries to do.

  50. This is based off actual events that happened so why wasn’t that based on a
    true story thing thrown in there?

  51. Stupid Morons here , this is Hollywood nonsense to let the USA looking
    good. Hitler congratulated Owens.
    Jesse Owens quote:
    “Hitler didn´t snub me , it was Franklin D. Roosevelt who snubbed me. The
    Prasident didn´t even send me a telegram!

  52. Oreimo Did Nothing Wrong

    This white guilt/muh evil nazis shit is getting really, REALLY old
    Hollywood. You can continue beating over the head of the lion with it, but
    the fact of the matter is eventually the lion is going to get pissed off
    and claw the shit out of you.

  53. Did anybody else find the fact that the kids though mocking the SS Guards
    at the stadium with their star of davids is historically inaccurate since
    it is only 1936?

  54. All these people in the comments who’re like “Oh look. Another movie to
    make white people feel guilty for existing” really need to shut up. This
    movie is not some propaganda piece to spread “white guilt” or whatever.
    It’s just a movie. A story based on the life of Jesse Owens that someone
    thought would would be neat to tell. The fact that so many people feel this
    threatened by a movie just because it deals with topics of race—in the
    1930s no less, a time when RACISM OBVIOUSLY EXISTED—is a little bit

  55. cant wait to see this movie …this is just a trailer but im already in
    tears ..cant wait

  56. What’s the name of the song playing

  57. they should of put usain bolt in

  58. Who’s the lucky lad who’ll get to play Hitler?

  59. Of course he had to struggle through racism. What if the movie was just
    about him winning and representing America was the best outcome. Nope. More

  60. Nooooooo. The race card. Noooooooo. What about black on black crime.

  61. Suraj “The ALPHA” Tomar

    Even the race scene is CGI, gone are the days of Rocky and pure cinema from

  62. Before you see this film, let’s have a refresher for those who to this day
    perpetuate the myth that Hitler was some evil mad supervillian who left the
    Olympics in shame when he was shown up by some black super hero.

    On the first day of competition, Hitler shook hands only with the German
    victors and then left the stadium. Olympic committee officials insisted
    Hitler greet every medalist or none at all. Hitler opted for the latter and
    skipped all further medal presentations.Historians have noted that Hitler
    may have left the games at this time due to looming rain clouds which may
    have postponed the games. This happened well before Owens was to compete,
    but has largely come to be believed to be the “snub”.

    Owens said at the time

    Hitler had a certain time to come to the stadium and a certain time to
    leave. It happened he had to leave before the victory ceremony after the
    100 meters. But before he left I was on my way to a broadcast and passed
    near his box. He waved at me and I waved back. I think it was bad taste to
    criticize the ‘man of the hour’ in another country.

    in 2014, Eric Brown, British fighter pilot and test pilot, the Fleet Air
    Arm’s most decorated living pilot, independently stated in a BBC
    documentary “I actually witnessed Hitler shaking hands with Jesse Owens and
    congratulating him on what he had achieved.

    the predominating opinion in post-war Germany was that Hitler had ignored
    Owens, so we therefore decided not to report on the photo. The consensus
    was that Hitler had to continue to be painted in a bad light in relation to

    Owens later remarked while on the stump for Landon, that “Hitler didn’t
    snub me – it was our president who snubbed me. The president didn’t even
    send me a telegram.”

  63. Jesse Owens actually said he felt more accepted in Nazi Germany than he did
    in the united states. Hitler shook his hand and gave him a autographed
    picture of himself. Hitler actually congratulated him on his win. Owens was
    actually a really smart guy and people insult his legacy by ignoring him as
    a human being, and pretending he was just some propaganda tool. this movie
    is insulting to his legacy and is a Hollywood liberal Jewish distortion on
    the truth.

  64. In reality Owens felt better in Germany then in the US

    Hitler almost had dinner together but FDR didn’t allowed it

  65. Isaac Goldsteinberg

    I’m sure they’ll leave out the part where Owens was congratulated by Hitler
    while being snubbed by his own president.

    Ahh, good old Hollyjew

  66. Please don’t let this movie be like Red Tails.

  67. Whos rapping in this song

  68. what is the song in this trailer?

  69. Departed Reflections

    love that song at the end

  70. Perfect name for this movie

  71. Amateur Brain Surgery Society

    There’s no such thing as race, but white people are evil.

  72. I wanna see this so bad

  73. These comments have turned into a virtual race war. Everyone is passing
    blame and saying who is victimized black or white black or white.
    Personally I think that some white people need to stop being so butthurt
    about white peoples portrayals in historic movies. Because sad to say they
    are quite accurate. But you should not feel bad about it because they are
    not you. Having the same skin color does not mean same ideals. No one is
    blaming you personally for being racist or insensitive. So why even bring
    it up and draw attention to yourself?
    The point is it happened and it is a big part of African American history,
    and you shouldn’t get to tell others what is right or wrong about their
    history because it isn’t yours and you don’t know what you are talking

  74. wonder if they’ll show Hitler shaking Jesse Owens hand & Roosevelt snubbing

  75. People in the comment section like “hitler was not a bad guy” I’m done.

  76. This movie is historically inaccurate and people loved Germany during the
    Olympics, Adolf Hitler was the man of the year by time magazine. No one
    knew about the horrors until after the war and he seemed like a normal
    leader with a normal country.

  77. I can already tell that this movie is propaganda just from watching the
    trailer for several reasons which can, quite ironically, be discredited by
    Jesse Owens’ own personal testimony and biography. For one, Jesse Owens was
    loved by the Germans including Hitler who Owens says use to wave at him
    before and after a race and he showed a picture to a friend of his late in
    his life of him and Hitler shaking hands in private and declaring “this was
    the most beautiful moment of my life.” He was also allowed to go into
    ordinary restaurants and hotels while in Germany but was segregated while
    in the USA. Jesse Owens would also debunk the claim that Hitler snubbed
    him, as Owens literally stated one time “Hitler did not snub me, Roosevelt
    did. Hitler acknowledged me and sent me a telegram while Roosevelt never
    acknowledged me nor did he ever give me a phone call.” Jesse Owens in real
    life was an honest man who fought against his own myth that others were
    trying to create around him at a time when everybody else was making up
    myths about Hitler. And one more thing. The Germans still won more gold
    medals than every other country that year, so to the Germans Jesse Owens
    winning a few medals was not seen as much of a concern for them as they
    still declared victory for winning the most gold and breaking
    Olympic records for the time as a result.

  78. its more black pride than black power.

  79. lol at the people complaining about the racist experiences jesse owens
    has…….yes cause a black man in the 1930s would be living in paradise
    where everyone was treated with respect

  80. Hitler refused to shake the hands of all non-German winners regardless of
    race. It was in fact Theodore Roosevelt who snubbed Owens; he didn’t even
    receive a telegram.

  81. Adrian Cline-Bailey

    This looks AMAZING!!!

  82. They had to wait before they could go into the shower? it’s LITERALLY

  83. little known fact: hitler actually shook jesse owens hand at the olympics
    in fact he probably said something like this, “dat was amaaaazing you are
    soo fast, and look how black you are. i’d like to eat you for breakfast,
    you are the perfect aryan.” And then Jesse was like “damn a black man got
    it made in nazi germany, I love hitler he’s the homie….” the end/// wow
    it sure is nice to set history straight

  84. Raury <3

  85. Jesse Owens fastest man

    The Book Thief….anyone?

  86. i luv this remix of “run from the devil” but i Cant find it :(

  87. Lol. “For those 10 seconds… I’m free.” I swear I’ve heard that before,

  88. Song at the end?

  89. came here to see a great trailer, saw that and a lot of racism and I’m not
    talking about the trailer smh.

  90. Capt. Steve Rogers™

    As a guy who came from humble beginnings in tough streets of Brooklyn to
    punching Adolf Hitler in the face 200 times……. I approve of this! 😉
    *Salutes* This gotta be an oscar contender….

  91. whats the song played

  92. Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, Mexico for Mexicans, Israel for Jews,
    but white countries for every race???
    “Diversity” = White Genocide
    “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white
    ALL white people should watch David Duke’s videos and WAKE UP NOW !!!!

  93. Does anyone know what the song was called at the end?

  94. Oh shit they playing “Devils Whisper” by Raury ? in the trailer!!! my boi
    getting some recognition!!!

  95. More American propaganda. The Nazi regime never discriminated against
    people of color. Jesse Owens’ name was cheered on by the German people
    within the stadium and he became quite the superstar in Berlin. He is
    quoted saying that he was treated better in Nazi Germany than he was in
    America. Not only this, but there were many black Wehrmact soldiers during
    WW2 along with many other races such as Sikhs.

  96. anybody know the track at the end?

  97. who watches this shit??

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