Ratchet & Clank Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Bella Thorne Animated Movie HD

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Ratchet and Clank tells the story of two unlikely heroes as they struggle to stop a vile alien named Chairman Drek from destroying every planet in the Solana Galaxy. When the two stumble upon a dangerous weapon capable of destroying entire planets, they must join forces with a team of colorful heroes called The Galactic Rangers in order to save the galaxy. Along the way they’ll learn about heroism, friendship, and the importance of discovering one’s own identity.


  1. I’m still on the fence about this movie. Was it really necessary to throw
    in celebrity voices? The voice actors of the main characters e.g. James
    Arnold Taylor, David Kaye, and Jim Ward barely get a mention. Their names
    should be mentioned first. Celebrities always take the credit even though
    they usually play minor characters. Pisses me off. And not sure I like Drek
    having a different voice. At the very least, does anyone know if Kevin
    Michael Richardson will be reprising his role as Drek in the PS4 game?

  2. im gettin’ too old for this humor :(

  3. am i the only one who’s not excited? looks like the movie will have crappy
    plot and shitty unfunny jokes.

  4. Hopefully they dont forgot to bring the plumber to the movie :D

  5. At least they don’t make a live movie, but sad that Dr. Nefarious is not
    there ^^

  6. TheInsaneComputer Gamer

    So when does this take place in the timeline? Or is the movie just doing
    its own thing? (Reboot / Alternate Universe)

  7. I preferred when Qwark was a villain in the first game


  9. No HD remake to go along with it?

  10. RIP Ratchet and Clank.

  11. Insomniac may be a bunch of assholes now, but hey, this movie looks like
    it’s gonna be pretty good

  12. Well this came out of nowhere.

  13. Kids now play Call of Duty or Destiny, this movie will only be watched by
    people 20+

  14. So its based on the first game? Or is it a mix of all the games together?

  15. So this isn’t canon to the game universe? R&C 1 went completely different
    as far as I remember.

  16. this should have come out about 10 years ago…

  17. I thought captain cork was red not green?

  18. THP+W Entertainment

    Sucks how this isn’t canon.

  19. looks like a ripoff from the first game.

  20. THIS… is our only hope at making video game movies good… if not then
    that means hollywood still hates us gamers

  21. Did Ratchet and clank revolve around a ‘hero theme’ before this movie?

  22. 1:29 am i the only one who she reminds him of jade from beyond good and

  23. Anyone else remember playing this game back on PS2?

  24. this is movie based on video game right?

  25. whats the name of the song

  26. This game seems like nothing but cutscenes
    0/10 -Ign

  27. WTF QWARK is suppose to be a bad guy in the first 2. Not sticking to the
    source material this is going to be lame.

  28. Ok lets break this thing down
    1. Drek looks like….. well dreck
    2. Ratchet never, i repeat NEVER admired Quark, Ratchet considered him to
    be a bafoon really
    3. 1:07 Pre-robot Dr. Nefarious doesn’t look like an exaggerated version of
    The Leader from Marvel comics
    4. The curse of bringing celebs to be part of a series they have no
    knowledge of just to earn more bucks and overshadow the main stars (James
    A.T., David Kaye & Jim Ward)
    5. Ratchet wasn’t a bumbling moron when it came to weapons, he had SOME
    experience with them in the first game and got better as the series went on
    6. Nefarious never allied himself with Drek
    7. Making fun of the whole “in a world…” trailer cliche DOESN’T make it
    funny, anyone can make fun of that
    8. Ratchet & Clank beat Drek in the first game, BY THEMSELVES, no Galactic
    Rangers to help them at that point, Drek’s defeat? ALL THEM
    9. 0:58 THAT
    10. The alien species in this film dont live in the solana galaxy (since
    this film is based on the first game, somewhat)
    You dont have to agree with me, just dont get your hopes so high, cause
    this could very well be another film in the bad video game movies

  29. SonicAlbertoGaming

    00:23-00:24 yup looks like quarks working with drek in this movie too

  30. Shit! I was waiting for a Bioshock movie!

  31. I wish I had a PS2…

  32. Can I skip the cutscenes?

  33. one problem
    >Bella Thorne

  34. So this movie is basically going to be a reboot/retelling of the very first
    Ratchet & Clank game?

  35. Would have loved a Crash Bandicoot movie over this. 

  36. is this legit?

  37. Ratchet and clank? More like Ratshit and Clank am I right?

  38. so Drek is alive, Nefarious isn’t a robot and Quark has friends?

  39. Ugh lil kids are gonna be wearing shirts and shit now, i feel like this
    movie belongs only to us!

  40. That’s NOT how Ratchet & Clank began! It looks like a good movie, but c’mon
    now!!! ?

  41. The movie looks awesome, but like all trailers, it tried too hard to be

  42. I wish they would create an animated movie, like this, for *Invader Zim*.
    I’d watch the hell out of *THAT* movie!!

  43. I bet they are gonna make a series of this is in nickelodeon ..

  44. Aw man! I thought it’s gonna be based on the video game! (it kind of is I
    suppose) But, eh, Come on! This. I mean, cool, all the changes weren’t
    really necessary due to the fact all the fans wanted a movie based on the
    video game, there was no galactic rangers defeating Drek, it was all done
    by Ratchet and Clank themselves. Ratchet never liked Qwark to begin with.
    he admired him, but never liked in a way. What happened to Nefarious? ;-;
    Drek? … Ehh ;-; I’m kind of disappointed but happy. xD

  45. Does…does nobody remember the movie “Robots”?
    …Das this

  46. Is it me or this trailer lacks shooting?

  47. I like the use of Galantis for the music. I feel like the people that grew
    up with Ratchet and Clank are 21 now and probably won’t see this kids

  48. l dont like this movie

  49. Has anyone else noticed that Sony is working on a shit ton of video game
    movies? With movies like this one, Sonic, and Sly Cooper (not like Angry
    Birds), they might cross them over.

    Other then that, this movie seems ok.

  50. I expect a Sly Cooper Teaser at the end of the movie or end post credit

  51. 80% of 10 year olds won’t even know this was based on the video game.

  52. ANGRY BIRDS!!!! KNOW THIS!!!!!!

  53. Gay, Unfunny and so cliché

  54. looks decent for a kid’s movie. Nothing I’d watch myself though.

  55. This April?

  56. wow president drek…amazing.i just like the first game…

  57. Pumpkin Sugar Heart 1290MlpFan

    When are they ever going to make a Crash bandicoot movie…

  58. I see Juanita but where is Dallas???

  59. why isn’t it jak and daxter

  60. 15,767 people should kill themselves……

  61. Yikes, talk about the movie no one was waiting for. Haha, i feel like these
    two characters weren’t nearly popular enough (or currently relevant enough)
    to warrant a film.

  62. sigh I cant enjoy the comedy in this movie since its all innuendo etc…
    and I don’t find that humerous sigh…..my childhood ruined I still
    remember playing this on ps2 and ps3

  63. Jak and Daxter >>>>> This

  64. the movie was made by bella thorne the girl from shake it up

  65. furries be beating meat to ratchet

  66. What If games had graphics like this

  67. …. too much hype for this movie, but no hype for sly cooper movie


  69. so is shellshock yup he’s the one that ate the phone

  70. 2:26, WTF, sylvester stallone?

  71. umn im 13 And i have all Of the Rachet&Clacks Am i too old :D

  72. Is this game only cutscenes?

  73. is it me or is that wanita (from ratchet & clank gladiator) at 1:21?

  74. They even use the main voice actors! Who’s making the movie? The game
    producers themselves? They must have gotten advice from the producers of
    South Park when they made the Stick of Truth.

  75. They should make a game out of this

  76. I hate how they made him look like little kid. in the games in like 2002 he
    looked a lot older

  77. How long do you think before Sly Cooper becomes a movie?

  78. So… we got 3 video game movies like Ratchet and Clank, Angry Birds, and
    but STILL NO HALO?!?>!

  79. What is the name of the song?

  80. Why hasn’t mario gotten a movie get? And no I do not mean that bullshit
    movie from 1993

  81. who else noticed Juanita from Ratchet Deadlocked at 1:21

  82. what is the song at 1:48?

  83. what’s title of the song 1:59

  84. Nefarious looks weird, like, not a robot.


  86. One Cartoon Network or Netflix series coming soon after

  87. back in 2002 who would think this would become a movie ? im so proud of
    this game ;)

  88. Is Kevin Michael Richardson not coming back for Drek?

  89. I really hope this movie is successful so we can have an Up Your Arsenal
    movie with Dr. Nefarious.

  90. I wonder what role nefarious has here.. I think his attacks on blackwater
    and metropolis were BEFORE Drek.. who knows.. and Qwark will probably
    secretly be working with drek in the movie, its just not shown in the

  91. that is Dr.N as organic life form?

  92. They should of made a new video game instead of movie

  93. was that sheep guy in plants vs zombies.

  94. It’s just one long cutscene.
    1/10 -IGN

    Never mind, developers paid us.
    10/10 -IGN

  95. no more video game movies please? they are alll bad

  96. I wonder if that girl is tawylnn

  97. Holy crap this is awful, like really really incredibly and stupidly awful.

  98. What does bella thorne hove to do with it

  99. was that dr nefarious

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