Ratter Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Ashley Benson, Matt McGorry Thriller HD

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Emma, a graduate student living alone in NYC, is being watched by a stalker who hacks into the technology that surrounds her – laptop, cell phone, and other web connected devices. This obsession continues to grow as the hacker records Emma’s most intimate moments. When the thrill of watching isn’t enough, the situation escalates to a dangerous and terrifying level.


  1. Woops

  2. She keeps getting weird text messages, does she? Wonder who they could be

  3. 5th

  4. aah ashley… i wanna do you right now.. do you right now.. do you right
    now… do you right now

  5. I feel so creeped out… but I think this is gonna be a good movie

  6. 2015? is this already out?

  7. it’s actually A

  8. Diego Sanchez Escobar

    A grrreat idea wasted in a found footage, those movies make give me

  9. feels like they showed us the whole movie

  10. 2:06 those swegway skills

  11. Hamza_Nevius Gluz

    from -A …

  12. And now I have anxiety about my macbook, thanks hollywood!

  13. admiral bulldog the movie

  14. The Blair Witch Project with cell phones.

  15. Jacob Freund (Jfreun1)

    At first I sighed thinking this was another found footage film. Although it
    technically is, the trailer at least puts a spin on the genre. I hope its

  16. Hater???

  17. ‫مستر كتاب‬‎

    هذه الأفلام لا تحتاج لإخراج سينمائي فقط اليوتيوب يؤدي الغرض

    لا أدري لماذا هذه الأفلام يتم إنتاجها في حين لاتلقى إقبال كبير في النقد ولا
    داعي لمثل هذه الأفلام ذات اللقطات المفاجئ التي ترغمك على الخوف !!

  18. #killallmen

  19. Where can I download this?

  20. Wait is this movie already out?

  21. It’s obviously A

  22. looks boring

  23. Εύη Παπαδοπούλου

    wow looks good

  24. It’s 2016, idiots!

  25. this movie came out on January of 2015 lmao, it was an ehh movie.

  26. it’s bill cosby

  27. Ladies and gentlemen: The NSA in 2 minutes (Besides the real life

  28. It’s A hahahahh LOL

  29. Who else thinks shes better as a blonde?

  30. Oh No I’m scared…?

  31. insert vomit here

  32. Bangtan Jiminlicous

    Is the guy Ashley talking to in the beginning George Lopez? It sounds like
    him lol.

  33. The person watching her is the Architect from the Matrix…….She’s The

  34. Tassia Nascimento

    nao entendi ndaaa? e oq alienígena,atividade paranormal…? e oq,me
    expliquem .

  35. bruh, when she thought she finally got away from -A

  36. Urban dictionary word, misplaced R rating, footage movie like paranormal
    activity, girl living alone and apparently falls in love with the
    psychopath. Yep yep, sounds like the makings of a direct to dvd movie to

  37. Callsign: wolfpackJD

    This is “The Perfect guy” and “Unfriended” combined

  38. i just watched a few seconds but i will not watch it 1st reason because it
    is 12:50 and the second it is horror or it is seems like horor from that 5
    sec and i hate scarry movies!

  39. I’m ready to press the nope button….

  40. Omg looks so good!!


  42. ashley benson???! the legend?!!!! ~

  43. ITS A!!

  44. I think I’ll save this video for the morning.. I’d rather not go to sleep
    anxious about being murdered?

  45. and this is why I cover my webcam with a star sticker.

  46. This reminds me a lot of The Den.

  47. Ashely Benson I’m sold I love her

  48. I believe that this was based on a true story right? Cause I was pretty
    sure that I read something about this.

  49. so this is what hes been doing away from dayanara

  50. *puts black tape on webcam*

  51. D-d-d-dumb

  52. Just In the Knick of Time


  53. Isn’t this kind of like “Eye Candy” on MTV?

  54. what a terrible trailer that was. But horror is my favorite genre so I
    can’t help but watch the movie.

  55. moonlight babygirl

    I can’t believe this kind of stuff happens in real life. Like someone
    actually has the time to creep on people 24/7.

  56. Reverse SteveJobs

    Stop making found footage movies!! Chronicle is the best found footage

  57. So unfriended but this time no ones dead and it’s just her umm okay

  58. A is back with a movie

  59. Honestly this doesnt deserve hate because it actually looks really good,
    you are all hard to impress these days. You think horror movies suck bla
    bla bla. For me, its hard to creep me out. But i live alone and the feeling
    of being spied on, hacked into, scares the living shit out of me. This is
    like my worst fear at the moment being by myself, so hype for this movie

  60. I totally thought ashley benson was alexis neiers.

  61. Basically A is the stalker only hannah is alone

  62. Reminds me of Alone With Her – anyone seen that? I’m also gonna put a
    sticker over my webcam now…

  63. This is the new -A. His name is -B….

  64. *covers front camera on her phone*

  65. The Den part 2?

  66. this actually looks so good

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