RED BILLABONG Trailer (Horror, Thriller – 2016)

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★ HORROR Fan ?
Nick Marshal and his estranged brother Tristan are drawn into a world of secrets and lies when their grandfather’s enormous outback property passes into their hands. Old wounds are reopened as friends arrive to visit and strange things begin to occur around the river’s billabong water hole. After visits from an old aboriginal family friend and an unscrupulous property developer, the brothers wonder just who is on their side.

RED BILLABONG Trailer (Horror, Thriller – 2016)
A Movie directed by Luke Sparke
Cast : Dan Ewing, Tim Pocock, Jessica Green, Sophie Don, Ben Chisholm
Release Date : July 2016 (Australia)
Genre : Action/Adventure, Horror, Thriller

© 2016 – Sparke Films


  1. first

  2. B grade Australian film, Fuck yes!!! lol

  3. This Trailer hurt my brain in ways it cannot be cured

  4. if he screamed “shoot her” the. he just ripped off the final scene in Jaws

  5. lool looks like a perfect movie for a movie night

  6. LOL did they rip off the music from the Dark Knight films?

  7. I probably watch this only because Jessica green

  8. Even if this is a good movie, I’ll never know, because the trailer is a
    piece of shit.

  9. Hakeem Mclaughlin

    students films are really shaping up

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