RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 – 10 Minutes Gameplay Trailer (2018)

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  1. I was just trying to look for this a little while thank you for this

  2. Second comment

  3. America still hasn’t evolved…I mean just look at all those trumpanzees

  4. All hail amurica, most powerful country in the world!

  5. Can’t wait…

  6. Its only 5 mins and 54 seconds of gameplay, after that just two known trailers

  7. Rockstar makes awesome games, no doubt, but… why do the main characters always have to be outlaws, criminals, psychoes, thugs, bounty hunters, mafia mobs, robbers and other kinds of bastards?… well, excluding L.A. Noire maybe…

  8. Wow you guys stole some content

  9. Prepare your ps4 pro guys

  10. EpicMeme Productions

    PC version? Better be!

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