Ride Along 2 Official Trailer #3 (2016) – Kevin Hart, Tika Sumpter Comedy HD

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As his wedding day approaches, Ben heads to Miami with his soon-to-be brother-in-law James to bring down a drug dealer who’s supplying the dealers of Atlanta with product.


  1. ChaosAnimations | SpeedArts

    23rd Jump Street: Under the Hood

  2. Kevin Hart = unfunny as hell … like the little black dick from bad boys

  3. every kevin hart movie ever = this movie

  4. This is black version of jump street?

  5. more unnecessary kevin hart movie sequels that no one asked for

  6. 21 jump street: Black edition

  7. I’ve seen war documentaries that were funnier than Kevin Hart.

  8. Nothing like a sexist thumbnail to piss you off in the morning.

  9. so all hated Jar Jar Binks but they love Kevin ? himsa is not funny

  10. This feels like all the movie in one trailer. sadly

  11. bad boys or 23rdjump street


  13. Kevin and the alligator lol.

  14. The first movie sucked, now a part two? lol

  15. Yes!!

  16. So you need to promote this movie with a good roster and a good thumbnail
    and you use a generic picture of a hot girl and not one of the most popular
    comedian in the world. And you don’t even mention ice cube in the title you
    replace his name with someone named Tika Sumpter, REALLY?

  17. 21 Jump Street and Rush Hour…

  18. looks so shit still gonna watch it tho

  19. If anyone has time to check my new video out i would appreciate it. Thanks
    and have a great day :)

  20. They should do a 21 jumpstreet and riding along collab movie

  21. holyshit, mr chow has an american accent all of a sudden:O

  22. That was a great movie! Thanks for showing everything!

  23. It's AhhhRealMonsters

    XD this trailer showed wayyy too much!

  24. The second trailer is always the entire film

  25. You know a movie is shit when the only way to get people to watch the
    trailer is by putting cleavage in the thumbnail

  26. im suprised its rated pg-13


  28. ‫اختبر نفسك‬‎

    I would rather to watch 50 shades of black (sorry for my bad English

  29. Doesn’t look very good..

  30. Bad Boys 3

  31. Ice Cube better have Olivia Munn as his girlfriend

  32. Kevin Hart is awesomee cant wait for this movie and cant wait for him to
    get to Amsterdam for his what know tour!

  33. Why do I feel like I just saw the whole movie with every joke in order.


  35. The sequel nobody asked for.

  36. Don’t ruin the movie by showing your moment in the trailer that what happen
    in the last one

  37. Денис Гордиенко (Denis3000)

    1:34 music

  38. 69 Jump Street: All Good In Da Hood

  39. Jeez! This has got to be the most unfunniest piece of crap movie I have
    ever seen.


  41. The funniest parts were the ones when Kevin would crash or hurt himself.
    But when Ice Cube used him as a shield was the best part lmao.

  42. Honestly I came for the tits

  43. lol!!

  44. This trailer gives everything way

  45. I see tits I click

  46. first one sucked, so will this one

  47. Ice Cube trying to kill Kevin Hart was my favorite part?

  48. I feel like these ride along movies would be a lot better if they were
    rated r.

  49. ride along is very overated and kevin heart is burning out really quick.

  50. Only clicked for the thumbnail, saw it in 10 seconds, good trailer 10/10.

  51. predictable jokes: the movie

  52. That looks nothing like Miami

  53. Looks so much better then the first one.

  54. Oh yup going to watch this !

  55. Looks bad. But meh. Cheap laughs. I’ll probably still see it even if it
    after picking from Cex for cheap

  56. cool 3 min movie i r8 8/8 mate

  57. TheTokenSoberSPENCE


  58. ugh…stop wasting your money people.

  59. Yet another sequel cash-grab.

  60. Who else came here bcz of the Thumbnail?

  61. Tika>>>>>>>

  62. This looks better than the last one!

  63. is that Tyrese ? the guy who hangs with the most corrupted people on the
    planet and dresses like them yeah that’s him

  64. the last part was funny as heck

  65. We gotta a lot of hate on this movie ????

  66. looks like they didn’t learn anything from the last movie

  67. Diego Alonso Zavaleta Tirado


  68. Movieclips has officially went click bait.

  69. No one asked for this movie

  70. Woohoo…LMFAO song

  71. kevin hart is the black sandler.

  72. Only bit I found funny was when ice cube uses Kevin hart as a shield at the
    end of the trailer

  73. Holy shit its Chao acting normal!

  74. 1:17 that fake CG alligator is worse than straight-to-DVD movies.

  75. Ry “Spider-ry” an

    Tika Sumpter cops <3

  76. It Seems. You Make Me Smile! acidic abashed What do you think, guys… !

  77. Uuuuhhhhhhhh. Y u do dis shit movie

  78. The only reason I clicked on this because of the thumb nail

  79. What’s the song at 0:51 ??

  80. 02:17 now THAT’S good comedy!

  81. I cant wait for this movie XD

  82. Im dead

  83. Kevin Hart this role was a career killing mistake.

  84. That last scene was pretty funny though.

  85. 1:33 – name of the song

  86. Looks terrible.

  87. this is like Dhoom.

  88. am I THE ONLY one who felt like there were a lot of spoilers? anybody?

  89. Reminds me of jump street

  90. lolz kevin hart is going to be the adam sandler of this generation. is
    going to start of decent and then shit after shit and finally just awful

  91. Earn that paycheck, Tyrese.

  92. yay saw the entire movie in the trailer

  93. Kevin Hart: The Movie, Starring Kevin Hart as Kevin Hart

  94. So that’s what Manny’s dad does! He’s a drug dealer. O.o

  95. OK…

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