Rio, I Love You Official US Release Trailer #1 (2016) – Rodrigo Santoro, Emily Mortimer Movie HD

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A series of short films set in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro.


  1. Where are the talking birds?

  2. I’m second

  3. hue br

  4. Everybody like this comment for no reason.

  5. GodzillaFanForever 1

    Zekka, the movie

  6. Propaganda for the Olympics.

  7. eu invoco os HUEHUEHUEhueheu

  8. pretty nice movie :)

  9. How is the song at the end of the video called? The one with the piano part
    at about 1:37

  10. Tudo mentira isso ai

  11. filme do ano!

  12. as a guy that lives in Rio i must say

  13. o rio ta falido alguem avisa os gringo q aqui só tem ladrão pelo amor de

  14. looks all right.

  15. hello to Jason Isaacs

  16. se o rio de janeiro fosse assim não ia ser o rio de janeiro kk

  17. Movie looks good, but the city in the other hand…

  18. Greice Rodrigues

    This movie looks great. Definitely taking my mother to watch it.

  19. For fuckin’ sake….

  20. summoning the Huehue

  21. beerponglegend69

    hay tanta mierda allá

  22. B.O.P.E’s very own Nascimento!!!!

  23. Mr Jack's disguise

    That’s not Rio de Janeiro, it’s only where the rich people of Rio lives.
    The rest of the city is pretty different than this.

  24. M Junaid Pirzada

    great cast this

  25. nichtich dochich

    JASON!!! any TrueBlood fans here??

  26. Horadejogar ggms

    Ttkkkk k lixo so brbrbrbrbr huehuehuehue

  27. This actually looks…. bad

  28. Couldn’t even finish watching the trailer…. so bad

  29. omg I don’t live in Rio and I know that that is not even close to what Rio
    looks like.Where is the poverty? Rio is not just samba and beaches

  30. ilovepancakeswithjam

    what is even is this about? kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  31. I’ve never even been to Brazil and even I know this is BS interpretation of
    Rio lol

  32. Gostei do trailer, agr só falta saber do que caralhos esse filme fala a
    respeito da minha cidade.

  33. From where I can get the sound tracks?

  34. Parece bem merda

  35. City of Love. They love stealing your smartphone or mugging your wallet. If
    you’re lucky, they beat you or stab you while you’re enjoying being robbed.

  36. o rio é so comando vermelho

  37. This movie was released in 2014. LMFAO!

  38. cade os arrastões as balas perdidas, fake!

  39. so does she get cancer from the polluted water?

  40. Isn’t this movie like 3 years old? Cause it’s pretty similar conceptually
    to paris je t’aime

  41. 0:39 escobar is in this !!

  42. this is cause there hosting the Olympics but everyone thinks Brazil
    actually a crime ridden shithole, isn’t it

  43. So is this the Brazilian version of New York, I love you?

  44. Rio de Janeiro é Baile de favela

  45. it’s all fun and games till’ you get Zika

  46. br na veia

  47. I live in São Paulo , here are not that dangerous , just in some parts ,
    and the city is Gog , remind me from key west with Miami

  48. too bad this is fake.Brasil is screwed your economy sucks pretty much
    everything here is corrupted, so don’t buy this weak stuff about rio

  49. too bad this is fake.Brasil is screwed your economy sucks pretty much
    everything here is corrupted, so don’t buy this weak stuff about rio


    Next in the series:
    Tijuana, Trump loves you!

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