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Darth Vader too!

ROGUE ONE : A Star Wars Story Trailer 3
Directed by Gareth Edwards
Starring Felicity Jones, Mads Mikkelsen, Donnie Yen, Forest Whitaker, Ben Mendelsohn, …
Release Date : 2016

Rogue One Darth Vader Trailer
© 2016 – Disney

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  1. primero!

  2. Second

  3. frrrrsssssstt

  4. 69th

  5. That shot of vader might be the coolest thing i have ever scene

  6. Isaac Thefallenapple

    Darth Vader, AT-ATs? We’re gonna drown in geek cum, everybody.

  7. I think this movie will cause a lot of pain for fans of the franchise
    and/or actors.
    When I saw the Vader-Mikkelson scene I thought this movie won’t let anyone
    survive who doesn’t vanish because they all don’t appear in later storys
    except Vader and some other tinyier characters

  8. I’m down to watch ip man kick some space ass

  9. The score quickly devolves into fairly routine Hollywood fair?

  10. This movie might come out better than TFA, and that’s my third favorite
    Star Wars movie.

  11. Benny “KungpoH” Pang

    “The power that we are dealing with here”, I love how he’s giving Vader a
    snarky lecture.

  12. Wow, Rogue One is looking absolutely promising.

  13. I expect to see Vader in a action sequence

  14. if this is another mary sue with feminist propaganda, I’m not paying to
    watch it

  15. The only mission plot is they were send as Rebel specialist group code
    Rogue One to know and steal the plan and info how to destroy the first
    Death Star. In SW4 the rebels had the info and know the weakness of the
    Death Star that means the mission was successful. Everyone is saying they
    are all gonna die at the end before this movie get to release. If they
    weren’t in New Hope they could survived in this… They are specialist
    group and they could appear in SW8 or 9 to help the Resistants or they were
    hired now served as Knights of Ren.

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