ROGUE ONE: A Star Wars Story TRAILER (2016)

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The film, which is set just before the events depicted in 1977’s original Star Wars, chronicles the Rebel effort to steal the Empire’s plans for the first Death Star.

© LucasFilms


  1. Alexander Lowery

    1:18 – is that Darth Sidious I see in that shot? They definitely look like
    his gaurds!

  2. Johan Fredriksson

    I will be so surpriced if this does not suck ass!


  4. Looks sick! But where the fucks vader? Was hoping to see him chopping up
    and choking a few rebels!

  5. i see what you did fuckers. add an extra minuet of black screen on the end
    so we think its an extended trailer.

  6. I’m getting a strong hunger games vine from this movie

  7. I liked Rey in TFA, but now it seems the new wave of Star Wars films are
    all about upper-class English girls. Who saw that coming?

  8. oh dear slow piano version of a loved theme just like Ghostbusters trailer,
    baddies are english because we all spoke like what they did in old days

  9. Can’t pretend like that siren wasn’t annoying as hell.

  10. This looks Sick! Agree this will be better than 7!

  11. This looks Badass !

  12. NO DARTH VADER !!!!

  13. who is that guy walking on water in the white cape… looks sick!

  14. Spoiler Alert! They get the plans.

  15. Starwars is becoming a Feminist Shrill Fest. Disney is turning Starwars
    into crap, just like others torpedoed Ghostbusters. What a horrible
    looking movie

  16. Looks amazing

  17. Bear called Tavish

    Mark is like … Fml

  18. AtAts im sold

  19. Джон Шеридан

    Фелисити Джонс просто милашка, ролик Супер!!! ЭХ 252 дня до фильма…

  20. Cool. This looks more like Star Wars than Star Wars does.

  21. That stupid elephant siren ruin the trailer

  22. Looks amazing!!!!

  23. Bitch does it look like I wanna wait until December

  24. this looks better than TFA

  25. I really HATE to say this but I’m not convinced by this trailer!

  26. Wasnt Jen/jean (whatever) the wife of Kyle Katarn, who stole the Deathstar
    Blueprints (Dark Forces) and later joyned the ne Jedi academy?

  27. juan carlos teixeiragomez

    What???? It looks like the Force Awakens: fucking shit!!

  28. Ian-John Coughlan

    So so.

  29. Nice teaser, I’m really looking forward to this movie.

  30. gustavo gutierrez


  31. Haven’t we had enough of the Death Star

  32. Mindaugas Gerdauskas

    jizzed twice while watching the trailer. At first it looked like cheap
    movie,but then i changed my mind.

  33. Claudine BOISSARD

    Merci pour le partage. Vivement la sortie du film… ☺

  34. Space ninjas, get in the fucking sea

  35. amaze! but where is Darth???!

  36. Looks so much better than episode VII. Maybe because the story focuses on a
    non-force user, something that is unique in the Star Wars movie universe.

  37. Revealed too much movie ruined

  38. Ok so I watched this trailer 3 times in a row. Go ahead take my money!
    #RaisedOnStarWars #80sBaby

  39. Stachu Krzyżanowski

    death star again?!

  40. WOOOOO!!!!! Okay, getting kinda psyched already :)!

  41. Jonathan Brindley

    What about the ”many” Bothans that died to get the plans. I wouldn’t mind
    to for once see a Star Wars movie with a alien protagonist.

  42. Gotta admit, that extra minute of black on the end of the video doesn’t
    look good guys. Makes it look like an extended trailer in order to get more
    views. Very misleading which YouTube doesn’t tolerate.

  43. My only complaint with this trailer is the look of it. Don’t get me wrong,
    the camerawork looks great, but it looks too polished. If you look at the
    originals you can see, that they seem kind of “dirty” and I’m not reffering
    to the Film grain. My favourite shot of the trailer is actually the one
    where she’s sitting inside the vehicle, stareing out the window. This shot
    is so full of detail!
    But again, I’m nitpicking.

  44. LOL Looks like it was made in someone’s garage Looks like a Youtube Web
    episode Episode 7 sucked and so will this only thing that disney got right
    was deadpool

  45. Fun Fact : “Darth Vader” means “Dark Father” in German.

  46. Mark Hamill looks like a grumpy bastard in that part at the end.

  47. OMG!!!!!!!

  48. Mohnish Daryanani

    Is that donnie yen?!?!?

  49. They all die. The end.

  50. why does it alwys have to be a young protagonist? this reminds me a bit
    after the tributes of panem. ):
    but anywhay the trailer looks awesome and i am really looking forward to
    finally watching that movie.

  51. Death star :48

  52. Why are so many people bitching about it? If you don’t like it, that’s your
    problem. Nobody fucking cares.

  53. Ugh the story looks even more generic then 7..

  54. looks shit

  55. The best thing in this trailer is the music at the end, when the title
    shows up. I like that they make variations of classic SW theme.

  56. omg people open your eyes at 1:18 that is Vader, so many where is Vader
    comments watch the trailer LOL….

  57. The mary sue awaken, the sequel.

  58. Md Kamarussalihin Hj Shahrol Azman

    Donnie yen!

  59. Isn’t 1:12 Canary Wharf tube station?

  60. David Mittelsteadt

    to bad Ahsoka Tano not in it

  61. Please tell me at least one jedi will be in this movie… A star wars movie
    without lightsaber fights is not a Star wars movie…

  62. Donnie Yen’s character is blind?I knew they would handicap an Asian

  63. female main character?
    Oh hell yes im looking for this!

  64. name music?

  65. december are u fucking kidding right

  66. A women lead again… And kick Stormtroopers ass like if they were kids…
    Again? Fuck this…

  67. Madame Tussaud’s wants it’s Mark Hammill back!


  69. Wow! Sting!

  70. Spoilers, they succeed in stealing the Death Star plans and it gets blown
    up in the next movie

  71. 1:28 Katniss Everdeen.


  73. star wars is not the same anymore :(((

  74. Oh my goddddd!!!!

  75. More sequels, prequels, extras they just keep coming. I guess Disney has to
    make their investment pay, but coming up with something different might be

  76. Anyone get a Hunger Games meets Star Wars vibe?

  77. did i see ip man O.o

  78. Is this the 7th?

  79. Bar Bar Jinks where are you?

  80. *adds a minute of blackness at the end to bring in more viewers than the
    original trailer*hope they copyright this shit you fucker

  81. we already have a female lead role for the episodes why do they feel the
    need to do it for the anthologys

  82. 4, 5, 6, 1, 2, 3, 7 and now 3.5 or what ?

  83. Yes,I love “STAR WARS”

  84. Looks better than that reboot of a New Hope I mean Force Awakens

  85. hopefully it will be better than “force awakens”

  86. That wooing noise you heard was actually just a guy in the recording studio
    who was very excited and they just left it in for comedy value.

  87. Holy shit, I think I creamed myself.

  88. Her name though.. is that the same name as Kyle katarns sidekick/best
    friend? sounded really scimilar.

  89. Brett Brown-Nelson

    is that quiet from metal gear solid? omg if it is thatd be so awesome. i
    seriously would marry her

  90. How many Bothans died?

  91. Is this a mockingjay parody

  92. Yavin base

  93. Everyone report this for misleading because we click on the video expecting
    an e teens trailer and all we get is a minute of darkness and silence

  94. That alarm sound alone made me cream!

  95. sony should learn from this trailer

  96. Women, blacks and asians. Where’s the white male hero representing!?!?

  97. Star Wars: A Hunger Games Story.

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