Rokerthon 2 Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Al Roker Spoof Trailer HD

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Get ready for Rokerthon 2! TODAY’s weatherman-and-more Al Roker plans to take America by storm.

At the inaugural Rokerthon last year, Al set a Guinness World Records title by delivering the weather live for 34 hours straight. This time, he’s going for another record.


  1. FIRST!

  2. ….

  3. First one watching

  4. SUCKAS!

  5. wat.

  6. LiveLaughLoveLife Always


  7. Smart I love people setting world records

  8. “Playing theatres nowhere” lol classic

  9. I make short videos..

    Of me TOUCHING stuff
    It’s really INTENSE
    I’m going to touch myself in 2 days
    Have a sexy night my loves

  10. I met Al one

  11. :)

  12. :)

  13. Wrong day to open, black ops 3 on releasing on that day

  14. So… what’s the joke? Who’s spoofing what? Is this some famous guy or

  15. Al Rocker!!

  16. WHERE THE SPIKE LEE MOVIE “Chiraq at tho?

  17. This people surely have some money to waste

  18. Al is the best and coolest weather man I have ever seen, I will watch this
    if only it was real :(

  19. First name Last name

    Al roker is my legit bae

  20. Is this a real movie?

  21. What was the first one?

  22. Can he really control the weather?!

  23. Hollywood must have ran out of idéas Lmao

  24. Hollywood must have ran out of idéas Lmao

  25. I remember him from proud family

  26. In theaters nowhere? did i here him right. Plus the guy wasn’t even

  27. “Nice goat” *uncontrollable laughter*

  28. 0:12 That music.. i swear i’ve heard it somewhere before! PLEASE HELP! I
    thinkit was a kids film.

  29. What a piece of shit . This ? In theaters ?

  30. this exists….?

  31. “someone needs to stop him before he shits himself”

  32. So studios will greenlight Grown Ups 2 but not this. :(:(:(:(:(:(

  33. Mr.NaksHD/ Minecraft and More

    Anyone ever heard of the first movie?

  34. Still better than a lot of movies that came out this year!

  35. Am I the only one who is disturbed that he’s traveling alone with a goat?
    Not saying I’m surprised, just disturbed

  36. funny spoof

  37. He’s Gross

  38. is this real

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