Sausage Party Official Red Band Trailer #1 (2016) – Kristen Wiig, James Franco Movie HD

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An animated movie about one sausage’s quest to discover the truth about his existence.


  1. did this really have to be an adult film??

  2. i thought this was magic mike kinda movie

  3. Can’t wait for Sausage Party 2: How To Basic.

  4. I need to watch this

  5. Trailer looks good and is funny but can it last for a movie?

  6. O sweet Despicable Me 3…..KIDS we’re going to the cinema!!!

  7. Can’t wait!

  8. Jelani “TheSavorings” Wood

    i legit laughed at this. sure take my money. it reminds me of the old
    Nickelodeon TV show “Turkey TV” where there was a skit named “A day in the
    life of a food”. If you even get this reference then consider us friends.

  9. BigJoka OriginalTrumpKard

    I have GOT to see this shit!!


  10. Not funny. Just like the other movies these low brow pieces of shit make.

  11. God Emporer Saiyan Prodigy

    Blowing me away with your “creativity” , Hollywood .

  12. ‫متعب البقمي‬‎

    well! I wasn’t expecting that

  13. What’s the song in 0:17?

  14. The buns look like a vagina.

    Forgetting the comment above, the trailer as a whole is better than the
    Civil War trailer.

  15. someone’s been watching too much veggie tales

  16. Francisco Briseño

    Now I just want a hot dog

  17. At first, I was like this is stupid, then I saw it’s from Seth & the boys..
    So yeah, this is gonna be fun!!

  18. WonderLandEmpire7

    THE F**K ?! … eh, whatever.

  19. Can’t wait for dumbass parents to take their kids to this movie without any
    extensive research and later whinning on Facebook

  20. Is 2016 going to be the year we make movies out of what should stay SNL

  21. This movie is actually about Donald Trump, and his supporters. When the
    find out the truth, they will be scared for their life.

  22. Edeline Kasen Villanueva

    this is going to be fun LMAO


  24. this went from 0 to 100 REAL fast

  25. Fabienne van der Aar

    the annoying orange was way better

  26. What is happening to kids films

  27. ImTheSnapback MOFO

    Imma come clean, this looks funny as shit

  28. Michael the Magician

    Ew, why did they have to make the buns’ mouths sideways? It just looks

  29. This movie looks like it was expensive to make.

  30. Is this foodfight

  31. Christian Steinlein

    This could give some a eating disorder…

  32. It’s like Toy Story only for adults and it’s food

  33. Is this Foodfight?

  34. Wheres the annoying orange at?

  35. This is finally happening..YES

  36. this looks soo trash, but I couldn’t laughing lmao I’ma see this for sure

  37. LMAO!! This looks hilarious

  38. This is inspired in a Mexican film

  39. yesssss 😀 😀 :D

  40. Now this makes me think if food actually feels this…

  41. Julius Leonard (juju4396)

    Anyone else think this was a kids movie until 1:05!?!

  42. I am lost for words…. Ha ha ha ha!!!

  43. I was sure Nick and James were taking the piss when they said this was a
    real thing. I guess not

  44. The beginning triggers the PTSD that Foodfight! gave me.

  45. hahahha absolutely love it

  46. i cant even

  47. spamspamspma[sskss

    FOODFIGHT PART 2 ??!!! Kill me plz

  48. wtf did i jist watch?? is this really where movies are going?? wow

  49. It’s not that often I question life but their are those times…


  51. …Good stuff!

  52. The constant swearing does not fit the style.

  53. “So it’s the horror story of a sausage how’s trying to save his
    vigina-like-sausage girlfriend while their friends die one by one.”

  54. Daniel Christopher Candra

    before I watch this vid,

  55. Ok… that got fucked up real fast.

  56. 1:50 that double sausage looks like a fckin vagina..

  57. does anybody else see a sexual part of this movie? like when that
    sausage/hot dog meets the hot dog buns girl thing which happens to be in
    the shap of a vagina. subliminal visual. lol

  58. This makes me so sad, god help us.

  59. My second faforite Movie First one was deadpool

  60. this movie is not suitable fo children

  61. Is this movie about gay party? “sausage party”

  62. That escalated quickly…

  63. I was expecting a cutesy pixar movie, but then was like “oh God this is
    dark, shit’s gon be good”. This could be the best animated film of 2016

  64. an adult 3D animated film? looks hilarious

  65. Annoying Orange the Movie.. XD

  66. Annoying Orange: The Movie

  67. This went from 0 to 100 real quick!

  68. Rick and/or Morty

    Excited for the hotdog sex scene.

  69. Hahahah not expecting this at all. I would love to see it!! *on yify*

  70. Whaaat!?!?

    Hollywood produces something somewhat innovative?!?!

    Have we slipped into another dimension somehow?


  72. so what will you choose? the potatoes or the sausages?

  73. I cant stop watching lmfao

  74. Most of the swearing in this movie is completely unessecary but looks funny

  75. Just Dance Fanmade Mashups ZA

    So this is just an adult version of Annoying Orange?

  76. Looks hilarious

  77. so…someones ripped off foodfight

    and it will probally be better then foodfight

  78. It Looks like dumb stupid shit, AND I LOVE IT! What a great idea :D

  79. BRO TF I thought this was a kids movie


  81. I need to watch this high af

  82. I will be seeing this. Probably gonna suck though

  83. Full of sexual Innuendo :D

  84. ‫אורון גנדלמן‬‎

    one of the best trailer ever

  85. I can’t wait for the parents thinking this is a children’s flick.

  86. CinemaRockPizzaSecond

    At the start it looks fucked up in a bad way. Then it looks fucked up in a
    good way.

  87. so it’s a sausage + party + james franco movie. I’m in

  88. anyone got the sausage and buns joke lol

  89. This is what that shitty Charlie Sheen Foodfight! movie should have been.

  90. This is some really sick crap…….
    and not in a good way!!!!!!!!!!

  91. The Internet Troll

    so it’s a horror/ comdie

  92. omfg ?? this is going to be good lmao

  93. what the…

  94. Funny ass shit

  95. the amount of weed I’m going to smoke before this movie, can not wait.

  96. wtf??

  97. I didnt know what I was expecting…but this glory gory food horror story
    wasnt it.

  98. Well that escalated quickly.


  100. Gl, hf dudes

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