SCORCHED EARTH Trailer (2018)

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SCORCHED EARTH Trailer (2018)
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  1. ꧁ ǝͶӘIvƎ⅃ǝꓷ꧂

    i knew that was gina carano 😍😍❤ before the vid started

  2. i saw this movie in january

  3. Crisisan, Uellas, Valles, Rmnlitrfesaz , +(16)

  4. Ohh look another high school projekt….

  5. This looks terribly bad, which is sad because I actually recognized several actors in this. The premise is not uninteresting, but I feel this concept and a lot of the scenes have already been done in movies before, and done better as well. No “need” for this movie, and the production value looks like a high school film project… So sad to see my favorite character from The Mummy franchise downgraded to this =(

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