Secret in Their Eyes “Witness” Trailer (2015) – Chiwetel Ejiofor, Nicole Kidman Drama HD

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A tight-knit team of rising investigators, along with their supervisor, is suddenly torn apart when they discover that one of their own teenage daughters has been brutally murdered.


  1. third

  2. The World Critic and gamer

    even though the guy did it its no excuse for police to commit murder
    because then they just become the same murderer

  3. This is a remake from an argentinian movie called “el secreto de sus ojos”.
    Great movie, u should check it out

  4. Awesome Watch Nicole Kidman sex scenes her OMG

  5. una mierda comparada con la original

  6. Idk what to think

  7. Looking forward to this.

    OJOS” (2009)

  9. despite Nicole Kidman being in it this movie is gonna be soooo sick

  10. when your child is the thing “that makes you you” you’re most likely not a
    realy good person. also that is a complete stupid reason to have kids. but
    that’s non of my business.

  11. Before watching this i recommend you to see the original version of this
    movie, its the argentinian called “El secreto de sus ojos”, seriously it is
    amazing, and i dont believe they can overcame that film

  12. “El secreto de sus ojos” is the original and guaranteed a MUCH better movie
    than this one will ever be…

  13. I really do want to see this…

  14. I swear to motherfucking god, if they dont do the one shot scene I will go
    and rape everybody associated with this film. Preach.

  15. She will find him and kill him.

  16. Academy Award winners. Academy Award winners everywhere.

  17. So now they’re trying to sell this as an action movie?

  18. They’ve been watching too much liam neeson.

  19. The ‘killer’ was Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman. You guys can have Julia,
    I get Nicole (it’s in my contract).

  20. Watch this one first, because if you watch the original, you wouldn’t watch
    this one!

  21. I thought the original was good but slightly overrated (don’t bash me,
    still a good movie) but I can’t see much of a point in remaking it. Part of
    what made it an interesting story was the historical/political content that
    was specific to Argentina. You can’t really replicate that in an American
    setting, which makes the story so much less interesting.

  22. Viendo los titulos ahi al final del trailer, esta el mismo musico Argentino
    de la original; Emilio Kauderer, por lo cual la musica va a tener mas o
    menos el mismo estilo, pienso.

  23. Um movieclips traliers why ain’t Juila Roberts name is not up as the main
    actors in this film. only Chiwetel Ejiofor, Nicole Kidman Drama

  24. Honestly the original was not very good and this looks worse.

  25. Dear Argentinians, we know it’s a remake from an Argentine movie. Many of
    us love that movie.

  26. Warcraft trailer???????

  27. To all the people saying “you should see the otjer movie first”… in that
    case, everyone should read the book first. I think it’s pretty good too.

  28. Nicole Kidman Julia Roberts good movie I have no doubt

  29. Looks good

  30. I literally refuse to watch this, the original Argentinian film was just
    too good. It doesnt need to be remade, and especially not as what is being
    sold as an action film. urgh.

  31. I wonder if they will do the same exact ending as the original?

  32. even the original was bad. they ripped off the plot from korean style

  33. Some intense game of hide and seek

  34. Many academy awards actors but the movie will hardly be as good as the

  35. There’s estimated to be 35 serial killers operating on U.S soil as of right
    now that have never been caught and are so good at what they do we have no
    idea who they are or where to start looking.

  36. “Secret in Their Eyes “Witness” Trailer (2015) – Chiwetel Ejiofor, Nicole
    Kidman Drama HD”? Wonder why they didn’t mention Julia Roberts in the
    title?! :S

  37. why would you remake that perfect film by the same name i just dont get it

  38. Nicole is 48 years old… “48”

  39. Luis omar Sihuay Torres

    Porque hacer un remake de una película icónica, porque no dejarlo así…..
    sera que porque es latina y no americana. A ver hagan un remake de lo que
    el viento de llevó que tiene mas de 50 años y el secreto de los ojos solo
    tiene 6 años. FALTA DE CREATIVIDAD.

  40. I don’t care who they put in this film or how they end it because no matter
    what they do, it will NEVER be as good as the original which btw my
    friends, is a masterpiece and an absolute must-watch!

  41. looking good great music

  42. The billing shoukd be julia roberts, chiwetel ejiofor and nicole kidman
    orJulia Roberts, Nicole Kidman, Chiwetel Ejiofor

  43. los yankis siempre se tienen que adueñar de todo, la ves que como
    argentinos hacemos algo bueno ellos tienen que sacar su vercion

  44. they did a remake of nueve reinas (nine queens) an argentinian movie
    too…and was a complete shit…this one too every good movie they remake
    they totally ruin it

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