Shelter Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Jennifer Connelly, Anthony Mackie Movie HD

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Hannah and Tahir fall in love while homeless on the streets of New York. Shelter explores how they got there, and as we learn about their pasts we realize they need each other to build a future.


  1. Does Paul Bettany have a good Vision?

  2. it has to be weird when u are directing your wife kissing another man.

  3. all i see a is black guy and white girl. wtf?

  4. is this just a long interracial love story ? Thanx , i ll pass .

  5. Looks like they give away the end, she kills herself by drowning

  6. As long as it doesn’t end up like that film Guy Richie did for Madonna just
    because they were together.

  7. Wow, Jennifer Connely has become so skinny that she’s not even attractive
    anymore. She was so beautiful in her younger curvier years

  8. A powerful story about her addiction to black dick.

  9. Why do they always make Conelly’s characters so unlikable.

  10. Going through some of the comments i can see that this movie might have a
    hard time at the box office… maybe Oscar bait but the audience probably
    won´t go for it. The reason is that Hollywood and apparently the white
    American audience has no problem with a black lead being with a Latin
    counterpart but when it comes to black and white there are still some
    hesitant viewers. A great example is Will Smith, if you are going to
    mention FOCUS the movie tanked in the states but is doing pretty good
    around the world. Whenever I think of this I am reminded of the porn star
    Alexis Texas, when she came clean and outright said that she doesn´t do any
    scenes with black men because her fan base (and income) would suffer for
    it. Insecure much! But whatever, the movie looks alright.

  11. Holy shit, Falcon gone homeless.

  12. You gotta love interracial love :’)

  13. Wow she only gets more and more attractive with age. Lovely.

  14. BOYCOTT RACIST FILM. Again hollywood pushes the narrative that only black
    and white exist. Pushes the narrative that white women can only choose a
    black or white man. Guess what? Asians, South Asian (East Indians), Latinos
    exist. Join me in not supporting this racist industry,

  15. …ASS TO ASS!

  16. This woman is like veronica avluv , she love black dicks .
    Interracial movie.

  17. I like the actor, but he doesn’t sound Nigerian…. He really doesn’t

  18. Anthony Mackie’s getting a lot of work these days

  19. White people problems is boredom and money. Work a hard 12 hour day and you
    won’t have time for problems, geeeezzzzz

  20. Anthony Mackie has been getting a lot of roles lately good for him he is a
    great actor 

  21. Bodie!

  22. more jewish interracial bullshit…day of the rope is coming! !!

  23. I feel like I watched two trailers

  24. I would never let some dirty nignog into my home let a lone my life.

  25. Looks like a great mudshark love story. I’ll make sure I skip this one.

  26. seguridadporinternet

    Cant wait to watch it ;-)

  27. vison was high, worth a script and somehow convinced falcon to act in it

  28. Jennifer Connelly just keeps getting finer

  29. very similat to ” the visitor “

  30. hey it’s Falcon and Jarvis/the Vision’s wife

  31. More 3rd worlder movies

  32. Choral song at end?

  33. But will there be ass to ass?

  34. Hollywood talking about the homeless? Wow!

  35. jennifer conley looks a little thin but she is a great actress so ill try
    not to get hung up on her looks check the crazy racist shit below dont you
    just love these morons.Looks like a good movie though not a spectacle so i
    guess i could wait for this on bt vision or when my friend downloads this

  36. looks so good about perseverance in the worst of times

  37. this seems tragic and honest . where it shows the bad side in poeple. and
    how we can overcome it if we are willing to fight. ….. yet that guy seems
    to be too perfect. ….

  38. people complaining that the movie is about a white woman and a black man,
    some say it should be more diverse, some grandparents say it should be
    less, you both are being racists, this movie is not about race, it is about
    the life of homeless people…

  39. What’s the name of the classical music at the end???

  40. Jennifer Connelly’s brilliant and beautiful!:)

  41. I know a lot about porn an this interracial love is Great
    Great movie i hope

  42. I don’t want to criticize a person’s looks, but Connolly would benefit from
    gaining some weight instead of catering to Hollywood’s obsession with
    everyone being super skinny. She was so va-va-voom in ‘Rocketeer’ and ‘Dark
    City’ when she had a hour glass figure.

  43. I was going to make Marvel-related jokes due to the people involved in the
    movie, but it seems everyone already did that in the comments :/

  44. Music Inspires Everyone

    song name? check my channel ;)

  45. anybody knows the song playing at 1:13?

  46. Anthony Mackie is one great movie away from becoming an incredible actor
    and joining Jake Gyllenhal, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Michael Fassbender as the
    next great generation of actors in HW. And I believe this may be the film
    that does it.

  47. Seems to me like a powerful movie, I will see it.

  48. Jennifer Connelly needs to eat a cheese burger….make that a Bacon Double
    Cheese Burger.

  49. Choral song at end?

  50. Falcon don’t let Bruce see this.

  51. Damn, this looks good. What’s the song at the end?

  52. I don’t know how i feel about his accent

  53. they keep having nigerians play african americans and now we have an
    african american playing a nigerian. where is the logic?

  54. Hopefully this film gives paul bettany and Anthony mackie a long deserved
    oscar nod

  55. Shite

  56. great trailer looks great it looks like its going to be a great movie, its
    despicable what people have said in the comment section about the whole
    ‘Race thing” when this movie has nothing to do with Race its about homeless
    people and what they do to make a living its disgraceful seeing comments
    like “another interraical love story…oh its a about a white girl addicted
    to black dick”…-_- like really this movie does not have anything to do
    with RACE yet again its about homeless people and how they provide for
    themselves, big deal the character Jennifer Connelly is playing just
    happens to be in love or fell in love with a guy who just happens to be
    black…-_- does it really matter would the same ignorant things be said if
    it were about two white homeless people or two black homeless people or
    lesbian or gay, like its despicable i pity close minded people especially
    when this movie has CLEARLY nothing to do with Race, this movie actually
    looks unique and interesting because nowadays we dont get movies about
    homeless/poor people and about there hardships, people need to wake up and
    stop acting stupid over such petty things like race over understanding what
    the movie is really about.

  57. don’t give a fukk about the movie, all i care about is, does she get naked

  58. I wonder how HULK feels about Falcon moving in on his girl Betty Ross.

  59. Paul Bettany aka the Vision directs too now. His wife, Jennifer Connelly,
    with his fellow avenger Falcon!? I got to see this shit! :)

  60. That looks absolutely beautiful. Wow!

  61. Hogwash. Many homeless drug users are not pretty and don’t have that to
    fall back on in life. Go to skid row and see what real homeless drug users
    look like. If the star of this movie were 500 lbs, toothless with a
    wandering eye and had severe mental issues then that would be realistic and
    I would watch it.

  62. Lol why do people hate interracial relationships???

  63. FrampleTromwibbler

    Aaahh! The good old Hollywood “African” accent – where everyone from that
    tiny little country sounds the same (¬_¬)

  64. What is this rated? Does anyone know?

  65. Bodie still maintaining his corners…

  66. Bodie still slangin’

  67. Everyone is upset that it’s a black man, but everyone seems to gravitate
    towards the children of these couples. Your president is mixed last time I

  68. Dam so Paul was cool letting his wife do love scenes & maybe sex scenes
    with his wife? Especially with a black man at that? Maybe Hollywood is
    changing for the better

  69. Am i the only one who’s bothered by the typo for ‘provocative’ that made
    its way into the final edit of this trailer?

  70. Cannot wait to see this! 

  71. Just saw this. It’s heartbreaking, and Jennifer Connelly is incredible.
    Possible Oscar buzz.

  72. Let me get this right- the Vision made a movie with the Falcon falling in
    love with his real wife?

  73. pretend art is not real art. total garbage. jennifer connelly is officially
    a piece of shit.

  74. It’s bodie from the wire!

  75. Looks like it tries too hard

  76. anyway the actor and the director are both avengers

  77. ‘Provocative’ is spelled incorrectly in one of the review quotes in that
    trailer. You’d think someone would’ve noticed that, while so-carefully
    selecting positive text to put into the trailer. Especially considering it
    is spelled correctly in the actual review by Pete Hammond, which was
    written over a year ago.

  78. possibly 2015’s most polarizing film. compelling to watch & never a dull
    moment. *but* unfocused. if this were an average homeless couple falling in
    love film, it’d be easier to stomach. but there’s a political element:
    Hannah’s homelessness is a result of her military husband’s death, and
    Tahir is a Muslim terrorist who admits to Hannah to effectively being
    responsible for her husband’s death. that fact needs to be spelled out in
    big letters cuz the film *never* uses the word terrorist. instead it drops
    clues that’ll be lost on viewers oblivious to world events: Tahir’s imam
    friend, Boko Haram, Nigeria. the moment Tahir lays his revelation, i lost
    all sympathy for him. here is a character early in the film shoving his
    morals on Hannah and admonishing her for how she survives on the streets,
    yet he’s one to talk. and Hannah still is able to love him! if that’s not
    controversial enough, there’s a 3rd pivotal character, the night guard,
    whose role seems to be a foil to Tahir. skeevy and possible sexual
    predator, he’s still nowhere near as bad as Tahir. and imo the film
    intentionally sets up this situation: which man is worse, and which is more
    deserving of his fate. ultimately, although the plight of the homeless is
    present in the film, it’s not the emphasis which is a shame cuz everything
    else feels more like manipulation of how i should feel.

  79. i could cry

    This movie full of lies about my religion !! it’s distort Islam
    but anyway i discovered that the director is Atheist
    so that’s justifies everything coz these people do not have any trace of
    He just tries to spread atheism by lying and distortion and insult
    religions coz he knows that his methodology is weak
    and btw that part about BokoHaram is completely wrong coz we only kill who
    killing us and this is justice of ALLAH accept it
    guys i swear by God the Vatican militia do a terrible massacres in Muslim
    Africa like central African republic and Mali, Nigeria …etc
    then the Muslims institute Consisting of the mujahideen “rebels” to defend
    Muslims ppl
    this in you can search on web and watch some documentary movies
    about this countries BUT be careful to be victim of misleading

  81. Another shitty movie on white female black guy .. trying to brainwash , the
    world from US , and if a white girl doesn’t date a black guy is a racist ..
    so tells us the propaganda .

  82. Will Shelter Soundtrack OST Who song?

  83. Jennifer cannot escape her hotness. Beautiful woman inside and out!

  84. is this movie out yet? (i search for shelter movie and there are like 4
    different ones in google)

  85. The movie is a deep critic to the system. It tries to show how two homeless
    people coexist in the core of capitalism such as New york.

  86. I just saw the movie. Oscar for Jennifer please!

  87. this move definitely deserves an award ? what a great film

  88. Another white woman with jungle fever. You burn the coal, you pay the

  89. I just finished the film. And it was heart-breakingly beautiful. I
    recommend watching this to anyone who loves a great story.

  90. oy vey…

  91. really really sad end

  92. This movie was so moving for me. I really enjoyed it the characters were
    played out nice and I love the tone of the plot. Lovely really excellent.

  93. calculatorguysstudio

    Why does no one talk about the fact that They are HOMELESS or their AGE,
    Why just the interracial dynamic? Wheres the Foreign Exchange, Revenge of
    the Nerds, American Pie Series , the College Movie version of this, that’s
    the out rage I have !

  94. calculatorguysstudio

    This movie has so many more layers than just another interracial couple
    too, get over it !

  95. islam?

  96. so many interracial-hate comments…

  97. A movie about a couple of shitty losers. I think ill pass. Anthony mackie
    is a douche in real life too.

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