Sicario Interview – TIFF (2015) HD

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  2. Well this was weird

  3. that star wars video on fb….awesome.

  4. Saw it a couple hours ago really really great movie. Top ten this year for
    sure. That’s saying a lot too cause there have really been some stellar
    movies this year.

  5. Dylan Hoang (The Independent Filmmaker)

    I rly hope del toro gets nominated. Phenomenal work in this film

  6. Emily: How did you pitch that..crotch torturing to him. I call it crotch
    Denis: No, don’t go there

  7. We get it: You bought a “journalist” to talk about none sense, so that no
    one would notice how shit this movie is.

  8. You cant really blame these actors for hating press events. 9 times out of
    10 the guy doing the interview is shit.

  9. boriqua ?????

  10. +PP We get it: You turned off replies so that you could post an inane and
    idiotic comment without fear of response. This film is directed by an
    extremely talented director and shot by a legendary cinematographer
    starring top notch actors and the response so far is calling for Oscars in
    damn near all aspects of this film’s making.

  11. An unforgettable movie experience, Del Toro was amazing.

  12. Anyone on SpeakTalkChat yet??? Sick of Omegle and ChatRoulette.

  13. This was such a boring movie… Don’t waste your time

  14. 0:48 Brad Pitt 1:00 * Enhanced interrogation , get with it .

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