SILENCE (Andrew Garfield, 2017) – TRAILER

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Martin Scorsese’s SILENCE tells the story of two Christian missionaries (Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver) who face the ultimate test of faith when they travel to Japan in search of their missing mentor (Liam Neeson) – at a time when Christianity was outlawed and their presence forbidden. The celebrated director’s 28-year journey to bring Shusaku Endo’s 1966 acclaimed novel to life will be in theaters this Christmas.

A Movie directed by Martin Scorsese
Cast : Andrew Garfield, Adam Driver, Tadanobu Asano, Ciarán Hinds, and Liam Neeson
Release Date : Coming Soon
Genre : Drama, History

© 2016 – Paramount Pictures


  1. I’ve never been to a video this early. Hi

  2. i pray there is some andrew garfield liam neeson and adam driver samurai
    sword swining action and not just a lot of dialogue and shitty death scenes
    and an eventual anti climatic end

  3. Kylo Ren is so sexy X)

  4. interesting

  5. Well we have a Dark Jedi , Spider man and a Jedi

  6. Spidey join the dark side. qui con jin return as a ghost to kill them all

  7. Hmmm… Gonna have to give it a ganda

  8. White samurai’s… This is interesting..

  9. i think it needs more lightsabers and spider webs

  10. Spiderman, Kylo Ren and Ra’s al Ghul as priests just preaching seems like a
    waste of potential

  11. Adam Nathaniel Bachert (Mr Sinister)

    It’s good to see Andrew in more movies. Hacksaw Ridge was amazing and now
    this one looks great, he’s slowly ascending to a higher actor status than
    before. Although Spidey movies were not that great Andrew & Emma, were the
    best thing out of those! DC should give him a role there or Marvel casting
    him for a Netflix property.

  12. Kylo Ren… you need some blue milk.

  13. i dont get the hype…movie looks boring as fuck.

  14. The Amazing Spiderman, Qui Gon, Kylo Ren and that Wildling King guy :P

  15. Silence will fall ?

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