Sisters Viral Video – The Farce Awakens (2015) – Amy Poehler, Tina Fey Comedy HD

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Two sisters decide to throw one last house party before their parents sell their family home.

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  1. Say What Again i Dare you i Double Dare you!

    LOL This movie is fucked and they know it

  2. xXx//\ Kurisock //\xXx (ExE)

    piece of shit right here

  3. Is this suppose to be funny?

  4. Kris A (londongamer)

    Worst movie ever made? Yup. CinemaSins wouldn’t bother with this, they’d
    just laugh at it, let alone bother to waste 2hrs sinning it.

  5. wow so nice movie good job

  6. i want my 2:34min back

  7. that actors tho

  8. force not farce??

  9. Please No!

  10. this movie is going to bomb so hard… (because of PC I can write anything
    to end my joke so it was pointless as this movie)

  11. Not first!

  12. I don’t really care for this movie but I thought this video was pretty

  13. The Fake And Gay Awakens

  14. That was painful.

  15. Sisters is gonna BOMB

  16. “my boobs are a mmbr of SAG” Ha!

  17. “my boobs are a mmbr of SAG” Ha!

  18. i thought it was funny…

  19. this gave me aids

  20. When a movie is so bad they cast John Cena in it.

  21. lol this was a little funny. star wars fans just mad

  22. better than Chipmunks 4

  23. It’s probably gonna make more money than u guys think, my sister loved
    stupid comedy’s about girls having fun and not actually being funny. (She
    won’t even watch starwars unless it’s 2 or 3 because she thinks anakin is
    hot, _. There’s allot of girls who r like her, so it will make money

  24. man how dumb are you to screen any movie on the same date as star wares
    doesn’t matter if it was indiana jones reboot or avengers 3 its gonna tank
    because star wars is that big of a icon

  25. im sorry but i thought this was funny

  26. its people from snl right?

  27. Calling a video ‘viral’ does not a viral video make.

  28. YES!!! ?


    i guess this movie costed a small loan of a million dollars

  30. hope they get sued

  31. these 2 again?!! uuhhh

  32. So there’s something worse then Gili.

  33. Just give me a second while I go into my history and delete this, can’t
    have it coming back to haunt me.

  34. Looks cool. Move along

  35. I’d say that was ok funny…

    However, if they want to make ANY money they better change that date

    Seriously change the date or you’re fucked…

  36. I as actually cringed at this… ?


  38. RandomRighteousness

    lmao #youcanseethemboth

  39. this is amazing, best trailer of the year

  40. This is genius promotion. Still probably not seeing the movie, but this was
    very clever.

  41. The Brains Behind The idiot!

    I thought my Toilet had more Shit but this is Fast Food Excrement

  42. This movie is going to get buried.

  43. The irony here is that this was made to promote Sisters so it makes more
    money, but because of how awful it was, the seven people who were going to
    see it are no longer going to.

  44. this movie is garbage

  45. WUT THE F*CK

  46. I love all of those ladies 😉 Amy, Tina and Maya

  47. I love it :).
    Dont forget subscribe this channel ^^

  48. why do people think amy poehler and tina fey are funny?

  49. i hope this movie makes $0

  50. The Saiyan Prodigy

    Wow, this looks bad. Like, one of the WORST movies in a while .

  51. Congratulations! Your movie is doomed to fail!

  52. #Thismovieisdogshit.

  53. mocking Star Wars won’t stop this film from bombing.

  54. 235 likes and 235 dislikes ????


  55. please bring back 30 Rock. Tina Fey TV shows are great, Tina Fey movies are


    Welp maybe you should have picked a better released date.

  57. Stars Wars is released on the 18 of December NOT CHRISTMAS DAY!!!!!!!!! The
    majority of you need to get your information right!

  58. is that JOHN CENA?!??!?!?!?

  59. Was that John Cena?


    not funny at all ….sorry

  61. this film looks lame but this trailer was pretty good.. can’t wait to see
    star wars!

  62. John Cena was there

  63. If you take the stick out of your snobby butts, that was funny.
    Clever #Youcanseethemboth

  64. Holy Mackerel the Third

    Calling something viral does not make it viral

  65. Что за у**ище?

  66. “R2-D2 is currently my bra size.” I died.

  67. The movie looks shit, appreciate the comedy in the star wars trailer parody

  68. And his name is JOHN CENA!!!

  69. I’m predicting this movie to be worse than the other movies that Poehler
    and Fey have made.

  70. This movie is opening opposite Star Wars…I see a box office bomb coming

  71. It could not be more exciting to see you not make this movie

  72. Nice try. You’ll be lucky if your movie breaks 500k

  73. I love how they’re just like “yeah. We’re releasing it the same day as Star
    Wars. We’re not fooling anyone, but you could see them both?”

  74. It was kinda funny. We can see them both, but we won’t. It will do better
    than Chipmunks 4. In a way it makes sense that Sisters comes out the same
    weekend as what could be the highest grossing movie of all time. A kids
    movie coming out the same weekend does not.

  75. The #Youcanseethemboth killed me :’)

  76. I fastforwarded so I only lost 2 minutes of my life


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