SKYSCRAPER Full Movie Trailer (Dwayne Johnson, 2018)

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  1. hype

  2. Damn Rock looking like he had a run in with Tyrese in the thumbnail.

  3. I feel like they gave away all the movie in this trailer 😂

  4. Does Dwayne ever take a vacation? He had done tons of movies and that show Ballers non-stop in the last couple of years.

  5. Ms. Nelle Rodriguez

    THE ROCK JUST BEEN MR. BUSY. He’s been in a movie every year for atleast the past 5Years. Fast N furious, Jumanji, San Andreas, Central Intelligence, Rampage and whatever else I’m forgetting. I mean this dude is super cool.

  6. Cheap ass Die Hard.

  7. Omg its the girl from Scream O:

  8. Die hard knock off

  9. ASAP Killuminati

    Pretty sure the mother and son shouldn’t survive that

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