SONIC THE MOVIE Trailer (2019)

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  1. Is this the real thing?

  2. man I can’t wait to watch detective pikachu in theaters may 30

  3. So the government is an evil organization now? That tracks

  4. We never wanted this

  5. This movie is Jim Carrey’s Garfield

  6. I don’t like how sonic looks but it could’ve been worse.

  7. Vernon Messam Jr.

    Welp I’m going to watch it. Even if it doesn’t look like Sonic, time to see what this movie has in store.

  8. It isnt as bad as i thought it was going to be xD it looks kind of fun. Sonic looks pretty weird but i think i can overlook that

  9. Stops missiles quicksilver style
    Gets hit by dart gun

  10. able to dodged hundreds Missile, cant dodge a single Dart?

  11. I could have done way better with Unreal Engine, is this a joke or its actually a real movie?

  12. The Dramatic Crumpet

    I have some quality A+ Bleach here anyone wanna borrow some?
    also reminds me of Hop

  13. huh, ace ventura vs a furry. neat.

  14. “The doctor thinks you’re basic.” XD

  15. Gualterio Malatesta

    SEGA, why did you back that up ?…

  16. Producers: We can’t do this…
    Director: But we have Jim Carrey!
    Producers: We CAN’T do this!

  17. Cory is freaking out (SleepyCabin reference. If you know, you know)

  18. Mic Phyzics aka Mic Phy

    🤦🏽‍♂️ Wrong song choice… Even though I love “Gangsta’s Paradise”, It’s not a good fit for the vibe for what’s going on and has nothing to do with the trailer.
    (JJ Fad) “Supersonic” it’s a way better fit… 🤷🏽‍♂️


  20. gangster paradise, sonic, jim carrey never thought i would see that combo LOL

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