Spectre Movie CLIP – Train Fight (2015) – Daniel Craig, Dave Bautista Action Movie HD

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A cryptic message from Bond’s past sends him on a trail to uncover a sinister organization. While M battles political forces to keep the secret service alive, Bond peels back the layers of deceit to reveal the terrible truth behind SPECTRE.


  1. That actually looked pretty dope

  2. Idk why but I still want Bautista to win. My fav Wrestler!

  3. what if cena was in there instead..

  4. I haven’t seen the movie is it good?

  5. anyone expecting a power bomb?

  6. saw it last night (Ireland) it was amazing !
    can someone explain to me the continuity of the bonds and how NO SPOILERS a
    villian from an old bond can origin or cone back as a younger character in
    newer bonds ?
    like is craigs bond a origin /younger newer agent ?


  7. Batista seems like a fairly decent actor, good on him

  8. Nothing goes over my head. My reflexes are too fast, I would catch it.

  9. Feels like an extended homage to the fight with Red Grant in From Russia
    with Love.

  10. So, action movies are STILL doing the annoying confusing, fast editing..
    /sigh ., it is amateurish, and bad editing.. Do it right hollywood!

  11. Seems like a better actor then the rock was when he first started doing

  12. looks like another shitty bond movie

  13. Batista movie, Randy Orton movie..??? At least not a John Cena movie. 

  14. Oh, Shaky Cam… I hope this will not be a Choreographic, Cut and Camera
    Desaster like “Quantum of Solace”…

  15. sHAkY cAM

  16. off to watch this tonight, looks good

  17. Batista Bomb

  18. Louise “Lou” Lynch

    It’s drax from guardians of the Galaxy

  19. is dave bautista the news jaws? looks like they are fighting on a train.

  20. it’s great that director went with no background music here, less is
    sometimes more b

  21. JOHN CENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. actions sequence of quantum of solace can’t be compared!


  24. lindo!

  25. Steven “STO” Owen


  26. Isolated Queen's Pawn

    No music.. I like it.

  27. Spoiler

    Malory gets killed and James Bond retires from field work.

  28. “look at meeee, im baptista theanimallll!” (santino voice)

  29. well, dark knight rises bane vs batman but in a fast pace? anyone?


  31. Why is Bond fighting Drax the Destroyer?

  32. Dave is an absolute beast

  33. worst thing Google did was make ads on youtube

  34. Metal Nails ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  35. He should have hit the Batista bomb!

  36. James Bond vs Drax the Destroyer

  37. Will Dave Bautista give Daniel Craig a Bautista bomb in the movie ? I hope

  38. haitham alshoukany

    Why didn’t he batista bombed him ?

  39. And then the whole train gets RKO’d

  40. Dave is really a nice humble guy
    that action would be more intense with music, that’s maybe the first in a
    James Bond movie : an action scene without music but it has this kinda no
    drama feel to it that i like

  41. Needs music.

  42. Content Aware Phil

    Such a shame this was more like Quantum of Solace 2

  43. Looks Badass!

  44. I actually, genuinely like how there’s no music to this. A lot of fist
    fights in movies always have a cliche action theme or whatever to it, but
    this one doesn’t. It adds a nice uniqueness to the film and I hope it stays
    that way in the theatrical version.

  45. It a disappointing film I’m sorry I saw it an hour ago it’s nothing like
    sky fall or any of the classics

  46. is it just me or why does Barista remind me of Uncle Phil from The Fresh
    Prince of Bel Air?

  47. Brilliant Fight Scene. Maybe even Better than The Dark Knight Rises Bane vs

  48. not bad dave, not bad at all.

  49. Baustia bomb!!!

  50. Hey a fight just like from russia with love

  51. Love me sum Dave Bautista he deserves this

  52. just WOW

  53. Mr. Hinx has joined the great list of Bond Train Fights with Donald “Red”
    Grant, Jaws, TeeHee, Mishka and Grishka, and the Janus Syndicate.

  54. Christine Delvi Mangompit

    weeeww!!! #gonnawatchspectre ??

  55. batistaaaaaaaaaaa…..son of HULK……you cant beat him

  56. Movie is going to be amazing…anything less would be a disappointment

  57. Excellent**

  58. For those giving off about the fast editing, the second cut lasts around 14
    seconds here and the editing throughout never confuses you as to what’s
    going on. As for the lack of music here, it does eventually begin but only
    when things turn really serious. It’s use is very effective

  59. Don’t like how Bautista’s barely putting any effort into this fight…
    looks like he’s going easy on Bond.

  60. That was some illegal move on 0:10 how is it called…head hugging?

  61. Nice long sequence with no cuts. Props to Daniel and Dave.

  62. This is how Drax needs to fight in all future GOTG movies….seriously,

  63. very good clips

  64. Wow, the cinematohraphy looks amazing. I really think that Hoyte van
    Hoytema deserved an Oscar nomination, if not win, for Interstellar.
    Possible nominee for Spectre maybe?

    I’ve watched it like 5 times now.I love how Bond grunts and makes
    noises.The scene feels 10 times more realistic and intense.
    Great job!

  66. the great khali would be the perfect jaws in today bond filcks.he resembles
    jaws so much!!

  67. batista bomb

  68. Enough with the orange filter already!!

  69. Nothing well ever touch the fight in the sewers with bane and batman. Love
    the water fall and the sounds of the fists

  70. batista gave up wwe for this

  71. lets go bluetista

  72. Batista’s movies: Riddick, Guardians of the Galaxy and SPECTRE!!!!
    John Cena: The Marine, 12 rounds, Legendary, Scooby-Doo WrestleMania..????
    HAHAHAHA!!!! LOL!!!!!

  73. Ser Bronn of the blackwater

    One of the best last words from a bond henchman evr: “Shit” Bautista was
    awesome, finally an old style henchman again 🙂 clearly inspired by jaws
    and oddjob

  74. that was amazing… can not wait

  75. Has that Casino Royale feel to it

  76. It’s about damn time they gave Daniel Craig’s 007 a physically formidable

  77. Hell ya!

  78. I think I speak for everyone here when I say. DAAAAYYYYUUUUMMM

  79. A train fight? Classic 007! I like it!

  80. The European Ethnonationalist


  81. I am looking forward to watch Dave Bautista in other great movies. The
    whole train fight scene was awesome and one of my favorite scenes in

  82. This scene was sooooo intense watching it last night. It was the best part
    of the movie for me, and the most riveting train fight sequence I’ve ever
    seen! Spectre was fun but it wasn’t anywhere near as good as Skyfall was…

  83. like the” from Russia With Love”

  84. Bautista kicked Craig’s ass.


  86. Been there done that. Better with Jaws (Richard Kiel).

  87. @ Thomas Purcell, Jaws was good but Mr. Hinx is just a lot stronger,faster
    and smarter than him, i don’t believe he got killed, Mr. Hinx might still
    be alive

  88. A fight without music? Come on!

  89. was mr hinx trying to do the same thing what khan did? breaking people’s


  91. There’s a lot of this scene on Youtube, just not the ending. Is it a
    spoiler or something? I have a question about it.

  92. 0:00

  93. shit

  94. uncharted 2?

  95. That big guy could be Batista’s brother! He looks like the wrestler off TV.

  96. This was one of the best scenes in the film 🙂 I am fond of these
    physically imposing villains. Reminds me of Bane against Batman in TDKR and
    the lack of music is a really good choice.

  97. Love fights with no music! It’s up there with Bane vs Batman.

  98. im just imagine if mad dog vs bautista…..

  99. This is evidence that WWE wrestling is just a huge spectacle or an act, not
    a sport at all. All the wrestlers are bunch of actors and good at it.

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