Spectre Official Trailer #2 (2015) – Daniel Craig, Christoph Waltz Action Movie HD

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A cryptic message from Bond’s past sends him on a trail to uncover a sinister organization. While M battles political forces to keep the secret service alive, Bond peels back the layers of deceit to reveal the terrible truth behind SPECTRE.


  1. i say this is going to be the best james bond up to date

  2. i hope the old lady is not in this movie

  3. Xbox one still sucks. Wii U stomps

  4. Obdu'l Jaliyl Beig

    wouldn’t watch a bond film in theatre but then there’s Christopher Waltz in

  5. PG-13? How can you take seriously a movie with that kind of rating?

  6. Christoph makes every movie he’s in amazing.

  7. *See my new VlDEO 6 YouTubers Turned MURDERERS & SUBSCRlBE <3*

  8. They shouldn’t have CGI’d that wall falling down

  9. If this won’t have a really good story, it will suck.

  10. I still don’t know how I feel about this one. I didn’t like Casino Royale
    and I absolutely hated Quantum of Solace. Skyfall was pretty good, but only
    because of the villain.

  11. ‘this organisation – do you know what it’s called?”it’s name is…..fifa’

  12. #roosevelt2016

  13. hello!! I’m from the year 2069 where no individual is a biggot poser who
    doesn’t need their privileges checked…

    anyway, the new James bond movie,”007: why is there still more” is out. I
    came back to kill the franchise before it milks itself even more!

    come and join me and we’ll have a better chance, Bros!

  14. Really looking forward to this but I really think someone should tell
    Christoph Waltz he’s not the ‘artist’ he thinks he is

  15. I was super excited for this movie until i heard the leaked theme song by
    sam green or whatever his name is

  16. give me sam smith’s song already

  17. I like James Bond Universe (come on listen Soundtrack James Bond Fan made
    in my channel)

  18. “this organisation – do you know what it’s called?”it’s name is….. JOHN

  19. This looks more like an old bond movie

  20. MI5: The Good Version

  21. It’s 1:15, which is far too short for a trailer. Half of the footage were
    logos and scenes we already saw. And still, I loved this fckin trailer.
    Spectre will be awesome!!

  22. The duration of this final trailer worries me. Deeply.

  23. “Good evening Mr. Bond, my name is Dr. King Schultz and this is my horse

  24. Genocidal Unicorn

    My bf recently forced me to watch all the Bond movies, most sucked but I am
    excited for this one, Craig is an excellent Bond.

  25. 0:16 seconds into the TRAILER… ROLLLLLL CREDITS *ding*

  26. Dill S (McVillian)

    at 1:02, I know that is probably Bond under the mask, but could that be a
    reference to Baron Samedi?

  27. I uh, I’m voting for Christoph Waltz here. YOU CAN GO THE DISTANCE! (hoping
    for a cameo by H. Jon Benjamin, know I’m not going to get it. :(

  28. -” I came here to kill you”
    -” I thought you came here to die”

    What!! Were they written by 15 years old teenager.

  29. That helicopter scence men its just so wrong

  30. any movie with daniel craig love him

  31. Can’t bloody wait!!! ???

  32. awesome..just awesome

  33. Bond movies are always epic and Waltz is just going to make this even more

  34. I see Daniel Craig went to the Prometheus school of running away from
    falling objects. Ding!



  36. I won’t lie. Skyfall was so good, they’re going to have a hard time topping
    it. Hope they do.

  37. i am actually into this new director of photography more than deakens i
    feel like he has a different style in terms of focus and generally colors
    and flares of the certain shots

  38. -Why did you come?
    -I came here to die.
    -I thought you wanted to kill me, I’m relieved now.

  39. Stunning photography.

  40. Mission Impossible has pretty much always been better. Rogue Nation will
    beat this out this installment in the Bond series.

  41. *starts trailer* This movie looks so good! *sees helicopter do barrel roll*
    Ahhh, man. *starts crying*

  42. I'm a geek, not a nerd

    “Do a barrel roll!”

  43. looks like mission impossible to me

  44. I can see the cgi -_-

  45. he feels like Alfred Pennyworth

  46. I dont like the photography in the mexico city scenes, it looks like is
    warm or overheated ……

  47. Too many CGI

  48. This looks so good love 007.

  49. where’s batista

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  51. i just hope ”M” DIES in this movie…… she ruined skyfall!!

  52. Gonna be awesome, just because waltz and austria.

  53. This movie is gonna be epic

  54. Don’t know if they can top Skyfall.Without telling them how to make the
    movie SamMendes l hope has continued down this intriging route of delving
    into Bond’s background and history while weaving the action into more
    twisted but realistic plots.Otherwise they go back to action blah blah
    action finale whatever.

  55. Badass

  56. Hip-Hop & Movie News

    The last one was so good, wonder if they can top it.

  57. Christoph waltz , Andre Scott and Daniel Craig….could the casting be any
    more bigger?

  58. This movie’s gonna kick ass!!

  59. My name is bond, James bond.
    And mine is Dr. Schultz, you owe me 200 dollars.

    Especially if Bond is still as rusty as in Skyfall.

  60. Dr. Evil….

  61. 007 look like Mr. putin

  62. 0:17 roll credits

  63. That’s a Bingo!

  64. The Sizzler's - Youtube Channel


  65. hell yes

  66. TrackTour Music Library

    I wonder if Blofeld has crept up from the factory chimney from For Your
    Eyes Only.


  68. Does this contain spoilers? I’m afraid to watch it, cause I think it’ll
    ruin the movie

  69. 1:01 Is that a Progen T20

    XD gta online

  70. Serbian Girl Albanian Boy

    Plz don’t replace him with a black Bond lol.

  71. Awsesome,can’t wait

  72. México, yeah!

  73. one of my favourite movie ever

  74. They always have very creative names for these type of “organizations”

  75. It’s Specter. Harvey Specter.

  76. *BORIN*

  77. The fact that Daniel Craig hated filming this movie kind of irks me

  78. Daniel Craig sucks… To ugly, looks like a rugby player who works the door
    on a Southend nightclub.

  79. Konstantin Gerolsteiner

    I wish they didnt reveal the villain in the trailers. It would have been a
    great surprise seeing Christoph Waltz as im watching the film.

  80. Thanh Duong Ben Mansour

    I am Chiara, Princess of Heaven. I am the princess of the military angels.
    I have written a translation program that makes it possible for the humans
    and spirits to communicate without blowing up the Universe. Chiara.

  81. As I held a glass of vino at my 40th party a few weeks back, I slurred
    “they say I am finished…but I’m just getting started” Cheers to Bond and
    40 somethings :)

  82. if Christoph waltz is in this then it will be great

  83. Hurry up and replace that idiot and I’ll watch another Bond.

  84. Can’t wait for the New Bond movie! Wonder if they’ll have the persian cat?

  85. Luis Alfonso Castro Leon

    ‘this organisation – do you know what it’s called?”it’s name is…..Ubisoft

    -I came here to play
    -And I thought you came here to give me money

  86. what movie are they shooting and where? check it…

  87. At least you can say this trailer doesn’t give much way. But there’s no
    real buzz for this movie. The die hard fans will see it but I Have a
    feeling this isn’t going to do that good at the box office. They should
    hold off from making more bond movies for while.

  88. $300m for this??? LOL

  89. BoomYourDead Gaming

    This film was disappointing..

  90. Hes gonna die in this movie too~!!!!, damn!!

  91. WHAT A PILE OF SHIT! Worst Bond movie!!! How does one get there money back?

  92. now that I’ve seen the movie, I realize how incredibly much this trailer

  93. This movie was so bad it irritates me. Sam Mendes did such an awful job
    directing it

  94. I saw this film an was very disappointed. Yeah that 3rd act really needed
    another rewrite. SPOILER ALERT : with Franz helicopter shot down in the
    dark by a pistol is outrageous , Franz getting caught so easy lame , the
    organization is brought down too easy and the 00 is finished and the end
    was not the way to end this Craig series. Him quitting and driving off
    into the sunrise . I didn’t expect another Skyfall but it wasn’t even as
    good as Quantum and then there’s a great Henchman , Mr. Hinx who is wasted
    , heck I wanted to see Him in another film . This is quite odd for Eon
    films to end a Bond film like this . Now whenever they chose to make
    another 007 film it will be another reboot but why do that after doing it
    already . I don’t want to see Bond getting his first mission again and fans
    don’t either unless they want us to be ready for Elba as Bond .

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