STAR WARS 8 Trailer (2017) THE LAST JEDI, Disney Movie HD

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STAR WARS 8 Trailer
Cast : Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Mark Hamill
Release Date : December 15, 2017
Genre : Action, Adventure, Fantasy

STAR WARS 8 Trailer
© 2017 – Disney


  1. why the hell would you not watch it on the proper channel

  2. if liked video give a thumbs up?DK4L?..

  3. Can’t wait XD

  4. JohnTheStormtrooper

    yaaaaaaa!!! #hype!!!

  5. Luke isn’t telling Rey to breath, he’s reminding all the fans to do it.
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  6. One word:AMAZING!

  7. Never clicked a notification so fast in my life

  8. o my god

  9. the music is so epic

  10. if liked video give a thumbs up

  11. Eh, thats it? Star wars is losing its charm.

  12. Feminist garbage.

  13. yes iv ben waiting forever for this moment #Ecsited

  14. they decided rogue one was to stupid and decided to make a series

  15. i love the Rey character… but is she ever going back after her trilogy? she doing doing 3 movies right? but is she ever going back or is just for those 3 movies :

  16. oh wait! I think I forgot something

  17. If she keeps both hands after this one, I’m done. Don’t need a rainbowy-sparkly crap under the guise of something epic.

  18. OMG oooooooh

  19. Vega The Destroyer

    why does Rey need training? she’s automatically great at everything becuase muh feminist plot armour

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