Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens with SPOILERS

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Kristian Harloff and Tiffany Smith react to seeing Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens

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  1. Han Solo does in the film :)

  2. *thumbbs up this and subb to me or a big red spider will be in your bed

  3. Adam DeMeulemeester

    talk about kylo ren

  4. I THOUGHT that was Tiffany from DC Access in the thumbnail.

  5. here are most of the spoilers

    -Han Solo is Kylo Rens Father
    -Han Solo Dies by Kylo Ren
    -Luke is in the last 30secs of the film (it was AWESOME)
    -Rey is a Jedi
    -Chewy takes shit on millennium falcon

  6. ray will kill kylo

  7. get rid of the fkn backround music!

  8. So even though the Resistance base was in a different system from
    Starkiller base, they were able to get teal time updates of the battle.

    also if Starkiller base is a planet and destroys its own Star, after the
    base was out of power for the weapon, it would be useless because how could
    they move it to another system to be used again!

  9. Meme

  10. I haven’t seen it yet, what’s the best bit in the movie?

  11. It was amazing

  12. rey looks like at schmi so much
    even the cloths are almost the same

    for sure rey is a skywalker

  13. When Finn “Awakens” he will become the new Han Solo. Finn & Chewy will go
    off on adventures together & He will take over the Falcon..

  14. it was okay… i expected better tbh. my main question, despite
    allllllllllll the other possible questions that there are, is WHY Finn
    couldnt kill innocents, had to leave the first order, etc. he was the first
    storm trooper ever to do this, right? i highly doubt that would just happen
    by accident. no way Abrams was wondering how to explain that and decided to
    go with: “well it was bound to happen eventually. Finn was just the random
    chance stormtrooper it happened to.” no way in hell its that simple.

  15. I will share this video

  16. I didn’t hate it, but I was very disappointed. Too much fan service out of
    nowhere, story was weak and unoriginal; give the droid something valuable,
    go see orange yoda, kill off the “mentor” and take out the 3rd death star
    just like the two previous ones.
    The could have easily taken out that whole scene on Han’s new ship. That
    was useless action in an already action packed movie, and would have been
    much better spent telling some story.

    There are a lot of good things in the movie. Great visuals, good humor,
    great performances (Poe and Rey really stood out to me) and there is a lot
    of potential for the universe they are building, but overall, the movie was
    a letdown and could have been a lot better. Some things may be explained
    down the line, but don’t throw stuff in there that makes you go “huh, that
    doesn’t make any sense. Like at all.” it really breaks the movie as it
    stands alone for the next few years.

  17. I keep arguing with people on this: SUPREME LEADER SNOKE is he a giant? or
    is his hologram just enlarged to make him feel more intimidating?

  18. favorite movie of the year

  19. filmwas bad, it was mix of new hope and star trek into darkness, basicaly
    it was just a remake with bad characters and cringe wothy action, even
    prequels were better, everybody is saying movie is great because they are
    in denial and are afraid that bad reviews will mean no more star wars

  20. One scene that I really loved was the when the stormtrooper calls out Finn,
    and fought Finn with that sweet arm piece.

  21. When Kylo Ren is throwing the tantrum after Rey escapes, and the
    Stormtroopers stop walking his direction and turn the other way – that was

  22. Could Poe and Finn be the first gay couple in SW universe?

  23. Have to say Loved the movie, but I only have 2 problems, CGI Aliens, I’m
    sorry they tookawy from the Illusion, also I wasnt really interested in
    Kylo Character whats so ever and his voice was annoying, like I get he was
    trying immitate his Grandfather Vadar…but it didnt work.

  24. I know it’s stupid to pick at but in the originals when Chewie was running
    around in action his hair got messy and split at the top but in this one
    his hair is always perfectly combed.

  25. Mapster Kristiansen

    I have seen the movie, and do some of you think that Kylo Ren survives?

  26. I thought Maz looked really bad like a cgi character from the prequels.

  27. Spoiler i’m snoke

  28. I didn’t notice Simon Pegg in the movie; It was so different from the roles
    he normally played.

  29. tiffany smith can sit on my lap and we can talk about the first thing that
    pops up


  31. They made it pretty clear that Rey is the new Han solo. They focused on her
    being a great pilot and she can fly the falcon by herself. And I don’t know
    if I am the only one who noticed this but she is the only one else who
    could understand Chewy, because she is a scavenger and a merchant so she
    has probably worked with wookies before.

  32. Nieumięśniony Mięśniak

    ty chory pojebie!

  33. i already watched it today 😉 it was awesome

  34. Trained Rey vs Kylo, May 25th 2017 I’ll be there

  35. i thought they where gonna kill Chewy not Han

  36. my god has the bar for film making today become so low and more importantly
    the bar for making a good star wars film become that low after the
    disappointing prequels that so many people actually really like and
    appreciate this poor excuse for a film (poor remake of the first film and
    bits taken from empire and jedi talk about no new original ideas, forced
    clunky dialogue that was embarrassing, forced humour that took away any
    depth and substance to many scenes and pretty much the whole tone of the
    film, forced introductions of legacy characters and forced interactions
    between the legacy characters that where cringe worthy to have to sit
    through, not to mention new characters that looked like teenagers to appeal
    to the younger and newer audience that made it feel more like harry potter
    twilight and hunger games than star wars which of course was the intention
    as those other film franchises made money must play it safe now although
    there is playing it safe and just copying), I so fear for the future of the
    film industry and the future of star wars and the direction that both are
    heading or maybe just maybe that I am already living that shallow soulless
    future here now in the present and have been for some time and have only
    now just woken up probably to late which i take full responsibility for.
    has or will anyone else awaken ? (no pun intended). I guess there goes the
    neighbourhood and any kind of quality star wars
    the force awakens a tragedy and a warning about the future do not say that
    you were not warned but i doubt any of you would listen anyway

  37. Wretched Egg, Shiro 史郎

    Episode 8 should be epic. If its anything like “The Empire Strikes Back.”


    I feel it was almost perfect, NOT PERFECT, but almost.

  39. I think Leia is trained as a jedi but quit because I think she trained kylo
    because theres a bit when she says luke should have trained him

  40. I’m gonna be that guy and just say Tiffany is soooo hot.

  41. Thought it was a great movie although it was almost similar in story to
    Episode four. I really wanted Kylo to be a scary villain but came across
    weak and throwing tantrums wish he was a little more menacing and to
    frighten with his power but understand he is still young. Favourite part of
    the movie in 3d was being in the cockpit of an x-wing felt like I was there
    the way they filmed it was awesome. I gave it 9/10 cannot wait for next
    installment thanks. I’ve waited what seems an eternity for this film thanks

  42. My least favorite part was the supreme leaders cgi… Totally not
    believable to me…

  43. Episode 7 ruined star wars for good. It should have been epic. Instead it
    was full of a rush to plot holes. Noobs beating up the lamest villain in SW
    history and a complete lack of the mystery that all the others had.

  44. Ok, I’ve only seen TFA once but I could have SWORN Leia told Han “I WISH
    I’d have let Luke train Ben…..but I sent him away…..” That tells me
    Luke NEVER trained Kylo thus it wouldn’t be Kylo who turned on Luke…..did
    anyone else hear this?? I’m going to see it again on Sunday and I’ll pay
    special attention to that part…but I think it’s a big thing if indeed
    Leia never let Luke train Ben.

  45. I didn´t like the CG creatures on the Falcon. Looked Star-Trek-y. But they
    were quick. One I DID have a problem with was Snoke. That was a mistake I
    feel. Too CGI looking. It reminded me of the aliens at the end of Crystal
    Skull. Not a good thing.

  46. Boyega trying to pull the moves on Rey was Hilarious. In a galaxy far far
    away, Guys still want to get laid.

  47. people complaining about Kylo Ren being beaten in a fight by Rey, i’m like
    DUDES he was shot by Chewie with a weapon that usually blasts people to
    little pieces, and Finn gets in a lucky shot in to! The even make a point
    about him being wounded with the blood on the floor, am i the only one who
    spotted this? Plus Anger in a fight can give you more power but also leads
    to mistakes.

  48. It’s nice to see a video where people aren’t complaining that this movie is
    a complete remake of the new Hope.

  49. didnt they wipe out the repulics planet??

  50. Man she’s gorgeous

  51. i just thought of something, was captain phasma thrown into the scrap waste
    and because they didnt show it on the film maybe it will be revealed what
    happened and that she decided to help han solo when he fell from the bridge
    injured and takes him away to save and and turn against the first order. i
    just want han solo alive.

  52. This movie tugged on my heartstrings too much. It was amazing

  53. they barely talk about the republic in the film something that is new since
    the original triology and now its destroyed in seconds!!!

  54. I have to say this movie was epic loved it from beginning to end, but I
    left it a little disappointed that there wasent a better lightsaber duel. I
    was expecting kylo to demonstrate some good use to his lightsaber but that
    wasent seen much, but either way I’m sure more is to come in the next films
    can’t wait :’)

  55. My second favourite Star Wars movie!

  56. The movie is not that good

  57. Zootopia was our only trailer on this movie, Cinema Cafe skipped them and
    went straight to the movie. I was amazed the entire film, the beginning
    totally freaked me out with all of the horrific deaths. I clearly see Han
    is the main character of the film, second only to Kylo Ren. And when Han
    dies it shifts over to Rey being the most important character in the film.
    BP8 was freaking awesome, I want him! The ending was the least favorite
    part of the film for me, I think they rushed the ending with Luke, but it
    was nice to see he hasn’t turned to the Dark side as I believed. Overall,
    this is probably the greatest movie of all time and it complements the
    Legendary episodes 4,5,6…

  58. Star Wars Episode 7 The Force Awakens is 5 Stars, 10 out of 10.

    Also we will see Han Solo back in a Star Wars film, when the Anthology
    films will start to come out.

  59. finn cant act nor can rey…clunky romance scenes with horrid script

  60. Kylo Ren was so incredibly great, his conflict, doubt, “weakness”, fear and
    his wish to be a great Sith made him such a complex charackter that even
    after he did the unspeakable I still had sympathie for him and thought
    “there is still good in him”. He did in very little screen time what Hayden
    Christensen failed to do in two movies, to show us the conflict between
    good and bad.

  61. Whoah, did you say Luke’s grandfather? Whose that? I thought Anakin had no

  62. i loved the film, I hated the nerds who where commentating all the way
    through. I wasted a drink that day

  63. Not every main character has to have 30 mins of screen time and
    storytelling, some may just die asap…… which makes loads of reality
    points. Have you guys not seen GoT or TWD? lol Btw I expected a lot from
    poor captain phasm too =/ underused, i could have seen more 3 mins of
    screenplay with her owning some……

  64. nice review, annoying background music

  65. my issue with the film is kylo gets his ass kicked during the entire film.
    How is he supposed to be scary when he’s gotten defeated before.

  66. I loved how they left us hanging on a cliff xDD

  67. Is Snoke Darth Plagueis

  68. Jesus this woman is so beautiful! And a Star Wars fan pffft

  69. how is Rei Lukes daughter,who did he fuk? Jedis cant have sex.i thought Rei
    was kylos sister.

  70. At 5:20 She could feel the force in episode 6 when She was on Endor with
    Han Solo when they thought Luke was on the Death Star as it blew up and she
    said he wasn’t as she “felt it”

  71. Han: “how are we gonna take out the shields”

    Finn: “we’ll use the force”

    Han: “that’s not how it works”

  72. Finn didnt die, he is injured, but not dead.


  74. Snape from Harry Potter is the new sith boyzz

  75. I watched the movie yesterday and when Han died that really got to me


  77. To me Po Dameron is the new version of Han Solo because he is the best
    fighter according to some just like Solo and as you said because of his
    funny one liners.

  78. The funniest moment of the film is when BB-8 gives the thumbs up with the

  79. I’ve seen the new Star Wars twice and I still don’t like it very much.
    Don’t get me wrong it’s an amazing film on its own but as a Star Wars film,
    it leaves a lot to be desired, it doesn’t feel like a Star Wars film, it’s
    more like a new Star Trek film in the Star Wars universe. Plus it’s a lot
    of rehash from the previous films, you can pick entire sequences from
    previous films and place them in this one. I’d give it a 7 but that’s just
    me probably expecting too much. I think everyone should see it as some
    people do really really like it but I personally do not.

  80. RIP HAN…

  81. Yes Poe and Kylo Ren were my favourite characters too!! I just wish there
    was more Poe and Finn, I can see an awesome broship coming out of that.

  82. Han Solo dies.

  83. The Spiritual Smart Ass

    what the fuk why’d u spoil the movie for me

  84. Han solo dies
    his son his kylo and rey
    Rey takes over the malinion falcon
    Luke is on a Irish looking planet and Rey gives him his Fathers and Now his
    Rey beats kylo and Kylo demands his grandfather’s and luke saber

  85. Daniel Robinsar Sibuea

    My fav scene was when Rey and Kylo Ren battle at snowy night in Starkiller

  86. i saw the movie today so no spoilers for me

  87. I didn’t find the CGI alien attack to be distracting (on a CGI level, or
    any level for that matter). After the fact, I’m now seeing it as a
    call-back to the compactor/dionaga scene on steroids. The CGI wasn’t
    distracting in the least. Indeed, it seems as though shooting that scene
    with physical puppets would have been prohibitively cumbersome if not
    downright impossible. Could you imagine Jabba puppets being manipulated
    well enough to be believable? I just don’t see that happening.

  88. the movie was ok. 7 out of 10 nothing mind blowing.

  89. +KristianHarloff I dont think Rey is Lukes daughter simple b/c she says her
    family will return for her not father, she’s roughly the same age as kylo
    so they would know each other, she only new Luke by legend, Luke looked
    saddened to see the lightsaber not surprised to see his “daughter,” and Maz
    tells her she knows their not coming back leading me to believe she has an
    Ezra situation. I think her skill with the force comes simple by believing
    in it. Once she learned it was real and the stories were true and got a
    taste for using it, she just gave into it and like a kid who just watched
    star wars tried to use it (with great success). She is a prodigy and a
    being of light that will give Luke the hope he needs to get back into

  90. Kylo Ren was very disappointed, I expected a badass sith not the skinny guy
    who skips gym class in high school.

  91. Na Han Solo survived, water at the bottom of the room he feel down
    survives, someone picks him up gives him iron man robot chest peace keeps
    him alive. revenge of the had solo.

    Prob not but noooooo why Han.

  92. Kylo Ren is the worst Sith in the entire franchise. He should have killed
    Finn (the rogue Stormtrooper) within seconds and killed Rey (who’s
    untrained in the Jedi arts) within a minute. Can you imagine someone who’s
    never held a lightsaber before holding their own against Darth Vader, the
    Emperor or Dooku? It just wouldn’t happen. You can say that Kylo hasn’t
    finished his training yet, well what about Darth Maul? He was only an
    apprentice when he killed Qui-Gon Jin and was then defeated by Obii-Wan.
    Can you imagine Rey or Finn against Darth Maul? It’s an absolute no
    contest. Kylo was very disappointing in this movie.

  93. The Scavenger dealer sounded exactly like voice of Dexter (episode 2,
    Obi-wan friend). Anyone hear this too?

  94. Stephen Baskerville

    I was really entertain i only wish they cut the end by 30 seconds. They
    stand on screen for toooo long. Thats the only the thing that gets me.

  95. I don’t like the idea of all main character, both good and evil being
    related to each other. I hope Rey is her own character and not Luke’s
    daughter like you theorized.

  96. I hate how they just threw Han off like trash, he’s not trash

  97. Jokūbas Janušonis

    christian harlof, christian harlof everywhere -_-

  98. I wish Kylo Ren’s identity would have remained a mystery, especially for at
    least for some suspense build up for the sequel.

  99. i think Han’s death was a tad too dismissive. I hate to think that the last
    shot of Han is a cgi body falling into an abyss. Cant help but think back
    to Gandalf’s ‘death’ in the first LOTR. i would not be surprised if he
    somehow survives.

  100. yeah i think before kylo began his uprising against luke, luke had rey as
    his daughter and was training here in some way and then when kylo began his
    uprising luke put her into hiding knowing that kylo is going to be coming
    after him aswell and wanted rey to be the savior or just to keep here safe

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