Star Wars: Episode VIII Production Announcement (2017) – Daisy Ridley, Mark Hamill Movie HD

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Cameras roll for the next chapter of the Star Wars saga, written and directed by Rian Johnson.


  1. first view first like n first comment!!!!!

  2. And here we…GO!

  3. ugh star wars |:(

  4. I haven’t seen a single Star Wars movie..

  5. I honestly love Hamhill’s Jedi look, excited to see his role in this

  6. The Man Called Sting

    Wow Luke and Rey were really standing at the temple for a long
    time………….Its sunset and Luke still hasn’t taken the lightsaber yet

  7. Star Wars is love. Star Wars is life.

  8. Hell4u14 - Minecraft & more!

    In this movie they will reveal the reveal the great evil..
    The scariest being in the universe
    Jar Jar the sith lord…..

  9. MortalKombatFan4Life

    Plot twist: Han Solo has turned into a zombie and joins the Dark Side.

  10. Why are they advertising episode VIII before Rogue One?

  11. wait so the 8 movie is confirmed?

  12. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Yeah rush them…that’ll work, that works with all great stories. Rushing.

  14. I don’t get it, are they woking on a new star wars?

  15. Dood anotha one? God dang it Star Wars

  16. Davion “Davy” Fleming

    Ben solo stabbed first

  17. trailers for production announcements. Welcome to 2016.

  18. Oh spoiler ending of Episode VII jojo

  19. how long will it take to make?

  20. Pointless video

  21. Luke Skywalker: Hey your hot!
    Rey: What?!

  22. Is it coming in 2016???

  23. Plot twist: Rey is Lukes father

  24. First name lastname

    Why isn’t it directed by Jj Abrams again

  25. I’m hyped.

  26. Mr Random Entertainment

    I want a movie on how Luke got fat.

  27. Did they re-shoot the final scene? …. Hmm…..

  28. What SFX are they going to use to improve her acting?

  29. Δημητρης Παπαφύλιψ

    Han solo died.

  30. I hope it is not as bad as the force awakens

  31. yes please

  32. Can’t wait going to see it next year

  33. Spoiler alert!

    Jar jar is gonna be here…and he’s in the dark side

  34. Am I the only one who dislikes star wars.

  35. starwars better come out next year

  36. Question, does anyone think that Ben solo, is actually named Obi wan Solo,
    or jus plane Ben?

  37. Please, do not over use the cgi.

  38. you know the anticipation is so high that they have to make a video like

  39. This movie will make or break the trilogy.

  40. this looks like they are continuing right where VII ended. If so, this
    would be a first in the franchise. Episodes have always had some time pass
    since the previous. and the title crawl tells us what has been happening.

  41. Han saved from the fall by Lando

  42. Awman! what a cock tease….

  43. This comment is going to get likes for no reason…


  45. We know this already. This is not news.

  46. I really want them to make the music great in this one, episode 7 was not
    as good for music than the others for me

  47. this video had more like than Episode VII

  48. Great now we know who Rey is

  49. Guys I haven’t watched any of star wars episodes( I know it’s kinda bad FOR
    SOME OF YOU) but do you recommend me to watch the whole series or just that

  50. wow what a tease!!! and the tie in!!!!

  51. Don’t hype this up as new innovative idea(and plz don’t turn into another

  52. The Star Wars hype had just finally died down a little bit aaaaand it’s

  53. It’s going to be very jarring seeing this completely switch directors
    basically in the middle of one scene.

  54. Star wars the force awaken was a good movie but I didn’t like the ending

  55. already ? nice :)

  56. Mr Grab Steal Ya Girl

    Another one

  57. a part of me died along with Han solo…just won’t be the same without him

  58. daha ben 7yi izlemedim amk ne ara 8i çekmeye başladınız

  59. shouldntyoubecooking

    They filmed this part months ago in Ireland. Like in October/November.

  60. Piece of garbage SJW Mary Sue Disney trash.

  61. “Your hot”

  62. You can already tell it’s not jj just off of how it’s shot


  64. really?

  65. I think I need new pants

  66. Am I the only one who notice that the Ocean in the background looks a bit
    weird? 0:18

  67. What if Han Solo turned into a white walker nd ends up killing kylo Ren
    with the help of Jon snow

  68. Are you serious? I literally just got over the hype for Episode VII

  69. bring back TR-8R

  70. Awesome enough said:)

  71. TheMCBow King of SkyWars


  72. Omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Kinda weird to see some footage for Episode 8 already before seeing
    anything from Rogue One.

  74. The camera moving towards the island gave me chills.

  75. The journey continues…

  76. BMV The Movie Fanatic

    YEAH!!! Their shoot’n already. Excellent. Plus whee is the Rogue One

  77. A episode VIII “trailer” before Rouge One……Why?

  78. Trash movie

  79. the chills!

  80. Is it too late to apply to be an extra?

  81. like every other star wars movie: meh…..

  82. What is Zach Galifianakis doing in Star Wars?????

  83. STAR WARS!!!!! NOTHING BUT STAR WARS!!!!! Take all of my money!!!!

  84. Ok, this video is just rude. So rude. How the hell am I supposed to sleep

  85. RoCk'In RoLl AlIeN from Japan

    Rian Johnson is taking over, I can’t wait.

  86. I hate Star Wars.


  88. FUS RO DAH!!

  89. Eric E. (RolePlayProductions)

    *horrible screaming noises*

  90. Rian Johnson, PLEASE don’t let me DOWN! #waiting2017

  91. I’m still going to wait for all three to come out as a boxset!


  93. YES!!!

  94. When Rian Johnson has more dialog than Luke

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