Star Wars: The Force Awakens Official Sneak Peek #1 (2015) – JJ Abrams Movie HD

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A continuation of the saga created by George Lucas set thirty years after Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi (1983).

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  1. First.

  2. Second hue hue hue

  3. Sneak peak.

    Only shows 2 quick scenes.

  4. This made way more wet than its supposed to

  5. all hail the reptilian brotherhood, leaf a like. hisssssssssssss

  6. My driving instructor told me that I should wear a seatbelt because if I
    were to crash, the force could throw me out of the car… I can’t believe
    that he thinks Star Wars is real.

  7. Don't worry Be happy

    Fastest masturbation ever……

  8. Reusing action shots that have already been seen in another trailer cliche

  9. goku would kill darth vader

  10. If they don’t give the audience about the story of the movie or at least
    give them an idea of one, would people who are not huge on star wars watch
    this film? We still don’t know what this movie is about at least for me.

  11. Thats it ? Come on man give us more . Stop playing with our emotions.

  12. Agent of the Patriarchy

    This movie is going to suck.

  13. Spooktacular Wheatley

    I don’t know what is worse. J.J abrams directing this or EA making the
    game… Either way it’s just to milk the franchise.

  14. Dear commenters. You have to watch a crappy NFL game on Monday tomorrow to
    see the sneak peek. Yes I know Football sucks and the NFL is worse than the
    WWE but Star Wars calls us.

  15. it looks so timeless!!! old school yet new at the same time! doesn’t look
    out of place at all!!!

  16. OMG! OMG! OMG! Let’s get naked for Star Wars!

  17. I don’t understand these trailers

  18. At this point I can wait until December.

  19. Seriously What do we do if Episode VII sucks like the prequels? Not
    trolling just asking.

  20. Upload the other two!!!! The one with the Finn and po dammeran and the
    other one with Rey and the tie fighters!!!

  21. When will tickets go on sale !! I need to buy my ticket so im there opening

  22. wait they’re making another star wars?????

  23. I have a bad feeling everyone will dislike the movie. Including me.

  24. Kylo Ren is probably Luke’s son and a twin to Rey.

  25. Joe Biden's Shotgun

    … And then the black guy finds out his father is Mace Windu.

  26. My dick can only get so hard.

  27. Well that was shit.

  28. Is the ball robot only in this movie or was in previous movies too?

  29. whats with the sneak peak, 2 months to go and im expecting a good detailed

  30. I love Star Wars


  32. Samuel Luttschwager

    Am I the only one who thinks this was totally unneccessary?

  33. How the fck can 15 seconds be so damn epic ?

  34. If this film is going to be shitty then we will see the end of JJ Abrams’

  35. Star Wars = THE BEST TRILOGY

  36. Brennens World Of Epicness


  37. Han Solo is killed by Kylo Ren.

  38. cant wait for tommorow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Why are people staring at my crotch…?

  40. Looks Ruined

  41. because star wars fans love football

  42. That Star Wars theme song is soo amazing….

  43. how many mother freaking sneak peak are there gonna be?

  44. Capt. Sum Ting Wong


  45. so this is a trailer for a trailer? :/

  46. Damn, this movie is going to suck….. why disney? why?

  47. Oh my god… John Boyega is not out of breath!!!

  48. The new Star Wars trailer on Monday night football?? Wtf?

  49. I just saw the full trailer leaked on pornhub

  50. Anyone else aroused right now?

  51. TheThetruthmaster1

    Did Han and Lando pull a Train on Leia, why is one twin black as night and
    one White as snow?

  52. I get the feeling regardless of how good this movie is people are still
    going to complain about it.

  53. I bet it will be full of homosexuals and tranny’s because that’s what’s
    good now oh and PC sanitization, feminism, liberal progressive ideologies,
    and heterosexual white males will be cast as evil or stupid. You know the
    regular Disney mainstream stuff

  54. So know I need to watch a game of football?

    Who cares, I’d do anything for Star Wars!

  55. I actually love that the new Star Wars has spoiled nothing through trailers
    nowadays you can see a whole movie just by watching a trailer this is what
    a trailer should be like

  56. I just watched the whole movie! And it was awesome!

  57. They are going to ruin Star Wars…I know it. 

  58. white Americans won’t go because one of the lead characters is Black. billy
    dee williams and sam jackson already fulfilled the quota

  59. ….affirmative action, among the Jedi, I sens…

  60. RoCk'In RoLl AlIeN from Japan

    You’re killing us with these teasers, stop that!!!

  61. Nerd alert! Nerd alert! Especially me.

  62. That actor is played out already,,crazy how hollywood does that

  63. I like this nw Star Trek..looks like Star Wars but better.Good job Star

  64. Oh stop with the sneak peaks and give us the darn movieee! This is driving
    me nutsss…


  66. But wait all strumtroopers are clones of boba feet who wass wite .how can
    bleck men be strumtrooper . Jabrams ruined star wars

  67. Rylo Ken is Luke Skywalker. No Luke in poster. Luke appears as an Obi-Wan
    type in the beginning but was already corrupted somehow by the Dark Side of
    the Force. Or Rylo Ken works as apprentice/master to Luke, who’s become the
    most powerful force wielder in the universe.

  68. угу

  69. When this video popped up there was an explosion in my pants

  70. That light saber noise though….

  71. SanguivorousRevenant

    Please let that jungle planet Poe and Finn are on be Yavin 4. ;_;

  72. J.J Your our only hope!

  73. 0:05, is that the millenium falcon?


  75. in this trailer we see the same things we saw in the last one’s! wow!!!!

  76. Real sets. Costumes. Animatronics. Limited CGI.

    Yes please.

  77. im literally screaming my head off right now

  78. Glad to see Tyrone found his inhaler.

  79. se me acaba de parar el pene :v

  80. 15 seconds trailer for goodness sake!

  81. Kilo Ren is such a badass…down boy *pats pants*

  82. This teaser is like some really hot girl you dont know just walks in to a
    room you are in, puts your dick in her mouth than she just walks out.

  83. Urgh the cheap synth version of The Force theme is like nails on

  84. Rafael Roberto Cruz Ramirez

    niggers , women ¡¿ in the space ¿ seriously¿¡

  85. firekour productions

    I don’t have the channel! No!!!!!!

  86. Another boys are bad, girls are heros movie. Hunger games anyone?

  87. WHO IS SHE????

  88. that was first time not to see finn breathing hardly

  89. This movie is so anticipated that they are even making previews for the
    preview. Hopefully the preview is good, and the movie too, and then all
    nine main movies when they’re done. And Episode VI still has a happy

  90. Why the newer movies have to have that one really dumb character?

  91. HAN SOLO DIES AT THE END. enjoy the movie cucks.

  92. *A “strong empowered woman” and a black guy – its **Star Wars: Social
    Justice Strikes Back.*

    Males, and white males at that – are by far and away the primary
    demographic of *Star Wars.* In fact, if you’re reading this, odds are
    you’re a white male. But these Hollywood feminists and cultural marxist
    SJWs nevertheless decide to use this movie to push “The Message”. You gotta
    admire the balls if nothing else… Don’t buy into the hype train – *do not
    watch* this disgusting political piece of crap. Not in the theatre anyway.

    Besides – “JewJew” Abrams never made a good movie in his life. At best
    it’ll be an flashy incoherent mess like *Into Darkness.* See if I’m wrong.
    The last movie that prioritized a Social Justice agenda over common sense
    was *Fantastic Four..*

  93. Star Wars has sucked a long time. This looks to be continuing the trend

  94. Orgasms everywhere!

  95. Masterhosman Darren Ho

    yeahhh!!! Star wars is back!!

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