Star Wars: The Force Awakens Official Sneak Peek #3 (2015) – JJ Abrams Movie HD

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A continuation of the saga created by George Lucas set thirty years after Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi (1983).

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  1. Oh gawd, no more teasing please. We’re all already wet


    can someone explain who the black dude is, ive seen him in like every
    preview but have no clue who he is

  3. Fernando Rodriguez

    Y are we all awake lol

  4. That’s it?

  5. That Star Trek right???.. lol jk

  6. Do we really need all these sneak peeks smh

  7. Hate to say this but not feeling that lighting, the scene looks …washed

  8. The dude looks like a small chubby denzel washinton. good actor though..
    I’m excited to see it..

  9. My butthole is ready, Mr Abrams. You know what to do.

  10. ok this looks like shit

  11. Dat millennium Falcon in the background doe..

  12. For 3 minutes my internet turned off

    I went downstairs and
    for those 3 minutes, i spent trying to get my internet back. ( I live alone

  13. what is the purpose of these sneak peeks when trailer is coming tomorrow

  14. So when we will get the trailer? Today?

  15. I just bought tickets and is watching the trailers again! Can’t contain the

  16. cinematography tho!

  17. Anyone else think the movie wont live up to hype?

  18. Who’s going o watch star wars 7 in Imax? I am!

  19. aye

  20. so this is the trailer for the trailer?

  21. Green Pegasus Horse


  22. so what’s that? a prequel of which trilogy? or a sequel maybe? of which

  23. There is literally a giant rat at 0:10

  24. That’s literally all I needed no more I’m waiting til Christmas!

  25. Why do the ressistance troopers look like British ww1 troopers?

  26. Sounded like a slower, more drawn out Harry Potter theme.


  28. Is it just me, or does it look like Poe doesn’t like Finn at this point.
    His facial expression at 0:06 says “Get outta my way, boy!”

  29. yes! I get in line on Wednesday! — 2 months of eating handouts and
    pooping on the sidewalk, but it’s totally worth it!! :D

  30. Such clever marketing for this film. I take my hat off to Lucasfilm and JJ.

  31. what the hell kinda name is “Poe Dameron”

  32. this is the worst teaser ever

  33. Already looks more realistic then the prequels

  34. I watched 10 times already. You?

  35. that’s at GreenHam common near were I live! hahahahahahahahah, Its an old
    air base in the UK my brother told me and I didn’t see it. But now I do

  36. RoCk'In RoLl AlIeN from Japan

    the tone of the Star Wars theme, almost sounds like the Harry Potter
    opening theme, a little.


  38. Shows way to much. I pretty much saw the whole movie

  39. This does not look like a Star Wars movie ??

  40. Finn will go to the dark side, calling it now.

  41. Tonight, YouTube will break.

  42. That was hardly a peak. Between all 3 vids a total of 4 seconds of new
    meaningless footage.

  43. this sequence gives me chills ⛄?

  44. Ugh I hate black protagonists, so unrelatable and brutish

  45. They said footage I hope they show a full trailer today

  46. Rylo Ken is Luke Skywalker. No Luke in poster. Luke appears as an Obi-Wan
    type in the beginning but was already corrupted somehow by the Dark Side of
    the Force. Or Rylo Ken works as apprentice/master to Luke, who’s become the
    most powerful force wielder in the universe.

  47. Splinter at 0:10

  48. The full trailer comes out tomorrow!

  49. Nick AlexuseesuxelA

    looks like hobington future hobington

  50. so it’s official…we now have trailer of a trailer…

  51. Exciting! This scene was filmed at the old nuclear missile silos at
    Greenham Common near Newbury, UK.

  52. 0:10 I spotted Splinter

  53. soooooooooooo exciteddd GODDD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. I dont know if its just me, but I think Finn is a Skywalker, in the second
    trailer, Luke says you have that power to, I think hes saying that to Finn

  55. One word. Mind blowing. JJ here I am. My body is ready

  56. WTF??…Lame.

  57. Didn’t know Master Splinter was gonna be in this

  58. Hey, they tuned the theme song! HELL YES!

  59. Just give us the trailer already, Abrams!


  61. I find your lack of lens flare disturbing

  62. Why are Disney taking bookings for the movie now when we have had so little
    offered in the way of making the choice of parting with our money?
    Are there no talking scenes? You don’t want us to see them talking (Acting)
    Why? We’ve had long stares and heavy panting, and you want us to book your
    film (2 Months in advance) based on that? Again, why? Do you know it’s
    going to be a flop or something and want to get as many fanboys into the
    seats as possible before they figure it out.

    Can’t fool me, I’m not watching it.

  63. I have a bad feel about this movie!!!!

  64. So this is the trailer of trailer… wtf gringos, wtf…

  65. Is there going to be any Hispanics characters in the movie or just black
    and white like always?

  66. ohh look….he’s not out of breath


  68. I spy a Bothan ;)


  70. Can you imagine how awesome it would be to even just be an extra in these
    movies let alone an actual actor?

  71. Bendict FOR Futher

    This is the worst trailer ever

  72. Oh man… the camerawork in EP7, IT IS SO GOOD.

  73. When the pilot touched Finn’s arm Finn looked like DON’T TOUCH ME

  74. This looks like a teaser for Divergent movie, no offence. :-D

  75. soiled panties Via rage

    a teaser trailer for an upcoming teaser trailer it’s mind bending.

  76. Mr. Doctor Eradicate

    They can get away with showing just that and still be awesome.

  77. Hooray for the running dog-bear man at 0:09!

  78. Why wait?I lose interest just show me the clip….lol

  79. This shot is so dense…with actual physical objects that weren’t green
    screened in later. (That being said there could be a lot of effects going
    on in this scene and ILM are truly an order legendary effects wizards.)

  80. Next Sneak Peek coming up :
    Han Solo farting ….

  81. This movie is gonna suck

  82. i’m watching football right now. Only because i want to see the trailer Lol

  83. I all ready got the tickets

  84. master splinter? is that you?!

  85. omg hes not sweating for once

  86. kuniaaminuddin izzat

    Which airport is this?

  87. I have the hots for Oscar!

  88. orange the orange orange

    finally Finn isn’t breathing heavily

  89. SPOILER…

    A spoiler is a device that redirects unfavorable airflow to improve fuel
    efficiency or handling.

  90. yo dawg i heard you like we going to watch trailer about the

  91. The official trailer is already now up on

  92. This better have Jar Jar in it or it’ll fail.

  93. Wheres captain kirk???

  94. Is this a joke?

  95. Mouse man!

  96. shyrete beluli

  97. No no!!! – not as good as in 1977 Lucas film. Saga is over.

  98. the music doe

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