Star Wars: The Force Awakens Official Sneak Peek #4 (2015) – Movie HD

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A continuation of the saga created by George Lucas set thirty years after Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi (1983).

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  1. si il y a des français qui regarde, vivement demain le trailer !!!

  2. T-minus 7 hours until estimated trailer release. HYPE HYPE!!!!!!!

  3. Agent of the Patriarchy

    Meh. It’s gonna suck.

  4. 100 bucks says this film will be even more femenist than mad max.

  5. Nostalgia cash-grab garbage. Won’t be seeing it.

  6. TheChosenOne696960

    She is obviously lukes daughter same lips

  7. Bodybuilder Jesus Christ

    They are gonna make another 130 sneak peak trailers and you will have to
    put em all together in an order and see the actual movie.

  8. wow R2D2 been lifting… man looks so different these days

  9. I Fucking Hate Pewdiepie

    I made a video about pewdiepie and how much he sucks, man he really sucks

  10. How long til trailer?

  11. Well, her face annoys me already.

  12. couldnt they have picked someone hotter?

  13. Watched all the Star Wars films for the first time ever to get ready for
    the new film and i must say, it’s so bad! its so over-hyped. The story line
    is terrible. the Acting is rubbish. Action Sequences are some of the worst
    i’ve seen. Darth Vader does nothing special in any of the movies yet hes
    considered one of the all time best villains. what a waste of my time.
    Really don’t know if I want to spend my money on the new film.

  14. Maude can’t handle herself

  15. i got a feeling that this much anticipated Star Wars movie is going to be a
    Major Dissapoinment

    people is going to leave the theatre very angry

  16. Those ships looked terrible


    Why never any Hispanic characters only black and white?

  18. I’m scared for this film…I am super excited and hyped, but most movies
    that make me feel this way end up disappointing me. And the comments saying
    this movie will suck is just making it worse, and its sort of making me
    think if it really will suck. I feel like this hype will get better once I
    see the trailer, but I feel like I am just WAY too hyped. I can’t be the
    only one that feels this way, right?

  19. i hed to wait 2 yers tu change mai naym


  20. JUsT ReLEaSE tHE gOd DaMN FilM

  21. You spoiled the whole movie -_-

  22. BeggarMassOreoKiller


  23. For heaven’s sake! Will you PLEASE just show us the trailer already!!!?

  24. one word: ugly

  25. Can anyone give me ONE good reason why they think this movie will suck?
    Given Abrams’ track record and everything this movie has going for it (John
    Williams, practical effects, etc.), I just don’t see it not being great.

  26. can we just get a fricken trailer already

  27. the movie looks amazing from these sneak peaks themselves. i am not a huge
    fan os star wars but damn, this movie looks amazing, visually. looks just
    as amazing as fury road’s visuals

  28. 360p. Welcome to Star Wars, Episode IV era

  29. at first I was mad that they made a 4th teaser. but when those Tie engines
    screamed whole the screen was still black all was forgiven.

  30. What am I suppose to do with this?

  31. Boring Hype


  32. was she taking a poop

  33. (SPOILER) Luke will be in the final shot of the trailer tonight

  34. The third trailer will be the first and second trailer combined 😉 Hahaha,
    that would make me laugh so hard.

  35. so can someone tell me who is fighting who in this movie?

  36. Hey! New footage!

  37. That shot was fantastic. I’ve just booked for imax 3d opening night ?

  38. My body is ready.

  39. i like the part that is dark.

  40. Stop teasing me dammit! !

  41. I think i’m gonna combine all these trailers, arrange them and BAMMM!! its
    gonna be the movie 😀 😀 xD xD


  43. gonna be episode 1 & 2 all over again

  44. kind of ugly looking not going to lie

  45. fue la mas bonita de las historias, tengo entendido que es tu historia con
    lili,aunque no tuve el placer de conocerla se que ella es un angel ahora,
    llegue demasiado tarde para conocerla pero a traves de su lucha y su
    fortaleza y amor, me fortalezco yo. es un verdadero angel

  46. See that leaf on the tree? Same leaf in return of the Jedi

  47. I don’t like a girl being the main character actually

  48. That cloud is the true sith lord

  49. Who else heard the robot say “Wall-E what the f***

  50. 8m subs, grats

  51. Just give us the damn trailer already! All these trailers for trailers are
    the most horrible ideas ever and annoying af! What’s next, trailer for a
    trailer for a trailer?

  52. These sneak peaks are just getting pointless. The first and third were ok,
    but now it’s just… a quick shot, enjoy waiting….

  53. Bought the ticket today cant wait!!

  54. Hell yeah!!!!

  55. Cmon give us Trailer 1 Already

  56. These teasers are so devoid of any content might as well of not even
    released them.

  57. Marshall Yelverton

    Why are the ti fighters not flying in space..?

  58. We need to go trailerer.

  59. It looks like there’s cgi… I thought this movie was only gonna use
    practical effects.

  60. I just masturbated like the flash, wait… what?

  61. inb4 the trailer is all the sneak peeks combined

  62. Lol you know the movie will suck which is why they need to hype everyone up
    this way just to sell tickets

  63. The Kid of Awesome

    Looks like the scene shot with IMAX Cameras! So excited!!

  64. Release the Full Trailer already !!! ;-(

  65. Am I the only one who felt the CG was a bit shit?

  66. Wow that was way too long, spoiled the whole movie!

  67. I don’t know why but I hate her face. Same with the black guy and Kylo Ren.
    Just…hate their faces…

  68. Black Sheep REBORN babe n kiss 4

    292 babe n wet kiss 4 u;)

  69. JJ done went slap crazy and released the entire movie in 15 second clips

  70. I can’t be the only one that’s crushing on her …

  71. очень херовая графика, прям противно..

  72. When comes trailer #3 ???

  73. That’s the whole movie!

  74. Looks like a great facial face. Kreygasm


  76. I can’t wait ?

  77. C’mon!!!! I’m Waiting!!!! 

  78. Just Watched it was AWESOME

  79. Pisses me off the main characters are a black guy and a girl

  80. BB-8 moves so much like a puppet in this shot. I’m having a hard time
    liking BB-8.

  81. The trailer is already now up on

  82. This looks stupid #WHITEPOWER

  83. Go to Star Wars UK’s channel i just saw it

  84. HYPE for the teaser HYPE for the trailer HYPE for the movie HYPE for the
    theater HYPE!

    I’m a hypocondriac.

  85. means this trailer is for the!

  86. holy shit…. cant wait for the arieal dogfights

  87. Star Trek > Star Wars XD


    I’m confused how it is force thing since all the jedi and sith died before
    episode 7

  89. The look of shock on Rey’s face reminds of an apt quote: “For evil to
    flourish, it only requires good men to do nothing.” -Simon Wiesenthal

  90. So this is another trailer for the trailer of the trailer??

  91. I mean it’s OK it’s nothing to be getting wet over

  92. This clip is only 360p, take that HD out of the title.

  93. Are they making separate sneak peaks of every shot in the trailer?

  94. Han Solo dies in The Force Awakens

  95. this soccer ball is soooooo cute!!

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